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Monday, October 31, 2011


PLEASE read the message below about Defunding UNESCO. It was sent to me from a fellow American Patriot in her need for help! As she said in her email to me:
If it suits you, I would appreciate a quick email from you saying you approve - support - etc, Congresswoman Illeana Ros-Lehtinen's position to Defund UNESCO etc and add anything else you want to say about the UN.
I am planning to meet with Ros-Lehtinen in Washington this Friday, 11/4 . It will help if I can show her your expressed support. Even though her Congressional District is S. Florida and you cannot vote for her there, she will pay attention to your support. As Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, she is powerful and may be looking to become Secretary of State or even V. P. where your vote would affect her. My family and community ties in S. Florida will support her as well.
So please drown me in emails by this Wednesday so I can take them with me. You know what I think about the UN !
Diane Silverman
US to Defund UNESCO Over Palestinian Bid

The United States will be required by law to withdraw all funding for the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) if it votes, as expected, to approve the Palestinian Authority’s full membership in the agency.
Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Authority, has applied for U.N. recognition by the Security Council, and is moving ahead with applications to join individual U.N. agencies as the P.A. awaits the Council’s vote. The vote on UNESCO membership is set for Monday.

If successful, the bid would force the Obama administration to cut funding to the agency.

Public Law 101-246, passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress in 1990, states that “no funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or any other Act shall be available for the United Nations or any specialized agency thereof which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states.”
Public Law 103-236 Title IV, passed in 1994, prohibits“voluntary or assessed contribution to any affiliated organization of the United Nations which grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.”

UNESCO receives 22 percent of its operating budget from the United States, about $80 million a year, according to CNS News. Americans for UNESCO co-chairs Esther Coopersmith and Richard Arndt wrote in a letter to supporters earlier this month about the possible U.S. funding cutoff: “Senior budget officers at UNESCO, analyzing the consequences, foresee immediate slashes in program activity, layoffs in personnel beginning in January, and other credible threats, including [to] UNESCO’s pension system.”

During the 1980s, the U.S. and Britain withdrew from UNESCO, accusing the agency of mismanagement and an anti-Western political agenda. Britain returned in 1997 and President George W. Bush restored the U.S. relationship in 2002, citing wide-ranging reforms.

A cutoff of American funding for UNESCO over the Palestinian issue would no doubt please Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has been an outspoken critic of the U.N. She chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which has approved a bill that would give America discretion over how, or even whether, it pays for U.N. activities. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax in September, she, Lehtinen, pointed out that American taxpayers last year gave $7.7 billion to the United Nations, accounting for 22 percent of its operating budget and 27 percent of its peacekeeping operations. “What are we getting in return? We’re getting an agency that votes against us at every opportunity,” she said. “I say let’s change this around. If we don’t like the Human Rights Council, then let’s not fund it. We should pick and choose cafeteria style which groups we want to help.”

Show your support in Defunding this portion on the UN! Show your support in saying NO MORE UN FOR ME! And save our country over 7 BILLION DOLLARS a year to the UN as it goes not to need of any American. We are at a time to be a thrifty country not a country that outspends its self into oblivion! Be Supportive, send Diane an email,

Thanks, Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

A Whigs Answer to the 7 Billion Question

At 172044800 acres in Texas, divided by 7 billion equals 2,457 acres per human taking up the entire state of Texas, with the rest of the world void of humans; so what is the problem with the UN and population, there is still plenty of room available in the world for a few more. The answer of 2.457 acres per person in the state is a bit of a stretch of Texas Bragging Rights, as in Texas, everything is bigger; but some of that acreage is water, lakes to rivers and such, so unless your population wishes to live on stilts over the water, there are only 2.390 acres per person of land space. Still plenty of room to put up your house and not be able to hear and in some cases see your neighbor next door. There are 32,808 feet in an acre. There are 5,280 feet in a mile, so if you walked a line for 6,213 miles; you would have walked one acres length, stretched out in a line. With 2.390 acres per person for the whole world, it would calculate as a 14.8 mile hike; to put it in perspective! Apparently the United Nations has a math problem and needs to go back to school and we need to stop funding fools!

