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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


JUST STOP SPENDING; "It's Just That Simple!"
Gary A. Anderson, The Florida Whig Party, Exploratory Candidate, U.S. Senate, Fl., 2012 and I approve this message, shouldn't you?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

Who play's a RACE CARD? Ain't that kind of below the belt? Imagine, if you will, a slogan that stated the same but of the opposite color? Every Alphabet in the book would be climbing out of the wood work for a piece of your statement! This time, I guess it's "Black Only; Whites to the back of the bus and Get off!" Ain't it a shame our Commander in Chief would stoop so low! I want to live in a nation that has but one color; the Red, White & Blue of the nation, not Black verse whatever!

Monday, February 27, 2012

United Tipped Workers of Florida

Help out those that are paid by their tips and pass it on; showing we will not be bullied by the Florida Legislature and Special interest Groups who wish to fill their coffers with more as the Tipped Employees of Florida get less. It is not fair! I AM, I VOTE! Join us too on Linkin at : United Tipped Workers of Florida It is said that "a rock rolling down a hill, gathers moss" but we are not rocks and for those to whom are looking after our welfare are, generally, looking after their own pocket books. This "Servers to Valet Parking; Tipped Employees" group is a platform to which one may speak out, without fear of losing their jobs. Constitutional Rights protect those to gathering & speaking their mind, without retaliation. Welcome to our new formed Tipped Employees Group. To share in value to solving problems to which all Tipped Workers have as a commonality. A voice of ONE in Uniting together, as free individuals of society, where we can be heard. OR On FACEBOOK; Let the power of the people through our voices be heard...

Friday, February 24, 2012


(2/24/2012)  The Gloucester Times today reported that both of Massachusetts' U.S. senators, Democrat John Kerry and Republican Scott Brown, are anxious to speak with attendees at the second national fishermen's rally to be held in Washington DC on March 21. The Keep Fishermen Fishing rally in March has been organized since mid-January in an effort by leaders from both the recreational and commercial fishing industries to unite under one shared message, to 'reform Magnuson now.'

Efforts to incorporate limited management flexibility in the federal fisheries law have been underway since 2007, not long after the President signed off on the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act which helped remove most abilities for regional fisheries councils to circumvent rigid statutory requirements based on arbitrary schedules, incomplete data and often random definitions.

Sen. Brown had just been officially sworn in at about the time of the original United We Fish rally two years ago today and made a surprise appearance at the rally promising to educate himself about fisheries. Since then, Brown has thrust himself into the fight with the Obama administration that intensified over the two years since the initial event drawing around 5,000 industry representatives from all four coasts. Responding to the Gloucester Times piece, Sen. Brown said today via Twitter, "Looking forward to speaking at this year's fishing rally."

The effectiveness of that bipartisan (Democrat and Republican, commercial and recreational) coalition has been somewhat limited by key Democrats' unwillingness to press their own party's president for real, practical changes in fisheries regulation and management, though today's announcement by Sen. Kerry in support of the upcoming rally is indication that things may be about to change in favor of the fishermen.

"Sen. Kerry believes that additional flexibility is needed to help our fishermen," said his spokeswoman, Whitney Smith.

"(Fishermen) don't care about politics," Kerry said in an email obtained by the Gloucester Times. "They just want to be able to make a living, and Washington needs to hear them and talk to them in a way that's honest and fair."

"They don't expect Washington to solve their problems," he added, "but they sure as hell expect Washington to understand their problems and talk to them with respect."

"We would be honored to have Sen. Kerry attend the rally in support of pragmatic Magnuson reform," said Jim Donofrio, executive director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA), a primary organizer and sponsor of the Keep Fishermen Fishing rally set for March 21 at Upper Senate Park in DC. "This is a jobs issue for U.S. recreational and commercial fishing industry folks."

RFA and fellow organizers have said they are keeping a mostly open invitation for other Members of Congress who would like to address the fleet expected to arrive at Upper Senate Park in DC on the morning of March 21, a date picked specifically when Congress was in session. Bus efforts are currently underway in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida to transport fishermen to and from the event, which RFA expects to pick up momentum in the days ahead.

"We've talked personally with many fishing clubs, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region who are contacting local car rental agencies like Hertz and Enterprise to find out about van rentals to take smaller groups of 10 to 20," said Jim Hutchinson, RFA's managing director, who added "there are several bigger charter buses already set up to take large groups from some of the popular charter and headboat ports."

