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Friday, December 24, 2010


THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE: OBAMA REGIME TO BYPASS CONGRESS (AGAIN): "Not unlike how the Obama regime merely dismissed a Federal court's ruling on their illegal moritorium, Obama and the EPA are simply going to..."

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New law may mean bump up in New England fish catch -

New law may mean bump up in New England fish catch -

Yellow Tailed right up their backsides, wait, ah OH MY! They mean yellow tail flounder are allowed in the catch: kudos out to Sen. Olympia Snowe, a Maine Republican and Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, see by partisan relationships can work if we only try!

Commission on Ocean Policy 2004

 YOUR OCEANS TO PUBLIC LANDS ARE AT STAKE! Our fisheries are being closed down based on number crunching by scientific factors based on old data, and we are all just dumb enough to believe it; They said so, right? Wrong, stand up and fight for your rights as an American before they take away you rods, reels and guns. Hunting & Fishing? Yeah, I remember those days...

On December 19, 2004, the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy expired, as provided under the terms of the Oceans Act of 2000. Maintenance of this Web site ceased on that date. This site is an archive of the Commission's work.

WOW! And this is what I mean by out dated data:
Commission on Ocean Policy this page was updated 2007:
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An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century

It was updated, 2005, found at bottom of website in small print:

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Site hosted by National Ocean Service | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | Department of Commerce

To This I ask Our Representatives in Washington?

Do you believe in the Declaration of Independence assertion to wit, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” If so, how does this agree with the current federal introduction of placing faith in one man or one group of unelected officials in charge of Public Waterways, fishing grounds and the right to dissolve jobs in such fishery on the grounds of flawed to no data at all, when promises of new jobs are of the Presidents tongue? Not one member of Obama’s “neon green radicals” was elected by the people. Where is the government of and by the people? Do you really believe This Goal is to conserve Our fishing rights? 

It is  
No wonder that the anti-growth, anti-development, anti-jobs zealots are cheering, as the new National Ocean Council is co-chaired by science czar John Holdren (notorious for his musings about eugenics, mass sterilization and forced abortions to protect Mother Earth and for hyping weather catastrophes and demographic disasters in the 1970s with his population control pals Paul and Anne Ehrlich) and White House Council on Environmental Quality head Nancy Sutley (best known as the immediate boss of disgraced green jobs czar/self-avowed communist Van Jones). Talk about putting all your nuts in one basket, well it is that time of the year; now where is that nut cracker?

Democrats have tried and failed to pass “comprehensive” federal oceans management legislation five years in a row. The so-called “Oceans 21″ bill, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Sam Farr of California, went nowhere fast. Among the top reasons: bipartisan concerns about the economic impact of closing off widespread access to recreational fishing. The bill also would have handed environmentalists another punitive litigation weapon under the guise of “ecosystem management.” Instead of accepting defeat, the green lobby simply circumvented the legislative process altogether.
In late July, President Obama established a behemoth 27-member “National Ocean Council” with the stroke of a pen. Farr gloated: “We already have a Clean Air Act and a Clean Water Act. With today’s executive order, President Obama in effect creates a Clean Ocean Act.” And not a single hearing needed to be held. Not a single amendment considered. Not a single vote cast. Who gives a flying fish about transparency and the deliberative process? The oceans are dying!
The panel will have the power to implement “coastal and marine spatial plans” and to ensure that all executive agencies, departments and offices abide by their determinations. The panel has also been granted authority to establish regional advisory committees that overlap with existing regional and local authorities governing marine and coastal planning.
No wonder the anti-growth, anti-development, anti-jobs zealots are cheering. The National Ocean Council is co-chaired by wackadoodle science czar John Holdren (notorious for his cheerful musings about eugenics, mass sterilization and forced abortions to protect Mother Earth and for hyping weather catastrophes and demographic disasters in the 1970s with his population control freak pals Paul and Anne Ehrlich) and White House Council on Environmental Quality head Nancy Sutley (best known as the immediate boss of disgraced green jobs czar/self-avowed communist Van Jones).
Also on the new ocean panel:
– Socialist and energy/climate change czar Carol Browner, last seen bullying auto company execs to “put nothing in writing, ever” and threatening to continue the push on cap-and-trade tax hikes during this ending congressional lame duck session.
– Attorney General Eric Holder, the shield of the ocean council’s inner workings from public scrutiny.
– Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, destroying jobs through his offshore drilling moratorium, blocking onshore development and wreaking havoc on the energy industry. “Helping coordinate the science,” as interpreted by Obama’s Chicago-on-the-Potomac heavies, means doctoring, massaging and ramming through whatever eco-data is necessary “to reduce conflicts among uses, reduce environmental impacts, facilitate compatible uses, and preserve critical ecosystem services to meet economic, environmental, security and social objectives.” Translation: drastically limiting human activity from coastal areas to seabeds to achieve the “social objective” of appeasing the enviros and their deep-pocketed philanthropic founders; and what was his last Quote”America, I stand before you, NO MORE!” in relation to no more loss of American jobs. Meanwhile, back on the sea shore an entire town goes under as a fishing fleet is wiped out by Dr. Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a former high-ranking official at the left-wing Environmental Defense Fund, which has long championed drastic reductions of commercial fishing fleets and recreational fishing activity in favor of centralized control. Go Jane...
Even New York Sen. Charles Schumer slammed the administration’s junk science-based fishing limits at a meeting back in July or Aug. of this year between NOAA’s Lubchenco and Long Island recreational fishermen. Draconian regulations, he said, according to the New York Post, “put the industry on death’s door.” Now, the same forces behind such job destroyers will have free reign over a national ocean policy established by administrative fiat. Viva la Summer of Wreckovery.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is Clear We are LOST; Agenda 21 Sucks...!

