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Sunday, November 11, 2012


It has been a while since I wrote an article for the Sandbox, but there is something telling me it is time to check in a offers a few opinions. About America. About the Republic. About truth and about falsehoods. About the effectiveness of hatred and fear, and the next step in the cultural, social, and spiritual involvement of mankind.

I practice yoga. I make sure to speak to the God I feel is evident in every stone, every child, every leaf on every tree and every star in this vast universe. Yoga is my way of listening to Him, She, or It. In the original Sanskrit the word relates to the yoke around a cow's neck as he is worked in the field. The yoke of his master steering him to plow the fields is compared to the continuous and constant flow of meaningful thoughts tht cross our mind every day. According to scientists some sixty-five thousand of them. Yoga is the science of silencing the mind; slowing down and even stopping the though process, so the seer - the true consciousness inside us all - can finally see.

Before those decades preceding the 19th century there had never been an attempt nor an opportunity for men to establish a self-governing political entity. They rightfully determined that such a republic could only be established and could only thrive under a clearly defined set of laws. Laws that no one man or even group of men could easily change. They did not anticipate involvement in global wars. They did not anticipate an "Internal Revenue" service. There were a lot of things they did not anticipate those early days, when they pledged their properties, their safety and that of their families. They did anticipate the dangers to the fledgling experiment in personal freedom, and with it personal responsibility.

This week the power of the collective rang true. In the silence of my mornings, I see a light flicker. A light that came on in those candle-lit rooms in the 1780s. In a brilliant albeit sleazy political strategy, the nation was split into women in fear of access to birth control. A welfare community was told to expect less buying power on the plastic money they receive for free, with no accountability, little care for the children they spawn, and a growing number. Food stamps have no place in a free society. Food and clothing and housings and compassion and comfort and every scientific and personal resource available should of course be available for free to the needy. But to make it something on a plastic card, given to any and all that claim the need is one of the many winds blowing out those candles.

The election of Obama also established - in no uncertain terms - an administration that feels able to do anything it sees fit. The transformation of America is here, and sites blogs like this on in danger. Each of us needs to reach out for a candle. The candle of freedom burns in our hearts, not on paper. The republic may not stand, but the concertos that built it once can do it again.

Could somebody do us a favor and copyright the name? And do it in about five or six other countries, too?