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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Principles in Leading the Country; A Call For Help!

I too am on a crusade, where together we can overcome the obstacles set before us. Together, we can show that our system really does work, regardless of Party as long as there are Principles to which we stand by and Deeds to which support our words, from the heart. I am there for you and I hope you, too are there with me.

I am in a fight but not for the Tories! I am in a fight for one of those seats in the Senate in giving the country a choice and in giving Congress a mediator, so to speak because if elected, I would be the first Whig to be in the Senate in over 150 years. Suddenly, a chance for all, on both sides to take time to reflect the values of what is at stake and a time to make the right decision. As one alone, in the Senate I would reflect the standards to which our country was founded upon; freedom and as such would unite us stronger than ever before but I too am seeking donations; as this is what it takes to get into such. You ask of me, my dollars to achieve your cause, I ask of you, what can you do for me?
Gary A. Anderson
Exploratory Candidate
US Senate 2012
The Fl. Whig Party

Battlefield: America - Have the Terrorists Won?

TO WHERE ARE WE GOING? Please donate to my fund so as this stupidity will not even surface as we, together will crush this evil in taking away ANY rights, Ever as we as Americans still believe in Freedom. Listen to my words:"Principles before Party, Personality or Profit with Deeds not words! This evil must stop before we reduce ourselves to little more than cavemen with he who holds the biggest stick wins?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home - Patriot Kids Miami

Home - Patriot Kids Miami
Urgent Request For Fellow Patriots!
We need your Support Today!
We Must Raise $12,500

Because the school refused to remove Discipline, God and US History from their curriculum, it lost its funding and the bank forecloses in two weeks! Bah Humbug, Scrooge really does exist, with Christmas around the corner! Stand with KC and stand up for these kids in continuing their after-school program. She serves 50 disadvantaged students in the Miami area every week with Tae kwon do, homework tutoring and Bible study. She serves 100 children for summer camps.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


OPERATION: VIRTUAL CONGRESS! Hi! My name is Gary A. Anderson and I am a Virtual Exploratory Candidate for the US Senate, Florida 2012 election, to which, when I announce, my opponent will be whom ever the Republicans pick from their primary and Senator Bill Nelson. My ideas are fresh and bold! Like the virtual Congress, in that most of our Congressional doings would be slated to be done on secured lines, online. The Commander in Chief can virtually do anything online and through TELNET-conferencing while aboard Air Force 1. We have the technology, we have the know how, yet we still waste monies on twentieth century methods, while working in the twenty-first century. Why is that? Government needs to go online in saving a bundle of needless expenditures! Paper to clips went out the window yesterday, the day of virtual go everywhere from bombs to governments are here to stay. Look at the Mars Rover; bet it is operated in a virtual reality too.

The whole world works online. Revolutions have been started and coordinated online; why cannot a government run online? Think outside of the box every once in a while and just maybe save a bundle in dollars, to which cuts to Medicare or Social Security might not be on the table anymore. At 535 members in Congress, that is a lot of expenses flying right out the window, needlessly! Mind you, due diligence needs to be thoroughly done before many of my following ideas may come to a reality but, in a time where we need to cinch up our budgets and belts, why would we not favor a new way of doing 21st century politics?

The House of Representatives alone minus its salaries spent $268,306,443 in April of 2011 on food & Beverages, travel,rent, mail, child care, printing, and two expenditures called “other” and “supplies.,” parking and Student Loans. Did they go back to school? And what of the “Student Loans” from Sallie Mae Servicing Corp.? I thought that group was broke and into housing, not education. The total Appropriations was $633,248,684. with Expenditures totaling at $304,027,488. To this each member of the House alone, 435 members have an allowance of anywhere from a million to a million and a half dollars on top of their salary. Added to this our .43 cants up to $1. 32 per mile drive times 64 for gasoline expenses but not allowed to charge less than $6, 200.00. Each member is to given monies to have a clerk at the rate of $944,671.00 and we wonder to why we are going broke; its all going to the heads of Congress! I believe not only do we need a more virtual government but a pay cut is in order too! This is just the House! Senate not included....

The Super Committee was looking to cut what? That number is a whole lot of waste at just over 3 trillion dollars for paper clips and such times 12 months a year to run a government! The same needed to do what is needed in Washington, on a laptop via SKYPE or whatever, I'll bet the farm, would be a whole lot cheaper. The expenditures I looked at were for three months of House Expenditures and they came to just over a trillion dollars. Look Ma! I ain't even in office yet and I found a trillion dollars of wasted expenditures. CUT, CUT, CUT! I think we need to take some bold steps and cut, cut, cut and while we are at it; we might want to get with the rest of the world an hop on board, the online magic craze, in creating our very own virtual government!

At least give me a good cookie recipe

This is a short comment, but one I could not stop myself from writing. It's about cookie recipes. Cookie recipes, you might ask? Cookie recipes. This is a political sandbox; a place where my dear friend, fellow wordsmith, and all-around cool angling master Gary Anderson works hard to distribute his and others' findings about the happenings behind the illusion we have been calling the governing body of our great nation. Cause they ain't governing anything. What they're governing in Washington DC, what they've governing in state halls, and what they're governing in cities around America is their own wealth.

So what am I doing talking about flour, crushed walnuts, and sprinkles? Martha Stuart. That's what I'm talking about. When I was a kid, a guy named Graham something was the first TV cook, and like a zombie I used to watch that guy cook great stuff. And I learned from the guy. I learned how to cut vegetables. I learned how to caramalize a pearl onion. He got me into the hearts of many a beautiful woman in my scouting days. Make a woman laugh, sweeten the onions, and you don't have to be Robert Downey Jr. Believe me, you don't. I married one of is very first (of lots, I am sure) girlfriends.

Graham used to drink a lot on TV. So much, in fact, that he smacked his car into a tree driving home from the set one day. That got him into God and off TV. But others were there. My favorite, though, was Martha. That babe had class. A businesswoman with the best of them, I admired her. She made a hell of a souffle, but she employed a lot of people. I've been there. I know how healthy America is to people like Martha. And me.

Martha knew about a trade. She was the insider, for heaven's sake. What do you think she did with the ill-gotten gains? Think she buried it in her flour canister, or spent it on something, somewhere, that put people to work doing something.

Martha went to jail for insider trading. Granted, it wasn't hard time in a hard place, but it kept her from going where she wanted and doing whatever the hell she wanted for a pretty long time. I hated seeing a stupid regulation/law send Martha to jail.