New York buses planned thus far leave Point Lookout and Sheepshead Bay and have been donated by captains aboard the F/V Stirs, party boats Marilyn Jean, Brooklyn VI and the Ocean Eagle as well as In New Jersey, the Save the Summer Flounder Fishery Fund has four buses leaving Bogan's Boat Basin and Wildwood Fishing Center. Ocean Isle Fishing Center in North Carolina has put together a bus effort in Ocean Isle Beach while Tailwalker Marine is planning to leave Georgetown, SC early on the day of the event. Meanwhile, Raffield Fisheries is organizing a bus effort out of Panama City in Florida leaving on Tuesday, March 20.

"Grassroots organizers are busy filling seats, and RFA is encouraging anglers to visit the Keep Fishermen Fishing website to get those buses packed so that we can add more in the coming days," Hutchinson said. While organizers key in on the bus efforts around the country, the Members of Congress who are interested in addressing the thousands of fishermen expected to assemble at Upper Senate Park in March are encouraged to look closely at the legislation now being addressed in the House Natural Resources Committee to reform the federal fisheries law.

"The legislators who are committed to addressing the issues vital to all of our coastal fishing regions are those who are committed to putting forth the language contained in HR3061 to help provide relief from excessive regulations being experienced in many different stocks from New England cod to Gulf red snapper, that's who we're hoping will join us on stage in March," Donofrio said.

HR3061, the Flexibility and Access in Rebuilding American Fisheries Act of 2011, is sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and has the support of 14 additional bipartisan, coastal co-sponsors including Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ), Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Rep. Donna Christensen (D-VI), Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-FL), Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI), Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC), Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL), Rep. John Tierney (D-MA) and Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY).

In addition to extending rebuilding timelines in certain situations (which could have a dramatic impact on the New England cod situation), HR3061 would also allow the Secretary of Commerce to suspend rigid annual catch limits and accountability measures for fish stocks where science and data is lacking, calls for socioeconomic impact studies when certain management decisions are made, and would require the National Research Council to perform another comprehensive review of the NOAA recreational data collection programs which were to have been completed as of 2009.

"This is responsible Magnuson reform that truly addresses the science and statistical deficiencies at NOAA and better balances commerce with conservation, something that our coastal fishing communities have always supported," said Donofrio. "This is about access to healthy, sustainable fisheries, a message which all fishermen should be proud to unite behind."

For more information about the rally including bus departure information, visit  

About Recreational Fishing Alliance
The Recreational Fishing Alliance is a national, grassroots political action organization representing recreational fishermen and the recreational fishing industry on marine fisheries issues. The RFA Mission is to safeguard the rights of saltwater anglers, protect marine, boat and tackle industry jobs, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our Nation's saltwater fisheries. For more information, call 888-JOIN-RFA or visit

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fl. Hospitality Workers Now work for HALF PAY!

Hello Fellow Floridians! First off, thank you so much for signing this petition! The one seconds you took out of your day, could mean all the difference for all our tipped workers in the hospitality businesses in our state. Second, please continue to pass this petition on to everyone you know - friends, family, coworkers, organizations of which you are a member, blogs, etc. Please write Letters to the Editor of your local news paper and to your Florida Representatives. It floors me that of all the people from the Governor to the floor of our legislature, it took but 5 to change our lives; this is preposterous! Tell all to sign and let us KILL THE BILL!
How would you like your income cut in half? Sign & pass it on!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Fisherman's Rally: I FISH, I VOTE!

Congress needs to readdress as well rewrite more flexibility into the Magnuson-Stevens Act. No longer can we the people be held hostage to the “best available science” clauses with in as it creates unreliable data and false echos of species to which may or may not be in peril; causing needless regulations, mismanagement and dollars wasted in ventures doomed to fail before they started. The "United We Fish" rally at Upper Senate Park of 2010 was a success but seemed to fall on deaf ears, as those in charge continued to waste time and monies to their models of “best available science.”

This year, may be one that is heard, as platforms change daily according to the heat put on Washington and the Parties, as the via in position to be heard by “the people” and be heard they shall as a new Rally is about to descend upon the steps of Washington this March 21, 2012! With as many as 5000 plus anglers and concerned business owners related to the fish trade take seat to our Liberties and right to assemble, many more will be reading online at in remembering and shouting “United We Fish” as United Fisherman across America, chanting our slogan I FISH, I VOTE!