The presentation made back in 2009, had no idea about our new vaccination programs to flu shots being given today. Yet, this was then told as a method of delivery to depopulate the world; as we are so crowded? What about the AIDS scare a few years back and the stories of Ebola outbreaks, of recent to cholera in Haiti? The cholera in Haiti outbreak was suggested in a newspaper as man-made; by the UN?

So too was AIDS, in America, did you know?
And our own US Government was aware of the AIDS nightmare it created

But Back To The Film/Video:

According to Dr. Pianka, Scientific Environmentalist & Advocate to Depopulation, the AIDS virus is too slow in depopulating the world! He likes Ebola! Quicker, deadlier and easier to control! Standing in front of a slide of human skulls, Pianka gleefully advocated airborne Ebola as his preferred method of exterminating the necessary 90% of humans, choosing it over AIDS because of its faster kill period. Ebola victims suffer the most tortuous deaths imaginable as the virus kills by liquefying the internal organs. The body literally dissolves as the victim writhes in pain bleeding from every orifice. Monsters apparently still do exist, it is how we treat them, if we are to rid them from society rather than letting them get rid of us and who just are the us? Who makes that decision? The Ted Turners of the world and the Warren Buffets but you or I; we die! I'll bet that does not include himself and his two daughters and maybe those that advocate his preachings but I think his thoughts to ideas are diabolically monstrous in design and thought. Before he makes up such fictional ideas about mans fate, he ought to come out of his laboratory and really see just how we are and how we be; it is not with thee and his ideas of gloom to doom need to stay in Hollywood, as there they become entertainment but in real life its just a bunch of manure! Pianka and Associates are right out of the book of a time gone by where Nazis too were exterminating for the good of the race in their new world order; we all no where that went and we need to be sure to exterminate the thoughts of the Pianka, to that found on paper alone and called a crack pot for what this is.

As far as the United Nations is concerned we need to Defund our funding into this developing crisis of followers to Pianka, and if the Turners to Buffets of this world wish to pump billions into their coffers, great, as long as it is not out of us Americans pockets. The United Nations through its LOST convention and Agenda 21 is in fear the world is shrinking! To that effect, in its 1972 Convention, The UN failed in being recognized by the USA. By 1992 in RIO, it was recognized but never ratified and accepted into our culture, as it was to close to that of Communism. Like, its formation of Earth Day; that to is the celebration of Carl Marx's birthday too! It took an Executive Order from President Obama in unconstitutionally ratifying a foreign treaty called LOST, that put the UN in control of our water, oceans and lands; too which, we are that much closer to a One World Order but as far as the 7 billionth person being born today, October31, 2011, I say welcome to the world may you bring us something of greatness. My answer as a member of the Florida Whig Party to the United Nations to the 7 billion person born question; Bullocks!

“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.” Help Me Help You Stop this madness! We need Leadership in toeing a straight line to freedom with no interruptions from outside venues. Put our house in order and continue to be free!

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Saturday, October 29, 2011

RFA Addresses Extension in Saving Congressional Bills!

The future of Florida's offshore saltwater fisheries lays in the hands of time as it is ticking away to a point were angling could be closed indefinitely! In fact it could encompass the entire Atlantic Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico, as user groups such as the Recreational Fishing Alliance addresses Extension in Saving Congressional Bills, before they flounder, in an attempt to enact legislation that would prevent such from taking place. Without such extensions, data loose to No Fishing Here may occur across our part of the country!

Because of the changes to a fisheries law, the re-authorized Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 2006, where NOAA was hedging its bets with time and the language because they needed more time and, in law, its all about the language, not what it says; like in “The Art of Fishing.” In the Art of fishing, it is really not about fishing but how it is formulated but in our case of the Magnuson Act of 2006, it could open the doors up to frivolous lawsuits and all fishing could be shut down in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico! That leaves Florida, up the creek, without a paddle or fishing rods as there could be NO FISHING ALLOWED!