Now I find out that it's legal to dow what Martha did for our legislatures? It's ten times worse. They make the laws and regulations that -- the day their greasy hands sign the paperwork -- change the value of their prior investments. THe ones they make thursday afternoon increase 1,000 percent on Friday afternoon.

They need to go to the same 'country club' their laws sent our friend Martha Stuart to. This is so disgusting it makes me want to share in the misery. I want every American -- ever honest and hard working American -- to share the misery of my anger.

They are literally breaking their own laws. They make a law and then hide and profit -- dramatically profit -- doing things they sent Martha to jail for.

And they didn't give me one God Damned cookie recipe for the holidays.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Common-sense for Latinos

Common-sense for Latinos We need a 'humane' approach to migrants in America; we need Common-sense for Latinos! That is what makes us different than all other countries in the world; its not a threat to our security, its a declaration of others wishing to be free, too! Alabama's new law, HB56 reminds me of something you saw and heard of when I was a youngster and stories of horror were told on our black and white TV of those being shot at the Berlin wall. Now in America, I am ashamed. At 12 million undocumented Latinos in the US today, why not the proverbial carrot? Why would we not work out a way to embrace this new taxable additive into our system, as they are here voluntary are they not? By giving them the choice to become legal or leave, I'll bet my boots the only ones going back are those to whom are wanted somewhere else and wish not to be sent there. Those who do not support the influx of more registered real Americans do so because they wish to exploit those to who are not documented, ensuring a supply of cheap labor. That is Americanism reduced to Civil War era thinking, that is slavery. The Secure America Act, purposed by the late Ted Kennedy from 2005, would tighten the borders but award legal status to undocumented workers already in the country; giving both sides a plus, a win, win. I embrace Newt's comments in"restoration within the Republican party of common sense on immigration." It just makes good sense! You know the difference between most Latinos and us born here in America? They speak two languages, for the most part, as we but one. Maybe we ought to embrace our southern brothers as we too, could learn and together be a stronger America!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Giving Thanks, Getting stuffed, The Turkey is cooked, turkeys, Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows, string beans, Newt Gingrich, cranberry sauce, Special Thanksgiving stuffing, Special Blessings, Thanks to our family, thanks to our soldiers, Thanks to being an American and thanks to God, Homemade stock, Homemade chocolate pie, Thanks to being part of the process; though nobody listens, thanks to Paul Truesdale, The Florida Whig Party, The Online Fisherman, for being alive, for the fish I might catch today, our flag, country, Deviled eggs, Macy’s Day Parade, and for our blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to all here! Gary A. Anderson

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Win A Trip to Peak 7, Breckenridge, Colorado

Just in time for Christmas, can be used anytime in 2012. Lodging in a 1-bedroom condo at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7, in the Great Breckenridge Giveaway; Air Included, Click here to get your Entry In! Heart Of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado. From hunting to fishing, hiking to skiing, the Rockies offers it all. So what are you waiting on, limited time offer. Fill out entry form and cross those fingers or ski's, if you have them, good luck!
Grand Lodge on Peak 7
The Essence of Colorado: The Grand Lodge on Peak 7

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wal-Marting the Oceans » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Wal-Marting the Oceans » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

DARTH VADER of our American Oceans; WALMART! A friendly company able to sell its products at cheap prices only by employing sweatshops, undercutting competitors, wielding its market power to cripple both competitors and suppliers, and flouting national and international health, safety, labor, and environmental standards. Anti-corporate globalization opponents have long regarded Wal-Mart as a virtual “Darth Vader” of retailers, as documented in the film, “The High Price of Low Cost.” SELLING THE AMERICAN ANGLER DOWN THE RIVER AND AMERICANS IN JOBS TOO! Some friendly store they are! So remember come Christmas time, if you can go elsewhere, do so as they are getting rich, like EDF and all in selling your freedom and rights away from the water! Join The RFA and help us in our fight to stop Catch Shares, dead in their tracks! Donate to me so as I may make that bid for the Senate and make it even harder for anybody who wants to sell our oceans! I Fish, I Vote! In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson, Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012 Please Donate to My Campaign and together We can make a Difference, Thank You “Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

Easy 2 Hook, No Knot Hooks & Lures

Easy 2 Hook, No Knot Hooks & Lures; a grassroots American Company to which if I can help them in selling to increasing in size, I can say, I helped out another in making America Stronger and more dependent upon ourselves rather than from our competitors overseas. I am not even in Congress and yet, with maybe just a little help from my blogs, Ron Baskett and his company Easy2Hook may make a difference in someones lives from employees to the consumer. I like to fish. I like to spend my time fishing and Not tying knots in a change out or bite off. Ron's hooks are top of the art design like nothing you have ever seen and someday, maybe the only hook in our American market. Tomorrow, Ron & I will be discussing a product that can save the state of Florida millions in hazardous waste from Batteries and save on its carbon foot print. CHECK OUT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE Think about it, if everybody just put out a little bit more effort with less talk and more action; our country wouldn't be where it is today! Principles before Party, Personality or Profit with Deeds not words!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Latino's & Florida; Welcome All!

"The New Colossus" A Plaque honoring poet Emma Lazarus

“Latinos are increasingly frustrated with both parties,” as like the law in Arizona, reminds me of a Nazi-era Gestapo tactic or a film strip cut from Stalag 17! With a diverse array of immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America, we here in Florida are the melting pot of the future to how our fellow co-cohabitants are treated. We should be the poster child of how to become an American, regardless of your previous nationality! A statue in the harbor states; "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free", is uniquely identified with the Statue of Liberty and is inscribed on a plaque, at its base.

To this why do we quarrel and make others feel second class? This is America, this is Florida and we are proud of our Latino's where ever they came from. Offering out a helping hand to anyone in need is the responsibility of citizenship to our country we call America. What is the difference of an immigrant coming from Cuba or Egypt? None, except it may have been a tedious journey to get here. For all who seek asylum, there should be a easy as possible way to enter our society in becoming an American. The land of the free and to that may be what they too are in need of; freedom, can you blame them for that? Putting the shoe on the other foot and I'll bet those screaming against immigration, would be the first in crossing the border.

Florida First
In showing the way
A Direction for Congress to follow;
A Union of One,
The Republic for which We stand!


Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Latinos y Florida; Bienvenidos todos!

