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Monday, March 18, 2013

Closing the banks

The major of the world's biggest city - a guy named Bloomberg - recently spoke at the United Nations. You know the place, I am sure. He said during his speech that there are things that only government can do. Only a well-meaning government could extend certain powers, according to the billionaire.

Today the banks in Cypress closed down. Until the end of the week, the frightened population is trying to get their money. But whether it is three hundred dollars or three million dollars, whether they frightened population is rich or poor or something in between, the elitist progressive government has closed the banks. Not their bank accounts, I am sure, but everybody else's. If banks close in Spain, they could be closing in London in a week and here in ten days. Just saying :)

A man named Perez, who might as well be Chavez, is in charge - or soon to be - of labor relationships. Imagine W. not indicting the clan for wearing robes and brandishing clubs at a voting booth. And following that failure to prosecute, appointed the grand dragon to lead labor relations? White? Be afraid. Heterosexual? Get ready to pay for dick-removals and studies of why ugly fat lesbians are fat and ugly. Maybe I could save you a ton of money and explain why they are lesbians instead. They are lesbians because they are fat and ugly, and do not care about how they look. Gay guys get their freaken fingernails done, and wear nice clothes. They are called gay for a reason. They are gay. Lesbians are called Dikes. Hmmmm. But worry not, dikes of the world. Worry not, lesbian transsexuals of the world. Worry not Islamists who should be burned, not water boarded.

You are safe, Bloomberg is here. The same people with the same mind set as is running Cyprus is now running the United States of America. America - the ideal - will survive for a while. The nation itself is already dead. Perez and Bloomberg are just the people running the nazi ovens. And every one of us who is seen as somehow not good for the collective is heading towards the train tracks. And the guy named Barry thinks he is doing good for the world.

What an asshole. What an elitist, no-wits asshole. The true horror of the nazi regime grew from its colleges and universities. It was the smart ones that designed those ovens. It was the smart democrat Roosevelt who built those camps in Utah for the Japanese.

Who is next? Ask Bloomberg. He knows. And do some research on him. And on his connection with the new world order. With the tides foundation. With a guy named George soros.

It seems that those free Obama phones are gonna be being delivered by the truckload. So, to, is the ammunition the federal government is buying. Why the free phones, and why the expensive buckets. The White House cannot be seen but Barry golfs with tiger woods and a few oil executives. We do not know who survived the attack in Benghazi, but we know what seal team killed Osama.

There is dirt on the carpet of the White House. Our White House. Clean it up. You have to start at your city council - not nationally. You have to listen to what your children are being taught.

Friday, March 15, 2013

New to the senate, so shut up?

I watched a young man name Cruz question Dianne Feinstein the other day. He asked her if her approach to modifying the Second Amendment could be applied to the First or the Fourth. If speech or the rights of privacy could be granted to some but not to others.

The Senior senator who wants to take my guns to control "criminals" looked down at the new senator, and reminded him that she has been there for 20 years. Background noise had another senator on a hot mike saying that he was sick of Cruz.

Perhaps we need to remind Senator Leahy, who it is likely the mouth on the hot microphone, that, while “new” to the Senate, Senator Cruz was :

  • Solicitor General of Texas 2003-2008;
  • While a law partner, he was a U.S. Supreme and Nat’l. Appellate Court litigator;
  • Director of the office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission;
  • Assoc. Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. D.O.J.;
  • Adjunct Prof. of Law at University of TX School of Law Austin 2004-2009 where he taught US Supreme Court litigation;
  • Law clerk to Wm. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States.

Maybe Leahy and others should pay attention. To Cruz. To code pink supporting the senator name Rand Paul as he, too, defended that old piece of paper. Our president says he is a constitutional professor. Whose course would you rather take about the nation and freedom and how it started here? Cruz' or Barry'?

No need to answer. Thanks to the lady who provided this in a link on the Blaze.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gun Control

You ever see those images of the Clan that show the poor black families huddling and cowering, hoping against hope that the sheet-covered men would not find them? It is a good image; it supports the clan brand. That age old brand that says "yo boy! Yo black boy!! C'mon here boy. I need to out that shackle on your black ass." Keep them darkies scared, and keep them unarmed, and the clan is ok.

Soon after slaves became free men, there was an amazing change taking place. True, many of the families that had grown up on those southern plantations saw staying there - now on a pittance of a salary but nothing more - as a safe alternative to the cold white world. When the union army marched east to burn Brooksville from where they had landed near Anclotte Key, they brought freed slaves and let them strip the houses (and many of the women) before burning them to the ground. The democrats that were the south were not happy with what the republicans had done. The republicans saw freedom as something built into the Constitution. Not the dems. Dems thought then, as they think now, that that troublesome constitution needed rewriting. It had no place in the modern world. For God's sake that maniac Lincoln had used it and the Republican Party he represented to free the niggers. Thank The Lord Jesus he got dead, but the damage was done.

The world has not changed all that much. Democrats feel now as they did then that they are smarter than republicans. They still have the slaves. Granted, the slaves do not know they're slaved, but they identify those democrats as being their protection. Protection of their watermelons, and protection from the whips of them republicans, who want to reinstitute the practice. And they will protect the brothers from hunger, from not having cell phones.