In a laymen term, NO FISHING ALLOWED!
There are two bills in the House of Representatives are to amend the Magnuson Act of 2006.
H.R. 2304 would "provide the necessary scientific information to properly implement annual catch limits."
H.R. 3061 would "extend the authorized time period for rebuilding of certain overfished fisheries" and is supported by the Recreational Fishing Alliance.

That equates out to a loose of $3.3 billion in retail sales in Florida along, as trickle down Economics shuts down tackle sales to fish sales all across the nation and as well, here at home in Florida; more unemployed to underemployed! All because of NOAA/NMFS and its altercations to the Magnuson Act. So when you here Dr. Jane Lubchenco's smart answer to vibrant coastal communities and sustainable fisheries, you too know know who's side she is on; the non-fishing groups! She would have you watch them at the aquarium and buy them from Vietnam in a global division of share-holders controlling the fish you once caught.

The closures are happening because of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, which regulates fishing in federal waters. When the act was re-authorized in 2006, Congress mandated that annual catch limits, ( ACLs ), be determined for all 528 species of ocean fish caught in the fishing industry. Then these catch shares might prevent overfishing of the species or so was thought.

The problem is that, to come up with ACLs for all the specific species, NOAA Fisheries has to assess each of those fish populations and it has to be complete by January 1st. They procrastinated and suddenly realized time was running short. In a gesture to pull the proverbial rabbit, out of the hat, a number of revisions were set in place, like the wording to include the phrase “Best Available Science.” Another laymen term for: stretch the truth or a fisherman’s tale! Now, real data, can be supplemented by “Best Available Science.” Stock assessments were done for 119 species, and the rest were done either by “Best Available Science” or incomplete, as NOAA then blamed budget cuts and a lack of time in putting the agencies way behind on the remaining ACLs, which have that deadline of Jan. 1. They did receive a small budget cut but had they started the assessment period back in 2006, that would have been five years to complete the assignment. So with “Best Available Science” they almost completed the assignment with flawed data, which equates out to no data and thus the fishermen will suffer, as well sales related to saltwater fishing; which accounts for $5.7 billion in economic activity.

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act needs a revision to adjust to the times with nonobligatory phrases removed, fish user groups should be in charge of ACLs and Stake-Holders, NOAA and NMFS removed altogether from the equation. In Florida, our own FWC does and excellent job in regulating our fisheries and should continue to do so. As with such Organizations such as SGF, Snook & Gamefish Foundation and The Online Fisherman, to name a few, are lending a hand to the Florida Wildlife Commission in doing what is necessary to obtain the best numbers we can muster through real time counts of fish caught on the water. Real data, real numbers showing just what is happening in our fisheries, not “Best Guess” as has been noted in past occasions with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) & National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) . You will notice NOAA is on FaceBook with lots of information, while NMFS too has a page but like the data it collects for NOAA, it is blank?

I could go on about the NMFS survey vessel collecting data on Red Snapper. As the Captain called over on the radio, to the Captain of the NOAA boat, out of St. Pete., Fl., asking why they were long-linning in 60 feet of water with no structure and a hard flat bottom? The Skipper of the NOAA/NMFS Research Vessel exclaimed; “I know that there are NO SNAPPER HERE but they do not care. They do not wish to fowl the line and want an easy quick trip! I mean what's the difference between 60 feet and one-hundred and sixty feet? The answer to that is FISH! Shortly after NOAA received its data from that trip and others, they closed down Red Snapper fishing because they could not find any so they must be overfished! Is that sound science to you? It is not to me! Either Replace Dr. Jane Lubchenco & staff with sound ethical scientists like Dr. Ray Hilborn or dump them from the equation altogether in letting each State Police its self-imposed laws! To use a sentence from Pew Trust, “Fishing targets must be more conservative than they have been in the past,” and this is true but only if it is guided by sound science, user groups representing fishermen, such as the FRA or the RFA and as Gary Poyssick states “explore, overturn, and rewrite the Magnuson. This time by user groups, not stockholders.”