"Los latinos están cada vez más frustrado con las dos partes", como como la ley de Arizona, me recuerda a una táctica de la era nazi Gestapo o una tira de película de corte de Stalag 17! Con una gran variedad de inmigrantes de Cuba, Puerto Rico, México, América Central y del Sur, aquí en la Florida son el crisol del futuro como nuestra compañera de parejas de hecho son tratados. Debemos ser el niño símbolo de cómo convertirse en un americano, independientemente de su nacionalidad anterior! Una estatua en los estados del puerto, "Dame tus cansados, tus pobres, Vuestras masas hacinadas anhelando respirar en libertad", se identifica con la Estatua de la Libertad y está inscrito en una placa, en su base. Para ello, ¿por qué se pelean y los demás se sientan de segunda clase? Esto es América, esto es Florida y estamos orgullosos de nuestra Latino donde quiera que viene. Ofreciendo una mano de ayuda a cualquier persona en necesidad es la responsabilidad de la ciudadanía de nuestro país que llamamos América. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un inmigrante procedente de Cuba o Egipto? Ninguna, excepto que puede haber sido un viaje tedioso para llegar aquí. Para todos los que buscan asilo, debe haber una manera más fácil posible para entrar en nuestra sociedad para convertirse en un americano. La tierra de los libres y que puede ser lo que ellos también necesitan, la libertad, puede culparlos por ello? Poner el zapato en el otro pie y apuesto a que los gritos contra la inmigración, sería el primero en cruzar la frontera.

En primer lugar de la Florida
Para mostrar el camino
Una Dirección para el Congreso a seguir;
Una unión de un,
La República de la que nos encontramos!

Haz que tu voto cuente; Dona aquí, la Florida Whig Party, el nuevo futuro de la Florida. Los principios a las Partes, la personalidad y el beneficio, con hechos, no palabras!

Gary A. Anderson exploratorio Candidato del Senado de EE.UU. FL 2012

En especie Pol. Adv., Y aprobado por Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratorio Candidato del Senado de EE.UU. Florida. 2012

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Goals For A Sustainable Florida


Goals For A Sustainable Florida

Agenda 21 and all its components to include ICLEI in our cities and counties, to Catch Share initiatives involving Sector Separation, Coastal & Marine Spatial Planning and the implementation of all other United Nation protocols that relieve the American of the Freedoms to which we have fought and spilled blood for. Dues to the UN are unconstitutional as to which all protocols called for, in the treaty signed by Executive Order, Land of the Sea Treaty, LOST by President Obama earlier this year of our Lord 2011, are to unconstitutional as this treaty to and with the UN was NOT RATIFIED bu the US Senate, therefore making it nullified and void, Executive Order or not! By eliminating all aspects of Agenda 21, throughout Florida and the country, it will downsize bureaucratic government in additional rules to regulations and open our job market and bring new enterprises into the state in creating a business friendly market.

Rules and regulations of big government to banks that cannot fail are strangling our state in making it harder to purchase a new car to a new home. The Florida Legislature must come forward in making some bold statements to the nation in showing Florida will lead the way to a stronger nation. Bank fees in Florida must stop! Banks already make money off your money, why should they make more off the money you do not have extra to give them?

Here in Florida we have the DEP, Department of Environmental Protection, so why do we follow rules to regulations set forth by the EPA? We have our own protection and do not need a partnership in disasters. If the Federal Government wishes to ban the EPA, that is wonderful, less strangulation to small businesses but we, here in Florida must push our Florida Legislated group to press for State Sovereignty and end an era of dictatorship with the EPA.

Supporting an “idea” of creating a Florida Housing initiative, in that we have so many houses either in foreclosure or foreclosed on. With this bubble in houses sitting vacant, how could we allow those who want, to have, what we have; vacant houses? HUD is another failure gone wrong yet it still thrives and does nothing but impose more rules to regulations to those in need. There is no special mode of one size fits all. Yet, with HUD, a big governmental agency, it thrives while many a homeless in Florida are in need but do not fall with in their rules. Florida needs its own regulatory agency, not HUD, in that people could rent to own, sweat equity in fixing it up, to rentals in general. Why cannot the state work out a solution with the banks and put a roof over its peoples heads. Floridians have a vision, I have a vision and we together could make this happen.

Many are against the idea of “Drill baby Drill” off Florida's coast. I have respect for that but I too drive a car? Oil is a mainstay to the world from the plastic keyboard I am typing this on to the gasoline in my truck. Alternative fuels are being investigated and in some cases, used but oil at this time in our world is a mainstay, like it or not. Gas exploration is the new generation, as it is of a plenty but again one must drill to get it. If Florida is not to partake in passing State Sovereignty, oil exploration could happen with or with out our governments approval, as Agenda 21 kicks in, with LOST, as our State waters are now only three miles from shore and if say, Brazil wished to drill in Federal waters, it could and would off your Florida beaches. Florida needs to reject Agenda 21 and take our State waters back. If Florida were to get into the oil game, I would suggest the building of a new refinery at one or more of our deep-water ports. A refinery has not been built since the 1960's in the USA because of EPA rules and regulations. It is a gold mine waiting for somebody to strike it rich bring in jobs, jobs, jobs! To that, in Florida cheap prices at the pump and a new beginning.

In Florida we have the Florida Lottery. We have bingo halls in almost every city. We have gaming on reservation owned property. We have the dog tracks but we do not have open gaming or sports betting; Why is that? You cannot say, Florida does not want gambling, as we already have it. If we were to set a standard where a fair percentage went towards our homeless population and maybe, say, a fund in helping those in additional needs from medical to housing, why would we not allow more? It would mean construction jobs for the Gaming halls and hotels to roadways and maintenance. It would require servers, management, cooks, dealers, plumbers and on and on. A win, win with more jobs in Florida by Florida for Florida! On the other hand and food for thought, looking on the other side of the fence; Florida could probably generate more revenue by raising fees on license plates or increasing the sales tax by a penny or so, than through legalized gambling but I pay enough on my license plates and on my fixed income, do not want more taxes on my goods making my income smaller. I like the idea that thousands of jobs in the construction and service industries would be created, as I can think of a couple of people out of work where I live and I'll bet you can too.

Florida needs to step up to the plate with its internet sales, as other states have enacted this proposal, we too should consider this idea as it would expand our states coffers in more revenue; for every 10 percent of internet-only retail sales returned to Florida retailers (either through an internet sale or a sale at a physical store), total Florida retail sales will increase by between $2.8 billion and $3.1 billion by 2020 with an expected impact of 8,300 to 9,200 additional jobs. Expanding our immediate revenues between $449.6 million and $454 million in 2012. All of this in just making those online, in sales, to play by the same rules as bricks and mortar retailers. A tax Fairness rule is needed as it would encourage economic growth and foster job-creation in Florida while addressing the priorities the state needs in raising revenues. With additional revenues coming into the state coffers, the Florida Legislature and the Governor could then relieve the burdens of new business by offering lawmakers revenue-neutral options by eliminating the corporate income tax. More sales, more jobs, more incentives; Florida for Florida First, maybe the rest of the country could follow with such put through Congress too.