Two buses are available to depart Panama City to DC and back, leaving early am on the 20th and returning early am on the 22nd. The bus ride is offered for free the only expense will be for food and a possible hotel the evening of the 20th. All interested should call Bob Zales, II at 850-814-8001, email or Tom Adams at 850-381-1313 or email Please respond before 3-7-12. Things to Know, should you go.

The Magnuson-Stevens Act was written 36 years ago and did not encompass all then, it does now. It like a boat that is 36 years old, at times needs a tune up to cleaning rather than just a new paint job over the old peeling paint. For the job to be done right, the paint first must be stripped away before that first primer is put on. Those at NMFS to NOAA just keep painting over the old craft in hopes it will float. We, on the other hand, want the job done right so our kids and their kids will to have this luxury to pass down, over and over. If you cannot join the rally, at least join the RFA and help in keeping our boat afloat.

RFA Florida should be contacted if not in my area as, I am trying to put the Sun Coast Chapter together for the Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, El Jobean, North Port/Venice, Englewood area. If you are of interest in our new RFA Sun Coast Chapter, please contact me at

1% wants more from Florida Tipped Workers!

The state Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee passed a bill Thursday that would allow employers to pay tipped workers, waiters and waitresses, a lower minimum wage than what is currently authorized in Florida, effective July 1, 2012. The bill, SB 2106, would slash the current Florida tipped minimum wage of of $4.65 an hour to the federal standard of of $2.13 an hour. “Causing or threatening to cause financial harm to any person—i.e., using financial control over a person,” is one of the terms used in the definition of Unfree labor; a direct violation of the The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This Bill, SB 2106, which was “hurried” into through committee, slippery and silent, is not of the Will of, "The People!" Florida ranks No. 3 in restaurant and sales growth, according to National Restaurant Association as of this year. The bill was put through by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, in that they are saying the pay hike to tipped employees of $4.65 per hour will hurt the industry and its owners. The 1% want more as, if they could, we, the people, would work for free! Kill this Bill before it kills your way of life and puts just one more burden on your plate.
I am but just an Exploratory Candidate to the US Senate and I can see this is wrong. Why would not all who represent 'The People' in the Service Industry', see it too as a way for those who have to have more and those who have not; lose more? State Sen. Nancy Detert, Lynn, Montford and Dockery all voted for the bill with one Senator reporting a bold NAY, thank You State Senator Ring! Sign the petition! Tweet it up! Saving your pennies in saving your livelihood; KILL the SB 2106: Tipped Employees Bill before it kills you!

To our esteemed Representatives & Governor Scott to whom may not have been involved in this "Free Lunch" to the industry. We the signed patrons of this petition, do hereby request that this bill be stricken from the records, called down and not imposed on the people who live pay check to paycheck with enough on their plates without the government making it harder to get through the day. Just because a server makes $10.00 per hour on the roll call in the halls of justice of our fair state, does not mean they make 10 dollars each and every hour. It is averaged out over the year, so it looks good on paper but not in real time. Many service workers work feast to famine. One day say 200 dollars for a double shift and the same time, next month, 20 dollars. Add the two together and one could say this worker made, $7.30 a day, when in reality they had money for two days and went without for 28? It is not fair to reduce their fare efforts to give you good service. Will you all do the same and Kill this Bill of economic failure to the 99% who are in need and working hard to obtain it?  TWEET IT UP!

Sign the Petition!

Friday, February 17, 2012

“The Conservative Future: Compassion” by RICK SANTORUM

Publisher's Note: 
"It's a nice warm fuzzy speech but then again, why does it include areas that affect your personal liberties? I always thought Government, especially on the Federal level should stay the hell away from my church, beliefs from the tooth fairy to abortion and out of my pocket book when it comes to Social Security; being we are deducted pay check to pay check for it, is it not ours, not theirs? 

The area about Reagan & Thatcher on the end of the cold war, makes me want to puke! The name changed to "Sustainability War" keeping in time with the changing times, yet we still reprieve the "Cold War" is done and won. When it is just the opposite; it is alive and well with the Rio +20 Conference occurring this year, promoted on FOX network last night under the code name "Sustainable Environments." Where all is divided up equally, with the exception of the Share Holders, in a warm and fuzzy world of Agenda 21. During Reagan's time, this same doctrine was presented to him and he threw it out with a comment of "nothing but pure Marxism in its purest state, under the guise of a different name!"