SAVE: Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security Petition

No cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits

It's hard to image how Congressional Participants, Modern Day Tories, on the Super Committee could be any more out-of-touch or simple-headed in retrospect to the times and those in need who rely on this to survive. They, with their entitlements, free healthcare and daily travel expenses to daily paid on your dime per Diem, have no idea what it is like to live day to day on a paycheck. Switch it around, put the shoe on the other foot as I, Gary A. Anderson am suggesting in my bid to possibly run for the Senate and just see how fast they all leave Social Security to Medicare alone, unless it is a way to pay more.

My plan, State to Federal is simple; you get what you work for but that is for another up-coming article. I unlike those looking in; am on Security too, looking out and I understand the burden it will place on all of us but we have the power to change it, sign the petition. Make your voice heard!

This time, we need to save our selves and petition the members on the Super Committee: telling them, Absolutely no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

In the face of massive unemployment, rampant foreclosures, a sputtering economy and widespread anger that the country is systematically prioritizing the needs of the ultra-rich and wealthy corporations over the needs of the other the rest of us Americans! Those who support this plan think the best thing to do is make it harder and more expensive for seniors and the less fortunate to get medical care or pay for their basic living expenses.
Tell the members on the Super Committee: Absolutely no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Online Fisherman; Setting a Sustainable Standard

The Online Fisherman; Setting a Sustainable Standard for the 21st Century!

We advocate smart and targeted policies that address sustainability without placing an undue economic burden on the environment by such measures as the putting of 'toxic metal on dead trees.' As is found in the print to paper industry, to which others who claim sustainability, actually are not being sustainable as they are polluting our planet. All print magazines, unlike The Online Fisherman, are setting a new industry standard in calling themselves sustainable, yet they all use toxic metal on dead trees; i.e. ink on paper!

We are using pixels, in bringing home the bacon, as The Online Fisherman leaves no carbon footprint! No use of chopping live trees to make paper pulp and the usage of thousands of pounds of toxic metals, such as chromium, a carcinogen used in colored to black ink for publications in print media. The Online Fisherman is a Sustainable Online Fishing Magazine,Setting a Sustainable Standard for all others to follow, in the 21st century!

Such policies, in using pixels; where as no chromium is needed, being in place of this toxic metal, achieves both environmental and sustainable goals. How sustainable is that? "Heavy metals" are chemical elements with a specific gravity that is at least 5 times the specific gravity of water. Chromium is a heavy metal. Chromium is too a carcinogenic. Remember the movie, "Erin Brockovich," it was this metal in the water that caused the whole story; Chromium.

Now, ink to paper is a far cry from actually polluting the ground water but is it? We have recycling here in Florida. Too which, we all abide by the law, right? Too how many magazines end up elsewhere, other than a recycle bin only to degrade and possibly find its way into an aquifer as a carcinogen? A lot of questions, too which, if ones magazine is not in print, it cannot put these metals into our natural resources. If more magazines were to follow our lead, how clean would our planet be?

Money is a important factor in any business and too the Online Fisherman wishes a piece of the pie but not at the expense of our environment! We are smaller than the mighty ones in print but we grow, like a new fresh tree, a giant redwood or a Sequoya, as we are sustainable and No Chromium Needed!

From advertisements to how to do anything fishing related, as well fishing politics, The Online Fisherman, and its Team; Gary Poyssick, David Rieumont, Gary Anderson, David Tartaglia, Mike Bryant and Matthew Woodring as well our contributors, Forum members and Advertisers, we believe that “Sustainability” is an important word; so we live it; 'no toxic metal on dead trees here!' The Online Fisherman; for those who wish to agree with the planet and catch fish too. Why don't you all come on aboard and together we can be as sustainable as we would have it; as karma smiles on...Join Us!