At anytime, anywhere, the President, while aboard Air Force 1, has full correspondence as well the capabilities to address the nation or the world at the touch of a button. We too, as Americans, with our Black Berries to I pads, laptops, whatever, too are connected to the world at the touch of a button. SO Why do Congressional Representatives have to travel to and fro in an attempt to run our country? Kind of archaic is it not, during this era in our lives of electronics! Think how much it would save us tax payers, if we were not paying for Room and Board to the renting of private jets to go to work, all while receiving a six figure salary? Sure, maybe for two weeks out of the year, a trip would be in order but the rest of the time; at home, tapping buttons on a very secure line!

And now that our Congress are tapping buttons on secure lines or not, they still work less than, in generalities, 140-160 days a year. A six figure salary for half a years work and this year, how hard are they actually working? I purpose that a ten percent or more salary reduction be in order for all of our Congress and the President. If the cuts start here, make them start at the steps to freedom; with the President & Congress! Making a statement the American people will applaud too.

Florida for Floridians! Nobody else is going to look after our affairs, so we better start now. I need your help in putting in a bid to run as the first third party on the ballot from our past, The Whig Party. Hence, I live in Florida so I am an ambassador of The Florida Whig Party and I implore you to donate no matter which party you are registered in because this is not about parties; just Florida and how it will effect you and I. These are but IDEAS! It is my CONVERSATION with Florida but if I cannot fill my coffers to get on the ballot, my thoughts for a better Florida, Country and wellness for all, will just be dust in the wind. Will You Please Give to help out your Country and State? Third Party Politics, with a back to the basics attitude; as it was the Whig party that started it all in the first place. Why not give a hand to the underdog? You never know where it may take the country but I promise you this: Principles before Party, Personality and Profit with deeds not words. It's just that simple!

Florida First
In showing the way
A Direction for Congress to follow;
A Union of One,
The Republic for which We stand!

Make Your Vote Count!

Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Governor Rick Scott: A Sustainable Delay in FWC Trout Needed!

From the Publisher: Fisheries are an integral part of our nation's food security -- or should be. It is time we began treating them as such -- albeit a food source directly tied to the protection of aquatic ecosystems and science-based harvest levels -- and not just the plaything of a science agency.


Governor Rick Scott Nick Wiley
Governor of the State of Florida Executive Director, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
November 10, 2011


In one way or another, each of us are involved with the fish swimming in Florida's beautiful yet environmentally vulnerable waters. On November 16th, a final hearing in Key Largo held by Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC) could have devastating impact on our State's fisheries, jobs, and environment. We need your help to delay an upcoming FWC decision that seems destined to pass without your combined and immediate help. I have spoken to Kumar Mahadeva from Mote about the issue and the doctor will supply any necessary scientific data we need to support our request.

At question is a regulation change that will open our shallow estuarine waters to the commercial harvest of spotted sea trout. The species is easy to catch and is the target of many newcomers to our beloved sport; both tourists and residents. The claim put forth by the commercial anglers seeking the change is that they're already killing the species as by-catch in mullet harvests. If that's true as stated, we ask what other species are being killed without all of us knowing? Furthermore, the proposed changes will promote the sale of spotted sea trout year-round at local fish houses. The flesh does not freeze well, and will end up as cat food or garden emulsions.

A recent media event that several of us attended in Sarasota included a presentation by Southworth Associates. In it Mr. Southworth estimates that saltwater (recreational) fishing in Florida represents 27% of all recreational fishing in the US, generates $3.3 billion in retail revenue, creates 54,000 jobs, and produces $345 million in State tax revenues. In our opinion, commercially netting those trout will have a direct measurable and negative impact on those numbers. The commercial value of those recreational trout must be compared to any unsubstantiated commercial harvests.

Moving on from the financial impact, the long-term damage to our fragile environment of the change cannot be over-stated. While many of us signing this letter do not agree on exactly how our vulnerable fisheries need to be managed, not one of us are opposed to sound scientific data resulting in sustainable resources.

We share many commonalities concerning commercial fishery management as well as recreational. We know the importance of commercial fishing to our tables, our way of life, and our state economy. In this instance, however, a small number of fishermen have much to gain and our state, our sport and related industries, and the species itself much to lose. The passage of this regulatory change doesn't pass the smell test gentlemen, and we ask only that the final decision be delayed until we can prove our point and do a comparison of financial and environmental impact with real numbers, not computer models.

To date we have been ignored by the FWC bureaucracy in charge. If you were to survey the anglers and scientists within FWC proper, we are confident they would agree with our request.

We hope for your immediate attention to this critical economic and environmental matter. I can be reached for questions in Saint Petersburg, Florida at (727) 480-2287.

Gary Poyssick, Publisher,, Communications Director Florida RFA

Captain Rodney Smith, Founder and Publisher of Coastal Angler Magazine

Jimmy Donifrio, Founder and Executive Director of The Recreational Fishing Alliance

Captain Scott Moore, Founder of the Florida Guides Association

To this, my name would have been added to but due to time constraints and permissions, from the above signings, of this letter to the Governor of Florida, I did not get that chance BUT I WOULD HAVE SIGNED BOLDLY; Gary A. Anderson, Fishing Rights Advocate, Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl and as myself, The Mentoring Angler.

It's the Holidays And Some Americans are Hungry

End Poverty in America

Every time I hear a politician or TV ad about feeding the hungry of the world; I stop to pause because to How many are eating out of trash cans in America? How many have lost their jobs to homes with no food on the table. Those to have fallen through the cracks. I know, I've been there!

Now as a Candidate in “Testing the Waters” for the US Senate, FL 2012, I would like to see donations made for the right purpose, not to the absurd amounts raised to get into an office. Put my money to work now! I may not have enough to bid for election but we will have enough to feed a hungry American and American families! Will you not help Americans in need? I will and with a holiday season coming soon; you too can get involved!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Obama Casts His War Shawdow on Nigeria

As I have preached to deaf ears for weeks now, if we pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq, it would be a savings of two billion plus per week, we were not there. Added to this, if we pulled away from Africa, we too could even save more; too include lives lost to battle. You want to stay, then leave a smaller footprint, like in Korea. But too this idea of withdrawal, instead Obama reached into the bottomless money pit and sent more troops to Africa, casting a shadow of war, in Nigeria, in search of the Lords Army & the Nigerian Taliban? A band of bandits who plunder to pillage everywhere they go! Funny how the countries to which we are to play police are rich in Diamonds, Gold or Oil! Nigeria seems to be the base target, though Uganda too may have large deposits of the black gold. When I was in Nigeria, it was for oil exploration and boy, Oh Boy, do they have this; oil!