READ THIS AND THEN THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST READ? 'How can Senator Rick Santorum write this and be called a Conservative?

The First International Conservative Conference on Social Justice
September 27, 2005

We are meeting here to discuss important issues about the nature of conservatism, the state of its intellectual capital, and its governing philosophy. These are big issues for big minds-the sort that populate places like Heritage.That being said, I am not William Buckley. I can’t even do a good imitation. I am not Russell Kirk. Although I believe in the “American Cause” and that conservatives have minds. I’m no Midge Dector or Irving Kristol. And no one is going to mistake me for Ed Feulner. His office is much nicer than mine. I have, however, written a rather heavy book recently - says it weighs 1.4 pounds. Handled properly, it can harm small animals. So I am humbled and grateful to be here. I will speak seriously because serious issues deserve to be discussed seriously.This is a time of unprecedented conservative power in the United States. I use the word ‘power’ intentionally. For the last decade Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress. For 17 of the past 25 years we have controlled the White House. And for the last four-and-a-half years we’ve controlled both the legislative and executive branches of government. The American people have entrusted us with their future.During that time much has improved because much has been done. Democracy is spreading throughout the world - more people are free. Welfare has been reformed and millions of families have found the freedom of work, home ownership, and liberty. Taxes have been reduced and despite the recession, 9/11, intense global competition and nature’s fury the economy is growing.
But conservatives need to remember that in the early 1960s, liberalism was the dominant governing philosophy, and it laid claim to the nation’s future. At that time it was seen as America’s deliverer from the Great Depression. It helped bring civil rights to all Americans, was overseeing an unprecedented economic boom and providing a government-funded safety net for seniors.

“The Conservative Future: Compassion”Senator Rick Santorum
The First International Conservative Conference on Social Justice
September 27, 2005
Within a generation though, liberalism was in full-scale retreat. It was -- rightly or wrongly - considered the philosophy of ‘tune in, turn on, drop out’ and America’s humiliating defeat in Vietnam. Liberalism had been in power for oil shocks, inflation, unemployment and stagnation. It had become a philosophy of a hopeless malaise. In other words, things change quickly, and liberalism splintered and failed in no small part because it did not do what we are doing here today - taking a long hard look at ourselves and our changing times, asking ourselves which parts of our tradition are suited for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, and what has become outmoded.So let me begin with self-criticism. There are problems in American conservatism. A decade ago Republicans came to Washington promising to change it rather than to be changed by it. I’ve talked about some of our victories. It’s crucial to also talk about our failures. We have not reduced the size of government. There is no balanced budget amendment. Pork-barrel and self-interest politics have grown. Special interest groups haven’t been defeated or tamed, they are thriving. There are philosophical concerns as well. We are, for instance, witnessing the unprecedented rise of libertarianism. Libertarianism is rooted in grand ideals about the sanctity of liberty and freedom. You will find no argument against liberty’s virtue or freedom’s valor in this quarter. But there are some who seem to believe that conservatism’s future lies in lowering our aspirations, leaving people alone, adopting a collective “no harm, no foul” mentality and do no harm individualism.This is where we disconnect with most people, because we disconnect with how people live their lives. People don’t live lives as radical individuals. It doesn’t work. Nor can they live lives as pathetic dependents, which is all too often the result of the policies of the left. Both sides seem to be talking about an ideological utopia ungrounded in reality.
We have long recognized the folly of the left’s worldview, but to avoid a similar fall we must ask ourselves the hard questions, and make corrections when needed is not only needed to ensure the success of the conservative movement, as well as the American experiment. With that mission, I’d like to take this time to talk about conservative philosophy and make a few suggestions of my own.Let’s start with our roots: Intellectual conservatism was once defined by two clear goals - the defeat of communism and the reduction in governmental size, scope and sweep. The former was perhaps best captured by the great Ronald Reagan who rightly declared the former Soviet Union an “evil empire” while the latter was most accurately described by the great Margaret Thatcher as the “nanny state.”There are three observations I’d like to make about this conservatism:First, it was a conservatism with a purpose. The goal of ending the scourge of communism wasn’t so that we might all be left alone to do our own thing but to eliminate oppression, increase liberty, and enable freedom. Eliminating the evil empire was absolutely about protecting America and Americans. But it was also about setting the captives free. It was about lifting the yoke of oppression from millions of innocent people who wanted to be free. Similarly, limiting government’s scope wasn’t just about making the budget smaller or closing some departments. The purpose of limited government was the expansion of the unlimited potential of people.