The Online Fisherman on Facebook

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whig TV


Gambling to Guns; We Want to know YOUR VIEWS?
The official Florida affiliate of the Modern Whig Party.

Established in 1833, the Whigs are one of America's oldest mainstream political parties. We were the original party of Abraham Lincoln and four other U.S. Presidents.

Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the grassroots movement has quickly attracted tens of thousands of members.

We represent middle-of-the-road voters from all walks of life and true change.

Welcoming all who would walk down that road to sanity, in presence of our Country, State and honor of all Americans with prejudice set aside, as we all run red in blood under the Stars & Stripes, as one!

“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Your Donations are in of need, if we are to make this bid for the Senate, as I am prepared to try and do my duty to you, God and Country!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Secret Government The skinny on the planned cashless society

The Secret Government The skinny on the planned cashless society

You keep hearing about micro-chips, fingerprint & eye recognition; right? There is a plan and with this plan, not only can your rights be taken away, but too (: LOL your first born and your guns, if the government wanted to under this new attack on our American way of life! We have to know when to say no! Think about it after listening on the video; people like me could be thrown away without a key for even showing you this video. I will be scrutinized even now because I have a disability and with such, they can use that against my rights if they wish too; to which I will scream louder and fight back because, this old Vietnam Era war horse ain't dead yet! Watch; think and shout back, if so inclined

AND IF YOU LIKED THAT: gee whiz I don't know if they can do that? Then you need to read this:
Secret Government Workshop on Transparency Exposed

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cybercommand chief opposes U.N. net control - Washington Times

Cybercommand chief opposes U.N. net control - Washington Times

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP FOLKS! THAT is why I keep saying throw out the United Nations, before they take it all away! This is another portion of AGENDA 21, as it is over 450 pages in length; that's a lot of reading and when our astute President Obama ratified LOST, unconstitutionally, without consent of the Senate this year; he opened the door to the closing of the internet, taking of farmlands, right of way rights, catch shares, Eminent Domain in Coastal and Spatial planning and the list just keeps on taking and if you, JOE PUBLIC does not wake up, it will be owned & operated by the big Blue. The United Nations!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

LIKE me & feed a hungry child

I have seen hunger, when in the villages of Africa to the hamlets of Bangladesh and it gnaws to your stomach too, in wishing there was more you could do and what is even worse, in the richest country of the world, we too have kids that do not have enough to eat. If all you have to do is “LIKE” a page and it makes a difference; Why would you not do it? Please help out a person who is looking to eat a meal too...

Gary A. Anderson Stands Against Waste in Florida; Waste in the Nation!

As Our country, America, is facing a $14.6 trillion national debt, I encourage all in Congress, to stop supporting the big-government policies that threaten to bankrupt this nation! The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that our federal deficit will reach $1.3 trillion this fiscal year 2011. Tax revenue will total $2.1 trillion, while federal expenditures will amount to $3.4 trillion. This means that our government is spending 62 percent more than it is receiving in revenue. Are we as a nation, that stupid? Do we not teach simple math in secondary and elementary school? That's like someone who is making $30,000 a year spending more than $48,000 by maxing out their credit cards and other lines of credit. It doesn't matter whether you are a family, a state or a country. If you spend 62 percent more than you make, you're going to go bankrupt. DUH! Yet we continue to do so like nobody will notice and a magic moment will happen to make our spending bubble just go away! Our country's mounting debt is a financial time bomb that will explode and devastate every American family unless it is immediately disarmed! I am disappointed in Congress's voting record! I am disappointed in Senator Bill Nelson's ranking of "Hostile" from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, and urge you to stand up for taxpayers by fighting against runaway deficit spending and ever bigger government, by supporting my want to represent Florida in knowing how to say “No!” Please consider a donation to Gary A. Anderson, as I test the waters in a bid for the US Senate Florida in 2012. Thank You.

TRUE TALK; Truesdell TV

The Carter-Obama Remix...