Now, according to, The Guardian, a paper I use to read in London between classes, the Pentagon is casting a large shadow into the darkest spots of the Nigerian jungle. This is a shadow of war, to which we look more like Obama's Empire rather than a Republic, I fear, as U.S. troops are headed in to help local forces, in a battle with Boko Haram, an Islamic terror group, the Nigerian Taliban, that have killed more than 400 people this year. This escalating campaign of bombings and shootings by Taliban gave us the USA an invite to the party, too which Congress has yet to have a say? When is enough, enough? Congress can stop Obama if it wants too and the idea that it's an election year, is a bad excuse for American lives to involvement. They need to act BOLDLY and go over the Presidential powers that are floundering this country one dollar at a time, one war at a time, one soldier, at a time and now the idea of Iran is in his sights? Hell in a hand basket, is all I have too say and for what cost is it?

A Journey Backwards; Soyuz TMA-22

This Top Photo is of a Russian Space Launch to the Space-Station 2011; new Russian Technology, should be retired!

How do they get down? Drop and float again?

This is top Technology of the time, Apollo 15, The mission began on July 26, 1971: old technology, retired!

Apollo 15 Liftoff, A Journey Backwards?!

In 1971, The world was my oyster, as my dear friend Bob Briggs use to say and as a treat before going onward, my neighbor, Rich Samanski, a Universal News Team Reporter & Photographer, invited me as his guest to enjoy our worlds future from Houston Control to the Lift off of Apollo 15. It didn't end there as, I too who was keen into photography, was invited by a special pass for the splash down, also. I still have visions, as well, 12 X 16 inch black & White photos, I got to shoot way back when. To my amazement, President Obama killed our space program and again put just how many out of work in the progress of trickle down economics?

NASA takes a back seat to the Russians now! Had anyone suggested such back then; they would have been drummed out of town. This NEW technology of Russian ingenuity reminds me of Apollo technology. The Soyuz TMA-22 is a journey backwards in time of thirty years, at a cost of the lose of an industry and an additional million dollars plus a ride on a rocket tip. At least, with Endeavor, you flew home in style. Now while we thumb a ride with the Russians our space program is a circus for all to see at a museum. If President Obama was to scrap a program, why not the ones who use best guess technology; NOAA! NASA offered the moon and beyond, NOAA just sinks ships and ruins lives through the use of "Best Available Science." It is a good thing that when NASA was in service they were not using this best available science or we would have still been stuck here on earth, pitching rockets up, only to come down in failure. Why would we go backwards to get to the space station? Obama's share the wealth just reminds me of a little to close to communism and that is a direction we will not go.

NASA needs to be reinstated and cut NOAA as the President would get more in jobs to additional lost technology. I remember the Space Race and to say we are hitching rides on thirty year old rockets, tells me the Russians really did win the space race; as it now continues with China and we go to the space museum!

What would you rather be on, the Top of the Rocket (Top Photo) or

Riding in Style?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Democratic Progressive Party Sees "Blacks" as "Useful Idiots"


Think About it as you watch and learn some history. To remember with the Whig Party, to which I belong, it split into the northern Whigs, The Republicans and the southern Whigs, the Democratic, to which there was a great civil war......

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Thank Thee All to that have Served!

Blessing Veterans All; no matter the service, no matter the time, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Contractors to those in service to the CIA and our Forth Arm of Defense, The Merchant Marines, I THANK YOU, as does our country. A day to say, "Welcome Home Brother," a job well done and God Bless all who have been, are in or about to go; Thank You and the Lord be with you always.

Captain Sid Preskitt: the threat to American fishing industry by government

My friend and colleague, Captain Sid Preskitt, talks the truth in just what is really going on within our fisheries and the downsizing of our American Fisheries through United Nations protocols. Federal Policies signed in by "Executive Orders" to establish just who is allowed to fish in the commercial industry. We do need a trade policy that protects our fisheries from unfair trade practices, as well as from cheap imports from nations that don't abide by the same environmental standards we demand from our own fisheries. As important, we also need trade negotiators with the level of sophistication and competence to recognize differences in forms of government fisheries assistance -- between those leading to bad practices, such as overfishing, and those designed to help fisheries, such as with stock rebuilding or improving safety at sea. Listen to Captain Sid and make up your own mind, as we that fish, both recreational and commercial need the public's support. "The truth shall set us free." Sit back and listen, talk it about and contact your Representative and tell them you demand real data to support the fishing industry and we here in America want American fish, caught by American fisherman, not shrimp to grouper from Viet Nam!

Captain Sid Preskitt: the threat to American fishing industry by government

Thursday, November 10, 2011

White House Aborts Christmas Tree War in Cutting Tax

White House Cuts Tree Tax Off, in averting a Christmas Tree war as to one in which involved tea back in the 1700's; The Political Sandbox, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La. and Fox News reported Wednesday that the Obama administration had promoted plans to impose a 15-cent tax on Christmas trees, they today, Thursday, has suspended such. The white House said it is not a tax but a promo-fee. Call it what you may; if if Quacks like a duck, wobbles like a duck and looks like a duck, you can call it a bird but it is still a duck!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No it's Not a Tea Party but a Tree Party

A new party is in town, The Tree Party and with it comes the Christmas Tree Tax. A long, long time ago, a Revolution came just after a tea tax was imposed with the outcome relating to "...taxation without representation." To which, if this be true to the cheery time of Christmas, with a "Tree Tax" imposed by executive order from President Obama, it would seem it to be unconstitutional but hey, this is the man that ratifies treaties without the Senate or Congressional order, for that matter!

....going back a few years where Taxation without representation could get one in a real pickle...there was once upon a time when a tea tax was imposed...tea went into the harbor and we know where that story led; Goodbye British hello America. Maybe this is the tree Party as to was their tea party! Hey, it could have been worse; he could have taxed the ornaments too...

What really burns my butt is, if a Boy Scout troop was selling trees for Christmas and they sell 500 or more, they are taxed a revenue of 15 cents per tree. Sold or Not! And too add more disbelief, if they are raising monies let us say for the needy, at 500 trees that is 75 clams a family will not have because we cannot cut spending but we can take monies from the mouths of babes!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Population Explosion Debunked!