Second, it was a conservatism with definable objectives. We could tell whether or not communism was eliminated and government reduced. Third, it was a conservatism of hope. For many decades, it seemed altogether unlikely that we would ever see the end of the Soviet Union. The Cold War seemed to be getting hotter and hotter while America’s morale got lower and lower. But we never gave up. We never stopped believing in the rightness of our cause.Purpose, objective and hope; those were the hallmarks of a conservatism that quite literally saved the world. They should also be the defining characteristics of conservatism’s future. Is that possible? I believe it is. And I believe what we call “Compassionate Conservatism” has something unique to offer to the shaping of our future.
But before I define the particular contributions that we have to offer, let me make two observations. First, conservatives in general hold in common, at least here in the United States, a commitment to a strong national defense, the promotion of democracy, vibrant economic growth through low taxation, less regulation and an unencumbered free market, and a recognition of the limits of government as successful social engineer. These principles I embrace and are our common denominator.
Second, the competitor to conservatism’s future, I believe, is libertarianism. It is a consistent and vibrant, although I believe misguided, strain of conservatism.
America’s conservative heritage never pursued a limitless freedom to do whatever one wants so long as no one is hurt. That kind of “freedom” to be and do whatever we want, irrespective of the choice is a selfish freedom that cannot be sustained or afforded. Someone always gets hurt when masses of individuals do what is only in their own-self interest. That is the great lie of liberal freedom, or as I like to say, “No-Fault Freedom” -- all the choice, none of the responsibility.We here today believe in something altogether different. It is the liberty America’s Founders understood properly defined. Freedom is liberty coupled with responsibility to something bigger or higher than self. It is a self-less freedom. It is sacrificial freedom. It is the pursuit of our dreams with an eye towards the common good. Freedom is the dual activity of lifting our eyes to the heavens while extending our hand to our neighbor. The only orthodox conservative philosophy that matches with this is compassionate conservatism. What is it? Compassionate Conservatism is rooted in the general welfare and relies on healthy families, freedom of faith, a vibrant civil society, a proper understanding of the individual and a focused government to achieve noble purposes through definable objectives which offers hope to all, including those in poverty. Ironically, for all of the chatter about it during the last number of years it is still an emerging philosophy. It hasn’t ever been tried as a governing philosophy. From one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other, Republican passion for compassionate conservatism has waned as other “more pressing matters” took over. For some this lack of action has meant discouragement and for others it has meant cynicism. But the truth is that this compassionate conservative philosophy is the only viable conservative philosophy we Republicans possess.There are four cornerstones to compassionate conservatism.

First, compassionate conservatism is founded on the family. The family is the foundation of an effectively functioning civil society. There is nothing more simple or basic than this one fact. Kids need moms and dads. This is not a place for government to be neutral. Common sense and social science research are in accord on this fact. Children in father-absent homes are two times more likely to abuse drugs, to be sexually and physically abused, and to become involved in a crime. They are three times more likely to fail in school and to commit suicide. They are five times more likely to live in poverty.And that isn’t all. Families set standards and demand that their children live up to them. Strong families are grounded in a code of conduct, morality, values, and, much more often than not, a shared faith, plus judicious use of the age-old sanctions of shame and stigma. Families teach us about the essential democratic virtue of selflessness - the mantra of the popular culture - ‘if it feels good do it’ just doesn’t wash in a family. Why are these things important? Because these statistics are about all of us. These “kids” aren’t nameless, faceless, social security numbers with arms and legs. They are our neighbors. And all of us want and America needs good neighbors. These children are made in the image of God so we must help their parents to protect them. And they are our country’s future. We can’t make it without them. We could spend trillions of dollars and have public schools with personal valets and individual tutors. Every child in America could be given $1,000 a month in government allowances to spend as they wish. But none of it will make a difference unless our kids are raised in healthy families. Ten years after a marriage breaks up, research has shown that approximately two-thirds of children report that they haven’t seen their father for over a year.That said, I have two important caveats. First, lots of single parents do a wonderful job raising children. It may not have been their first, second, or third choice but that is the hand that they have been dealt and they fight. They deserve our help, support, and prayers. Second, “family” is not a code word, and I am not talking about any particular group of people. “Healthy families” are needed in every zip code and in every demographic group. There are unhealthy families in the Hampton and at Queens Gate, London. It is very much about fathers and father absence isn’t just about men who get women pregnant and then abandon them. It is about divorce and emotional detachment as well: middle class-men whose lives center around work and the golf course instead of around their wives and children, for example. Second, Compassionate Conservatism believes in the transformation power of faith and the integral role of charities, houses of worship, and other civil institutions. If government is to be effective, these institutions must be respected and nurtured rather than overpowered or effectively controlled by government. Societies deteriorate absent freedom of religion and effective mediating institution.This may sound overblown but it isn’t. Taken as a whole these institutions and the people of them create what is known as ‘social capital’. They work together for our mutual benefit creating much more as a whole than they are in their parts. They instill values and bind us together in a common cause. These bonds build trust, which is the grease that makes the gears of society run without friction.How do we strengthen these mediating institutions so they help restore social capital?