It is called social justice. Black leaders of the left, wearing much more technically advanced gold watches then their previous plantation bosses wore, still wash the toilets for the white man, but they have their brothers to wash theirs. They talk about my racism, and they talk about my unfairness, and they talk about my fair share,

Here is a fair share. I was born into terrible poverty. To a prostitute. I am not rich, but I am not poor. I worked all my life for what I have and never had a job I did not create for myself and with the help of God. I do not owe the government, or their dirtbags shit. I do not want to pay for climate change musicals, or fat bastards sitting in hot tubs drinking my wine.

And I do not owe social justice. Get a job, take off that slave-marker called an EBT, and run your own side of the street. If it is clean and a storm strikes, I will be the first one there with food and a mop to help you clean up. In the meantime and until then, shut your mouth.

The clan did not want black men to have guns. Black men with guns would shoot their coward sheet covered asses. So they made the first gun control laws. To keep the guns from those negroes. To keep their population down they hung the ones they could, and started a program called "The Negro Program" to talk you into killing your own babes.

They changed the name of slavery to welfare, and the name of the negro program to Planned Parenthood.

How stupid is our nation today?


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Climbing Walls at the Gym...

I don't know about you, but there is hardly a day that goes by that I do not watch television and shake my head. There are about three thousand channels it seems, although I have yet to spend the time to find Al Jazeera. I am a very compassionate guy. I would even save Al Gore if he was burning, and I would not do it with dog urine, although if given a five gallon bucket of spring water and one yellow and smelly while his very groomed body smoldered from lying bare naked on red not coals it would be very hard to pick the Avian.


Once again, I woke up today in a world that makes no sense. Did you know that if you get an EBT card that it entitles you to a gym membership? Did you ever pay for one? How many times have fat Americans (and or wonderful Americans that thought they looked fat) joined expensive gyms between the hours of noon on the second of January and 3pm on the third? Only to justify why their busy schedules and visits to the Hershey factory kept them from ever going more than once? What did that cost you, huh?


Don't worry, somebody is using that membership. Somebody needy. I would be so bold as to wager they are trash. Personally I figure that anybody that would actually use a welfare handout to go to the gym, or watch a woman take her clothes off for money with that same card, or draw cash for dope using my money is trash. I do not care what color they are, and my feeling that way does not - I repeat does not - make me a dirtbag, a racist, or anything must a man tired of paying for other people's fun. If they are hungry they can buy meat, bread, and vegetables with those cards. But the freaken line stops at the door of the strip joint and the climbing wall at the beautiful YMCA I pay to visit.


The president decided - and you can bet your ass he knew - to close visits to the White House because of sequestration. Do yourself a favor. Wake up. I am already. So, too are a lot of my friends. But there are plenty of what appears to be smart people that see no problem with that climbing wall. I do.


Define who is between you and that climbing wall. Because the day approaches when the freeman is going to walk up to that wall and start pulling people off of it if they did not pay to be there. In one way or another the day approaches when what is defined as "Fair" is going to done by the people of this country, and not to men and women that have no interest in fairness. Fairness in this man's world comes in the form of a gym membership. If you want a climbing wall, move to the mountains. I will give you a rope.


You will be far better off with a rope I give you to climb a free wall than you are with the rope around your neck in the form of an EBT card. You want slavery? Get an EBT card and ready yourself for a yoke.



Friday, March 8, 2013

Reviving the Sandbox

It has been a while since you have seen commentary on this blog. That is going to be changing. In order to assist Publisher Gary Anderson and to help our community fish and be free fishing, faithful and loyal readers of this daily political commentary are encouraged to keep on coming, and you will be kept abreast of a number of things we are working on here and at

Get me the driver...

Today I am an independent. I have been a republican, went independent, and in order to vote in the recent presidential primaries switched back again. It was something that made me sick to my stomach. Watching McCain say that Rand Paul was somehow going to scare the people concerning the rules of the senate told me that it is time to start praying that the RINO Rand Paul that stood on the floor of the senate the other day is going to grow in reach

He argued for you and he argued for me. If the question he asked as so silly, and could be answered with a simple "no" from the Attorney General himself, a certain Holder, then why did it take so long for him to mutter the word.

We are being ruled by a collection of mandarins, but for their well chipped nails, could just as well be moving the ivory beads on their gold wired abacus. It is our lives, and more importantly our freedoms that they click.

I hear that the Gucci shoe wearing man who changed his country - transformed it really - will be kept as a wax figurine. That is good. The people of a nation where 72% of the industry was oil, and today is 98%; the nation where the poor are now drinking bad water, and have electricity only when the government can afford to turn it on. Viva communists.

It is being taught in our schools, and SEIU is holding a prayer vigil today to bemoan Chavez' death. Republicans fed well at the restaurants. The ones with special meals for $1,200. It took twenty cars to carry Barry to dinner, and although I hear he paid for dinner, it was me that paid for his drivers.

Wake up.