Remember of late about the 7th billion baby? And then there are those to whom say that is too much? YOU DO THE MATH...

Monday, November 7, 2011

What Would Washington Do?

Give me Liberty or Death!

In picking a President one must look at the whole man and Newt Gingrich, baggage and all is how we, as a person learn. Newt has fashioned himself to what he is today; a leader. I hope, I can lend a hand in helping him in this winding road to the White House. What America needs a leader, a vision and a track record to back it up; baggage or not, Newt should be carefully considered. Gary A. Anderson, Exploratory Candidate US Senate, Fl. 2012 "Principles before Party, Personality and Profit with Deeds not words!"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kicking the Can in Conversations with Florida

Here are my first thoughts, as you all know I am "Testing the Waters" for US Senate FL 2012 and really like to share what I think. I too am in need of donations;


I would like to see the U.S. aggressively pursue new achievements in space and am advocating the replacement of the Environmental Protection Agency with a oversight committee designed to find Homeland Energy Solutions, with the dropping of the many overzealous regulations, that prevent new ventures to start ups, in producing the much needed jobs we need in America, today!

On immigration, I believe in a stronger border policy by bringing home our troops to police our security but I favor to, a right to work visa worker program for immigrants who wish to enter the right way. I too, would like to see a bill introduced with the conversation on a flex-fuel or bi-fuel vehicles mandate for cars sold in the U.S. And my number one enterprise would be in bringing Jobs to Education back to Florida and America, as we are all in need thereof. I also would like:

A Conversation With Florida as

Florida's government needs to tighten with times, if we too wish to save monies and create new job opportunities. With budgets continuing to tighten, local governments need to be looking for ways to become more efficient. One method would be to consolidate layers of government, especially city government, in many areas of the state. The work done by city government is necessary but could easily be absorbed into county governments at a savings. Government efficiency is a topic that needs to be discussed everywhere. Cities also do property tax valuations, a process that could be absorbed into county government and undoubtedly done more efficiently and effectively. It would make sense to place the entire function into one office. Some cities have control of roads and bridges, cemeteries and other buildings. All of these functions could be handled by a county in a much more efficient fashion.

The state government could also starting to look at consolidation of government services. The whole process of examining changes in state law, that would allow local voters the opportunity to eliminate city government, could be done through referendums.

It's a subject that deserves serious consideration. Government needs to find a way to deliver necessary services more efficiently and effectively. The savings to taxpayers is worth pursuing or at least looking into anyway. Solutions can only be found by kicking the can around and finding just what one comes up with. Nothing is written in stone and much could change in bringing Florida to the top of the Nation in revenues to job creation, if we just talk about new conversations in Florida!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A 99% Question; Why A National Ocean Council ?

The President called for the creation of a National Ocean Council, an organization of stakeholders, the 1%, to coordinate federal regulation of activities along the nation’s coasts. One has to notice that “clean” word, “STAKEHOLDERS” as the government would not wish for anybody to think the Government was in bed with a monopoly of NGO's to whom will own your public waterways and tell you, John Joe Public, when, where and if you are allowed to fish because they said so!

Stakeholders, such as the likes of EDF, PEW, Walmart and others who stand to make a dollar or two off of you; the American Public in owning your public water. Today it is fish, tomorrow could it be if your allowed to swim in it or even view it without a paid for permit? The 99% question is why is our ocean for sale?
This is all taking place through “marine spatial zoning” of the seas off our nation’s coastlines. This same type of planning and zoning practices applied on land as land or water are but the same under the Executive Order President Obama signed, unconstitutionally, without consent of our US Senate in ratifying a treaty with the United Nations called LOST. Under LOST, we as Americans lose our rights to the land, sea and air space over them to United Nations rule. To oversee this operation is the National Ocean Council and the National Rural Council.

Whatsoever it is called, whatever liberates are stolen from the people it is still but one thing; more over regulated governmental bureaucratic rules that are needed when we are suppose to be cutting down on big government and regulations. More administrated federal regulated policies destroying American jobs to us eating to purchasing more of our fish from foreign operators and some in our own waters! What happened to by Americans for Americans Mr. President?

The Recreational Fishing Alliance, to which I am proudly a member thereof, is not in recognition of the Presidents National Ocean Council. Marine spatial zoning, coastal and marine spatial planning, imposed by the Councils and its NGO organizations, along with NOAA and NMFS are but giving hard-hitting blows to the American fisherman. It is a chapter in killing a our long history of American fisheries to an end. These stakeholders are holding the livelihoods of many an American in their hands when they stop the fishing in an area based on flawed to no science but remember the word stakeholders, like stockholders, it is all about money; not fish and if it kills an industry, so what, they made a bundle!

It is all about supply and demand. Remember those days in school. You need a pencil to do your math problems. Your teacher says a number two pencil only will do. The companies that supply pull all the number two pencils from the market. That fifty cent pencil just doubled if not more in price because it is out. It is done too with gasoline. Those numbers at the pump; supply and demand. This, of course is in the simplest form but too, if you cannot but say Tuna, what happens to the price? Now control the tuna and your stakeholders make a mint over your greed! The 99% are barking at the wrong people; they ought to be on the fence at the White House.

Now this National Ocean Council is in talk of restricting our use as a recreational resource. What are they going to do; see tickets to go to the beach? That is a 99 dollar Question but we do know there is scuttlebutt of selling fishing tags to the public, if you want to catch a fish owned by, say, Walmart. Since when did the ocean go up for sale? When President Obama put it up for sale to the highest bidder; in zones, parcels and pieces! The Councils then regulate who gets your fish, tells you where you can go boating, who can have industrial activities and who cannot. It is happening today and if the American Public does not wake up soon and start listening to the rhetoric behind the man, behind the curtain, we just might wake up with China owning and operating along the beaches where you live. Don't forget to go buy that ticket to go to the beach though because, Russia bought that one up too. How do you like them fish?

A Prayer For Cancer; Lite a Candle

Cancer is a strange cell.
You can go along for years in remission
and then one day it pops its head up again.
If you ever have it you will never be free of it.
Pray for the day there will be a permanent cure.

Dear God,
I pray that You will guide someone to find a cure for cancer in 2011 .
In Jesus Name, Amen

All you are asked to do is keep this circulating.
Even if it's only to one more person.
In memory of anyone you know who has been
struck down by cancer or is still living with it.
A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle.

Please Keep This Candle Going

As most of you know I lost my darling wife, Thelma, to cancer. Now, my precious little daughter, Betty, is dying from cancer. . I pray that You will guide someone to find a cure for cancer in 2011 .
In Jesus Name, Amen

My darling daughter, Betty:

Bob H.