The most important answer is to build up what the village elders or liberal elites have spent decades trying to tear down and drive underground-religious institutions and faith-based organizations. The Democrats in this country now espouse European-style secularism (with all due respect and affection for my fellow legislators with us today from across the seas). They have gone to great lengths to create government bureaucracies to displace the work that religious groups have done ever since the days of the Pilgrims, and to marginalize and privatize faith and its black and white moral demands. Their approach to expansive government regulation and programming has worked in countless ways to sideline people of faith.This is a horrible mistake, as many Europeans are now sadly recognizing. Faith is the great protector of our freedoms. We are endowed by our Creator, and we are the poorer when we forget it. When we talk about faith, we are talking about a principled pluralism where all faiths are taken seriously and all people of all faiths are treated with absolute equality.Third, Compassionate Conservatism is founded on an inviolable belief in humanity’s inherent dignity. Bill Gates’ intrinsic worth is the same as yours. Yours is the same as your cab drivers and your cab drivers is the same as a woman now dying of AIDS in Africa. The 50 million orphans we currently know of have every bit the same worth as my children. I am not suggesting we hold hands and sing “Kum By Ya,” but I am saying that humanity’s inherent dignity is a massive responsibility we have no choice but to embrace. That means abortion, which ends life at its beginning, and euthanasia, which ends life before it reaches its natural end undermine human dignity. It means that genocide destroys human dignity and ending it is in our strategic interest. We must step up and lead because that is what Compassionate Conservatives do when we see suffering and injustice. We need to continue to fight international sex trafficking and oppose the oppression of minority groups, and promote respect for religious freedom around the world.Fourth, Compassionate Conservatism targets the poor and hurting for help. Too many of my colleagues act as if poverty doesn’t exist.
Then came Katrina. Our collective blinders were shredded not by wind or rain but by our television sets. We will all always remember the pictures of New Orleans, the poor and sick who were forced into the light of day and into our consciousness by the waters of a horrible flood. Theologically there is this idea of an age of accountability - a certain age where a girl becomes a woman or a boy becomes a man. After that age they have to stand before God on their own. Katrina brought Americans to the age of accountability when it comes to caring for the poor. No one, no one can deny the persistent and noxious poverty that still plagues this country.
Just as Katrina has seared American poverty into our moral consciousness, AIDS has seared Africa into our moral vision. Caring for the sick and dying in Africa now is morally right and it is geopolitical prudent - for if we don’t help I guarantee you someone else will and that someone else will not be friendly to our interests. This is a time of unparalleled crisis in Africa and other developing countries around the world. That is why I believe we need to embrace the challenge to dedicate more of GDP to foreign aid as well as encourage more international trade with developing countries. History will judge this moment not by what we say but what we do.
Perhaps this is what is meant by the ‘severe mercy’ of God. There is an old spiritual that sings of how the great life-giving river of God will lift us all up and over the barriers that separate us. This river will make old walls irrelevant. Well, the rivers have come; the walls have been breached. It is now our responsibility to see that new life comes after the catastrophe, not more of the same. There is much more that could be said and that needs to be said. But it is time that I leave that task to the professionals.