Obama remix or as a previous English teacher, I might just say; plagiarism to the third degree! When asked of late on TV by a mainstream reporter to President Obama the question of “How would you grade yourself, thus far in your time in the Oval office?” he replied,” I give myself an INCOMPLETE! As I have yet to finish what I have started.” That folks resonates to the grade of “F!” Do not pass go and go home, to where ever it is this week, you are from.

Medicare Changes; A Road Map to Sanity & Saving You $'s

This is a Great Article,written By Barbara Peters Smith, making it easier to tread down the confusing road of governmental quagmire in understanding the changes but one point, it reflects the part "F" in the PDP, to which could make a difference in choices in Sarasota County.Looking at The side bar, on page 1 to the left of the article, has parts A,B, C, D,and ends there?? Where is "F?" With that one missing piece, hopefully you will not get your foot stuck in a hole while wandering down the not so easy to understand new rules of Medicare and its operating procedures but at least, one can understand now where you might be going. Thanks to the Herald for the article & Barbara Peters Smith for making my day, as I being of a recent disability have now to choose from the circus of events. It will helpful! The byline is a bit misleading but that is how you draw us in, I guess? Medicare benefits increase for seniors

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Say NO to New, Discriminatory State and Local Wireless Taxes & Fees – for 5 Years!

Congress is again working to forge consumer-friendly tax policies that will impact hundreds of millions of wireless consumers just like you. Members of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have re-introduced bipartisan and pro-consumer legislation, H.R. 1002 and S. 543, that will provide much-needed wireless tax relief to American wireless users, their families, and their businesses – for five years.

You can help today! Please urge your Representative and your Senators to join their colleagues in co-sponsoring the ‘Wireless Tax Fairness Act.' They can contact Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) to co-sponsor the legislation in the House, H.R. 1002, and contact Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) to co-sponsor the legislation in the Senate, S. 543.

Join the thousands of other members who have called on their legislators for some tax relief on their cell phone bill. Earlier this year, Congress reintroduced 'The Wireless Tax Fairness Act of 2011,' which calls for freezing all new, discriminatory state and local wireless taxes and fees for a period of five years.

We are fighting to pass this bill and eliminate unfair taxing. You can help by letting your lawmakers know that you support this bill and the need to lower wireless taxes and fees, too.

The average wireless consumer pays more than 16% in taxes and fees, every month! That compares to about 7% that you pay for other goods and services. This just isn't right or fair. That's why we are standing strong and with your help, are opposing new taxes on wireless.


Write Lawmakers Tell A Friend

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Show Your Support! Get Your Free Public Media Sticker.

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A few hardliners in Congress recently announced they were taking aim at NPR funding. It’s time to fight back against these cuts. Grab a sticker and show your support for public media.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Florida Calls for a NO VOTE!

Demand structural change from fixture institutions.
Demand equal opportunity regardless of race, sex, religion, or national origin.
Demand universal access to health care, not universal health care.
Demand universal access to a flexible retirement account.

Please Donate to Gary A. Anderson so as he may lead Florida into and beyond with new fresh ideas and has an ear to you, the people and not just at election time. Vote NO with Mr. Anderson and:

Reject the political mutants who insist on maintaining the status quo.
Reject a "one-size-fits-all" approach by government.
Reject government control over communications in the name of homeland security.

Accept as undeniable reality that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the right of every man, woman, and child.

You can vote every day by simply changing your voter registration to the Florida Whig Party. Explain to your family, friends, neighbors, and relatives that you believe in:

Principles before party, personality, and profits, with deeds not words.