Posted for my friend Bob as I too know what he is going through, losing both my parents to Cancer and I a Survivor of the dreaded actor behind the curtain. I carry a candle for all those to whom have been struck; in Jesus name, Praise be with us all and thank you. Everyone should RSVP and lite your candle and prey for all who have witnessed this dreaded demise of human courage. God Bless...

J Mac - A Hoop Dream

It is from 2006 and I wonder too where Jason is now? Disabilities are but a challenge to the individual to hurdle but we as a society must too aid in any advancement to encouragement to which we can as everybody is different but everybody has a story to tell.
This is just a little reminder that too, we all have something to offer; as with such, if you listen, you might realize we are all unique and all have something to offer, if given the chance...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


 RFA Says Agency Seeking Congressional Aid to Destroy Fishing Communities
In a bold attempt to take control of our nation's coastal resources, NOAA Fisheries has asked Congress for an additional $54 million in funding for catch shares, while simultaneously turning their back on the agency's scientific deficiencies in managing marine fisheries.
While Atlantic and Gulf Coast fishermen and legislators have openly rallied in opposition to this particular takeover scheme, NOAA Fisheries, led by an agenda-driven ideology to reduce fishing participation, continues to run roughshod over coastal constituents in clear violation of legislative order.
Appearing before a House Resource Committee hearing on October 26th in Washington, Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) executive director Jim Donofrio blasted the NOAA administration for failing to adequately fund scientific efforts in coastal fisheries management. "NOAA claims they don't have enough money to do the stock assessments on the species they manage," Donofrio said in his official testimony, explaining how there are boats tied to the dock in coastal communities throughout the United States right now, unable to access healthy, rebuilt fisheries due to lack of science.
When the Magnuson Stevens Act was passed by unanimous consent in the Senate in 2006 and signed by President Bush in 2007, it required NOAA fisheries to overhaul their Marine Recreational Fishing Statistical Survey (MRFSS) by a time-specific deadline of January 1, 2009. Donofrio said NOAA officials have publicly stated on several occasions that a new Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) has not yet been implemented, despite the requirements set forth by Congress.
"Right now we don't have a data collection program that Congress mandated in the 2007 Reauthorization for marine recreational statistics, the new MRIP program," Donofrio told Congress in October, adding "they're still using the MRFSS data and they're shutting down fisheries based on the MRFSS data."
Despite the woeful lack of science and analytical data needed to properly manage fisheries, NOAA has apparently gone to key members of the House and Senate in asking for additional funds for catch share programs which by design cap fishing participation by trading away ownership of fish stocks to select groups and individuals. Earlier this year, NOAA's administration under the leadership of Dr. Jane Lubchenco had attempted to misappropriate several million dollars away from NOAA's scientific budget to allocate towards catch shares, a move which was stymied by an act of Congress.
In February, the House voted 259-159 to cut off funding for future catch share programs which would've opened the door to commodities trading of fisherman’s catch allocations - or worse, a complete buy-out of angler access by preservationist groups. The bipartisan budget amendment tied to NOAA's proposed catch share funding was sponsored by Republican Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, as well as a pair of coastal Democrats in Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey.
"We've heard from Congressman Jones this week who says that NOAA is courting legislators, asking for more money for catch share programs," Donofrio said. "These are the same programs that have driven Massachusetts legislators to seek $21 million in directed economic relief from Washington to give to displaced fishermen, specifically because of these failed catch share policies enacted under the present NOAA administration."
A letter co-signed on October 31 by 19 bipartisan coastal members of the House of Representatives calls on ranking members of the House to ensure that language is included in the 2012 appropriations bill which would restrict the use of funds for development or approval of new catch share programs for any fishery under the jurisdiction of the New England, Mid Atlantic or South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils.
"The last thing the American government should be doing in these economic times is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to expand programs that will be put even more Americans out of work," the letter says, explaining that that is exactly what NOAA is attempting to do by requesting $54 million it its 2012 budget, "to accelerate implementation of new fisheries catch share programs across the U.S."
Donofrio said the RFA has already spoken to ranking members of the Senate who will be cosigning their support of the letter, and added that he and fellow fishermen will be reaching out to legislators in the Gulf of Mexico to rally support in opposition to catch share programs which take monies away from scientific efforts in that region.
"By commoditizing a public resource and placing share distinctions on individual fishes, what the catch share policy would do is give big corporations and wealthy non-profit groups the ability to buy up all the harvest for themselves, leaving individual anglers and coastal communities standing at the dock with nothing," Donofrio said. "This whole orchestrated effort by Dr. Lubchenco and her friends at Environmental Defense Fund is nothing more than a resource grab which will destroy our marine industry and take away access for millions of Americans."
"I can't fathom how Dr. Lubchenco can claim to support best available science when her Administration is asking Congress for money, not to improve stock assessments and data collection, but for coastal sharecropping schemes which will destroy our mom and pop businesses along the coast," Donofrio said.
(To see if your representative has signed visit

Find your Representative at and tell them, "fishermen need money for better science, NOT programs that will put captains, tackle shops and marinas out of business while forcing anglers off the water." Catch shares will only protect the fish by destroying will hand ownership of the resource over to the few, the privileged, the elite, the preservationists and the corporations!!!

“As you will see, if you looked to see who signed the letter, LOOK WHO'S NAMES ARE ABSENT of concern? Had I been asked, my name, Gary A Anderson, too would have accompany these distinguished names of call! Those of us in Florida will ravel in the names signed on this document and should not forget, come election time, as to who have come in aid of 'The People' in their time of need. Principles before Party, Personality and Profit with deeds not words.”
Gary A. Anderson, Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faith-based Fisheries

The scientific community gave a collective
sigh of relief just before Christmas
2005 when Judge John E. Jones III ruled
that intelligent design is not a scientific
theory and cannot be taught alongside evolution
as an alternative scientific
hypothesis. There is no better way to unite
any group of fractious scientists than to
bring up creationism and intelligent design
as alternative scientific hypotheses—scientists
know that these faith-based ideas are
not scientific and have no place in a scientific
course. The court’s ruling is a triumph
for the scientific method of hypotheses
being confronted by data and a setback for
those with a political agenda masquerading
as science.

However, before we congratulate ourselves
too much for the triumph of the
scientific method over belief, I suggest the
fisheries community needs to look at itself
and question whether there is not a within
our own field a strong movement of faithbased
acceptance of ideas, and a search for
data that support these ideas, rather than
critical and skeptical analysis of the evidence.