Some final points; Yes, this will require a role for government that some conservatives find disquieting. But that is a discomfort worth confronting. For too long there has been an implied belief that government was the problem; if government just stepped out of the way everything would be fine. That is philosophical nonsense. Government is as important as the other vital societal structures that order our lives. It is time for conservatives to stop treating government as if its elimination were the highest good that could come to humankind. It also means that politicians like me have to start saying some hard truths. There are things that government can’t afford to do as much anymore. Everyone running for office likes to promise everything while saying it will cost nothing. But that is Willy Wonka politics. We are going to have to look at everything from pork to entitlements and make some tough decisions and about changing the role of government in our lives. That includes not only cutting the old, but putting forth new initiatives like the CARE Act. It is a bold package of expanded charitable giving incentives which I am reintroducing this week with Senator Lieberman. We must do this to help replenish the efforts of these heroic faith-based and community organizations, and because we believe people motivated to serve are people who make our country unique and sustain our social capital into the future.
We must be on the side of the traditional family. We have a lot more work to do with welfare. So many have been helped but so many still need help. We should cut the rate of divorce and out of wedlock births by 30% over the next decade. Before anyone dismisses these as the rhetorical flourishes of a politician I want to say that they are doable not because we can write one great law in Washington that will make everything right. These objectives are doable because compassionate conservatism says that righting wrongs isn’t the duty of one person or institution alone but of our whole society. Compassionate conservative seeks to unleash the charity and creative energy of our citizenry in a new war on poverty-a war from the family-up, a waged by a volunteer army, a war in which the poor themselves are the most important combatants, all facilitated by government policies that get bureaucracy out of the way of American creativity, energy, and compassion. In fact, Senate Republicans have developed an anti-poverty agenda, which respects the critical roles of work, investment, and neighborhoods in empowering families in need.
Compassionate conservatism didn’t begin in the 90s or the 80s or any other time in recent memory. Arguably it goes back to early notions about the nature of the republic in days before there were basic civilizing tools like Starbucks. But there is no more certain example for me than that of William Wilberforce. It was Wilberforce’s band of unlikely friends who moved the levers of government, faith, and culture against the abomination known as slavery. Time and again he suffered mockery, defeat, and desperation. But he never gave up because he knew that what he wanted to achieve was worthy of his all and because he knew he had the purpose, objective, and hope to achieve it. I believe, and I hope we all believe, the same is true for us today. That is why this gathering of conservatives from both sides of the Atlantic is so encouraging to me.
A last lesson from Lady Thatcher and President Reagan; we must never forget hope. Hope is what allowed Reagan and Thatcher to see that a nuclear freeze was folly, that communism was corrupt and that freedom would win. It is easy for us now, on this side of history, to see how axiomatic those truths were. It was less clear then. Remember the great marches where millions wanted us to unilaterally freeze weapons production? How about the mocking of a military defense shield that could threaten Soviet first-strike capability? The simple idea of it terrified the Kremlin. Conservatism is based upon the idea of preserving the good of our society, adding to it the wisdom of experience coupled with the courage and optimism of a new generation. This formula inspired Reagan and Thatcher to dare to hope, and to work together to build the world. Let us build upon their example to be that beacon of hope in this troubled world.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UN Agenda 21 - In your face.

No More Fishing, Firearms or Farmlands;

The Council of the Federation of N. America say's NO MORE!

First it was the President's National Ocean Council, then the President's National Rural Council and now the President's Global Development Council; councils are used in the UN process, thereby no need of a Congress. Do you know of all the councils to which are spending your tax dollars? In a time of talk in cutting away the needs of the disabled to the elderly, why do we need all these money eating councils: Council of Economic Advisers, Council on Environmental Quality, the White House Business Council, The White House Council, White House Council for Community Solutions, the White House Council on Women, the White House Council on Women & Girls, the White House Corporate Council, the White House Council of Automotive Communities & Workers, the White House Domestic Policy Council, The White House's National Science and Technology Council, Council of Writing Program Administrators, White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, White House National Economic Council, National Security & Homeland Security Council, the White House Millennium Council and the the White House jobs Council! Twenty Councils to which are APPOINTED people, NOT VOTED IN. They represent the Government, not “THE PEOPLE.” Does this not scare you? It scares me!

Wake up America before we really do become the North American Federation; to which we are referred to in UN meetings as the convention to which the President Obama signed into law, LOST, by passed the US Senate last year and signed a treaty with the UN placing us under their control to ushering in Agenda 21. Fish, Firearms, Farmland; commodities to which are being taken away everyday and it would seem that I and a handful of others have only recognized this atrocity to our constitution!