FCC Approves Plan to Regulate Internet -

Blogger? What Blogger, how much is the Government going to charge me to talk? Taking away more of my rights from fishing with Catch Shares, Sector Separation to the internet! Can't afford to fish and can't afford to Blog; well at least I can still sit on my porcelain throne and rule the bathroom, wait a minute, it cost to flush too. Well I can still breath...wait according to LOST, the air will be owned, the seas and no more public lands. We are all turning surf's to the ruling class of the United Nations. The Brave and the true believe in the Red, White and Blue! 
Obama is sneaking it in through the back door, by way of this Executive Order establishing his Council in helping the Democratic party become one step closer to Communism through Law Of Sea Treaty (LOST) and as a treaty, Obama's Executive Order is not Constitutional as a treaties ratification requires 2/3 approval from the Senate. Agenda 21 Convention on Biodiversity treaty of 1992 failed to pass Congress so it was executed through soft law and administratively on local levels, and Obama's Executive Order is a similar soft law tactic to enact the LOST treaty.

In fact, our Constitutional form of government is being completely destroyed because buried in the CLEAR Act (HR 3534) there is a provision for this new council is to oversee the outer continental shelf and it appears that this Regional Outer Shelf Council will be part of the National Ocean Council. This means that as the CLEAR Act comes into law, then the implementation of the UN Law Of Sea Treaty, as part of the National Ocean Council's agenda, will be "ratified" in a convoluted and stealth manner, in full opposition to the Constitution...The National Ocean Council's objective is to sink American sovereignty through the United Nations Law Of Sea Treaty (LOST) with the intended result of domination by the UN over ALL our coasts and the Great Lakes. LOST originated in the 1970s as a wealth redistribution plan to benefit Third World countries. LOST sets rules for commercial activity beneath the high seas and establishes new international bureaucracies and a tribunal to interpret and apply rules to sea activity. LOST can proceed with those rules, even against US objections and sets a precedent that US rights are dependent upon the approval of international entities. LOST also extends to ocean flowing rivers and all public waterways. There are 30 states that will be affected by this new council. The Council's strategy plan will go into effect immediately, fully developing Agenda 21 objectives and undue UN influence within 5 years and if any state, local or tribal authorities choose not to participate in the plans, the plans would be written without them. Therefore, it bears repeating that state and local governments must protect their Constitutional authority when dealing with the Council. The Constitutional authority that states and local governments have can only be taken if the power is given away...That is one of the reasons we here in Florida need to put an Amendment onto our Constitution in protecting our fishing rights as this is a way for Florida not to be included and may pave the way with the rest of these United States of America to come together and repel those who had to side with LOST (the thirty states whom are lost). Sounds like when Lincoln was President and slavery was the issue, only this time it is our freedom and our flag. I'll fight for the stripes of the Red White and Blue but not for the Flag of the UN! They can wipe my ass with that flag before I loose my country ts a thee.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facebook | JaneLubchenko Must Go

Gary Poyssick
Honored to be a small component in the battle to keep the Environmental Defense Fund, NOAA and the left from controlling our fisheries. Americans have the right to fish. Make America Aware of the travesty of progressive regulation of our fishery. Defend our right to fish. Defend our Carbon Footprints!!!!!!
NOAA, the EDF, the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council and the Keep America Fishing advocates are pushing for more recreational permit programs, thus allowing those that can afford to fish to do so and those that can't, well they can just cut bait. The Keep America Fishing logo is just that, a branding or a tool for all the government ABC's to control your fishing rights and all those that joined up under the Keep America Fishing website thought it was aimed to preserve their right; where as they were really just sold a bill of goods. The Duping of America! “Fishermen who signed up for Keep America Fishing email campaigns as are now united under one voice with a group which openly supported the restrictive language written into Magnuson in 2006 and is now advocating for
building broader private angler support for catch shares in 2010,” Jim Donofrio, RFA (Recreational Fishing Alliance) Executive Director.