This faith-based fisheries movement has
emerged in the last decade, and it threatens
the very heart of the scientific
process—peer review and publication in
the top journals. Two journals with the
highest profile, Science and Nature, clearly
publish articles on fisheries not for their scientific
merit, but for their publicity value.
Beginning in at least 1993 with an article I
co-authored (Ludwig et al. 1993), Science
and Nature have published a long string of
papers on the decline and collapse of fisheries
that have attracted considerable
public attention, and occasionally gaining
coverage in the New York Times and the
Washington Post. I assert that the peer
review process has now totally failed and
many of these papers are being published
only because the editors and selected
reviewers believe in the message, or
because of their potential newsworthiness.

As examples, let me choose papers by
well-established professionals who have
long records of significant work beyond the
papers discussed below and I emphasize the
problem is with the peer review and editorial
system, not the authors of the papers.
Casey and Myers’ paper on barndoor skate
(Casey and Myers 1998) argued that these
skates were headed towards extinction.
Analysis by others more familiar with the
data showed that the survey data came
from areas that are not the core of the range
of the species (Kulka et al. 2002), and subsequent
evaluation of the status of
barndoor skate in New England by the
National Marine Fisheries Service concluded
they were not overfished (Boelke et
al. 2005), hardly headed towards extinction.
A review by the Canadian
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
removed barndoor skates from a list of
species that are threatened or endangered.
The original paper has not been withdrawn
and continues to frequently cited as an
example of near extinction of marine

Myers and Worm published a paper in
Nature (Myers and Worm 2003) which
made the front page of major national
newspapers, purporting to show that large
pelagic fish stocks around the world had
declined rapidly and by the 1980s were at
less than 10% of their historic abundance.
Widely cited in the scientific and popular
literature, this paper raised a furor among
many scientists specializing in pelagic fisheries
who knew the same data, knew it was
being misinterpreted, and knew there was a
large body of other data that contradicted
Myers and Worm’s results. At least three
independent critiques of the paper subsequently
have been published: Walters
(2003), Hampton et al. (2005), and
Polacheck (2006). The critics are not the
“old guard defending their turf,” because it
is not as if no one had noticed that the
catch-per-unit effort data Myers and Worm
used had declined. Rather these critics
have themselves long been arguing that
some of these fisheries are now depleted
and overfished. What they criticized was
Myers and Worm’s analysis, their highly
selective use of data, and specific conclusions
about the extent and timing of
depletion of these stocks, not their concern
about overexploitation.

Conover and Munch (2002) published
a highly cited paper in Science showing
experimental evidence that size-selective
fishing could induce growth changes in fish
stocks and suggested this was a mechanism
that could lead to collapse of fish stocks.
The article never looked at actual fisheries
data to ask if the laboratory selection
regime imposed resembled what happens in
fisheries, nor did they look at the vast body
of fisheries data which shows that fish more
commonly grow faster, not slower, when
fishing pressure is high.

A paper in Science (Roberts et al. 2001)
purported to show an example of how a
marine protected area (MPA) increased
yields outside the protected area, when in
fact the abundance of fish outside the protected
area increased within one year of the
establishment of the MPA. Any competent
peer reviewer would have seen the flaw in
this logic—the theory of MPA impacts on
adjoining areas requires at least a generation
for abundance to build inside reserves
and recruitment to spill out (Hilborn
2002). The displacement of fishing effort
from inside to outside the reserve should
initially cause abundance outside to
decrease, so the increasing abundance outside
the reserve after MPA establishment
must have been due to an uncontrolled

These four examples illustrate a failure
of the peer review system and lack of the
basic skepticism needed in science, and are
unfortunately but a few of the many papers
now appearing with similar sensational but
unsubstantiated headlines. The people
who knew the data used in the Casey and
Myers paper and the Myers and Worm
paper clearly were not involved in the
review process, or the editors chose to
ignore their opinions. The complete
absence of skepticism by the reviewers of
the Roberts paper is a concern. The
Conover and Munch paper demonstrated
that growth is a heritable trait, but failed to
demonstrate anything about how commercial
fisheries operate. It did pose a testable
hypothesis, but the paper did not include
the real fisheries data to see if there was
support for the hypothesis.

A community of belief has arisen whose
credo has become “fisheries management
has failed, we need to abandon the old
approaches and use marine protected areas
and ecosystem-based management.” I fear
that this belief has shaded the peer review
process so badly that almost any paper
showing a significant decline in fish abundance
or benefits of marine protected areas
has a high probability of getting favorable
reviews in some journals regardless of the
quality of the analysis. Critical peer review
has been replaced by faith-based support for
ideas and too many scientists have become
advocates. An advocate knows the answer
and looks for evidence to support it; a scientist
asks nature how much support there
is for competing hypotheses.
Much of the problem lies in the kind
of journals Science and Nature have
become: commercial enterprises covering
a broad range of scientific issues. In a
spoof of a Science article published on the
New York Times web site, one of the
fictitious authors is quoted as saying
“journal editors favor bold claims, because
these attract press attention and help
recruit further bold papers, which in turn
is a tonic for circulation and advertising”
( ). Given the high prestige of Science
and Nature and the impact publication in
these journals has on promotion and grants,
one cannot blame authors for making bold
claims. Perhaps those of us in fisheries
should simply not give articles in these
journals the prestige they now enjoy.
Because of their general coverage, Science
and Nature must have problems identifying
appropriate reviewers for an individual
paper. While there is no easy solution to
this, a good step would be for journals to
publish the names of reviewers who
recommend publication. That would at
least make it clear if these journals are
relying on a small group of like-minded
reviewers who have little expertise relevant
to technical papers. Finally, the fact that
discredited papers continue to be widely
cited is aggravated by the fact the rebuttals
frequently are not published by the original
journal and may appear in gray literature or
technical journals. The high-profile
journals need to be especially sensitive to
critiques of articles they have published and
to formally withdraw discredited papers.

Although the scientific community was
unanimous in its condemnation of faithbased
teachings in evolution, we need to
also reject agenda-driven, faith-based publication
in fisheries and revive the peer
review and publication process within our
own community. Let’s go back to testable
hypotheses and evidence, and make sure
that the peer reviewers know the data and
the problem, and are not chosen because of
their faith.

Ray Hilborn
Hilborn is the Richard C. and Lois M.
Worthington Professor of Fisheries
Management at the School of Aquatic and
Fisheries Sciences, University of
Washington, Seattle. He can be contacted

If anyone in this world should be running NOAA, it is Dr. Ray Hilborn! No Brag, just fact...Hey? Is that not what science should be based on, FACTS???