The funny thing is, the one thing other than the US Senate, to which is the monkey in the middle with its blinders on, that could stop everything in its tracks, from Catch Shares to Rural Farmland issues are that an Environmental Feasibility Impact Study has not been performed anywhere on spatial planning, catch shares or rural issues. It is written, that before any of the deeds that have been done in the past, are in planning for the future or are in force now, must have had this forgotten procedure done first. From EDF to PEW and the US Government, they all forgot to do this wee little part of the process, making it void and unconstitutional. Ask a lawyer to whom is not on their payroll and sue the pants off them! I may be disabled, but neither dead (not yet) nor dumb! That is why I am an Exploratory Candidate for the US Senate, Florida. Help me get there please? You notice that Connie Mack & Bill Nelson are not touching this 'HOT POTATOE'! I AM. I care about our future. I care about our future. I am part of that group to whom is swept aside; the disabled on a fixed income but I am a fighter, a leader and one who wants more for my children, grand kids and the kids next store. I CARE and I'll bet, you do too. Please make a donation so as I may do battle with the appropriate ammunition. Thank You, For Liberty,

Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Interview with Dr Crabtree about the Red Snapper

EPA 's tool for UN Agenda 21 Call it "Sustainable Development" and they'll think it's good 2013 budget $174 mil for sustainable fisheries
Environmental Defense Fund, a leading national nonprofit organization, creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF links science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships. , a leading national nonprofit organization, creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF links science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships; which cost fisherman to hunters and rural farmers too a loose of their rights from the land and the sea, all in the name of saving something, when really its usually about lining the pockets of those who really do care; About themselves and Money, money, money! It makes the world go around.
  • $174 million for sustainable fisheries work by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which supports the science and management needed to support the commercial fishing industry that supports 1 million jobs and yields more than $32 billion in income every year.
  • $28 million for the National Catch Share Program, a critical part of the nation's strategy to return its fisheries to abundance, the same level adopted by the Congress last year.(P.S. NOTICE that the National Catch Share Program link, above is referred to you by EDF? A NGO, not a government office or affiliate, yet they are in charge? It's ALL ABOUT POWER & MONEY and to hell with the whatever it's saving because it is a PONZI to which the public has yet to understand. I only hope, John Q. Public will awaken in time, before we all loose our great outdoors.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Offensive technology Congress allows 30,000 drones to spy on Americans

Offensive technology Congress allows 30,000 drones to spy on Americans

Technicrats in ruling the world! From the days of watching "Star Wars" on the big screen back in the 70's to the real and profound failed Sky-Net of today; The Drones are coming, they are here! I took a picture of one over my house a couple of weeks ago, wondering if Google had 'RENTED' one for its mapping of our world? Bet, instead, it was watching????

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


*** PLEASE SHARE *** $41,000.00 REWARD *** 

Anchorage police say Samantha Koenig (18) was ROBBED and KIDNAPPED by an ARMED MAN from Common Grounds Espresso (right) at 630 East Tudor Road in Anchorage, Alaska at 8pm on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Security footage shows a man wearing a dark hoodie and possibly a baseball cap entering the shop then walking with Samantha towards Old Seward Highway. Police have classified this case as an abduction based on Samantha's demeanor and the man's actions seen on the tape.

Samantha is 5' 5" tall weighing 140 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

Call in tips to Anchorage Police Department at (907) 786-8900 or Samantha's father James at (907) 441-8370.

Download Samantha's flyers with 1 or 4 per page here:

NOTE: On 2/5/2012, the reward for Samantha's safe return was increased to $41,000.00.

Friday, February 3, 2012

“Kids Fishing for A Cure” (KFFAC)

 Where would we all be without our children; all children, future anglers of America. Mentoring to those who need the most as these young warriors are in a real battle. At least, check it out!
 Space Coast Chapter of “Kids Fishing for A Cure” (KFFAC) is a non-profit organization which provides financial support to research hospitals/foundations dedicated to developing cures for cancer and childhood diseases. Monies are raised by children and adults through community- sponsored outdoor events designed for youth. Additionally, KFFAC promotes youth personal growth and appreciation of nature through adult-mentored outdoor activities. I see people donating to a battle of the Nitwits on both sides of the isle; politically speaking, so why not give a buck to a real cause, that is appreciated in miles of smiles!
So Why not cast your line in over here? “Kids Fishing for A Cure”