Start voting no to the same two parties that have ruined the nation through spending, taxing, and blaming everyone but themselves! Independent and third party candidates for local, state, as well as federal House and Senate races are the races where you should start voting no. Say Yes to those who want change and as hard as change can be; it is a breath of fresh air as we need new blood in Washington. We need someone who is coming out of the trenches of Florida and has the stamina to say NO MORE to the acts of our past. Please Donate to Gary A. Anderson so as he may lead Florida into and beyond with new fresh ideas and has an ear to you, the people and not just at election time. Donate Now so as we have enough to continue our battle against those who only believe in stats quo to old rules and ideas to which are bringing our country down. We need leadership, not just another 99% screaming noise about something. Let us scream change, jobs and to strengthening our economy by reaching into your pocketbooks and donating to a sound idea; Leadership for Florida, not the same old same, year in and year out with Bill Nelson. He has his dollars in the bank and goes fishing at Publix. Catch my own. Will you not spare a dollar or two in helping load our battleship with the arsenal it will need in its fight for freedom in Florida? Please Give Generously.

Thank You. Gary A. Anderson Testing the Waters, US Senate FL. 2012
In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

History of Iran & WW3.

To Isolate Iran, U.S. Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data
Published: October 15, 2011

President Obama is pressing United Nations nuclear inspectors to release classified intelligence information showing that Iran is designing and experimenting with nuclear weapons technology. The president's push is part of a larger American effort to further isolate and increase pressure on Iran after accusing it of a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States.

The Obama administration, since coming to office, has never publicly presented detailed evidence to back up its claim that Iran is driving toward a weapon or creating the technology to assemble one quickly, should it need it. But it has discussed the evidence widely with allies. BRASSCHECK TV

Not only a valuable history lesson on how we all manipulate the world for Oil, but too how after educating the masses, it back-fired upon us. It takes more of a man to walk away from a fight than to stay and play!

Making Wrong Right; Support HR3061!

Jim Hutchinson of the RFA, Recreational Fishing Alliance, posted this on the RFA Facebook page in luring anglers to all in hopes of support in contacting the right people in helping our fishing industry survive. Below is what he posted:

"Pew doesn't like, EDF doesn't like it, the head of NOAA doesn't like it (which is the same as saying Pew and EDF are opposed), but for fishermen forced to adhere to arbitrary deadlines, the time has come to fix this broken law! Fishermen need to call their Congressional representatives to SUPPORT HR3061"

In responds, John Baumann sent a letter to his Representative and too, posted it on Facebook:

John Baumann
October 13, 2011
Rep Robert Turner
US House of Representatives
New York 9th District

Dear Mr Turner,
I am writing you this letter asking you to look over and hopefully support HR 3061. The recreational fishing industry is being annihilated. The restrictions on creel and size limits imposed on recreational fisherman keep getting worse every season. If it keeps up at this rate there will be no recreational fishing and countless jobs will be lost.

The recreational industry supplies jobs for Party boat, Charter boat owners and mates who work on them. The industry sells recreational boats, those boat dealerships are losing jobs. The marina’s that sell rental space to these small craft are losing jobs. The people who sell fuel to these small and larger craft to go fishing, are losing jobs and business. The tackle shops that sell bait and tackle to fisherman are losing jobs and their businesses. These are all jobs that are being lost year after year. These are Mom and Pop businesses that spent their lives and the lives of their family serving the public, losing the businesses.

When I was a young man and a mate on some of these fishing boats in the late 1970’s, sheepshead bay was a thriving business. Fuel was being sold to the boats, tackle shops were selling bait and tackle to customers. Customers were coming out and fishing. The restaurants were thriving. Business was good and people had jobs.

With these extremely strong creel and size limits being imposed on us very few people want to even bother to go fishing any more. The industry is literally dying. New York is being hit very hard and jobs are being lost.

We implore you to do what you can to help us recover from this disaster. All disasters are not created by an act of God. Some of them are man made.

God Bless.

Sincerely yours,

John Baumann

Just as John did, anyone reading this post, contact those in government who are suppose to give a damn and put them to work in supporting this bill. It is not just about the fish you will buy at the market but about real people in despair and need your help. Help out a fisherman, help out a fellow American and you too will feel good about it as it shows that the system can work, if we stick together; United we stand, Divided we fall!

Treason Obama

"If it’s illegal and wrong to capture suspected terrorists and detain them indefinitely without a hearing, how exactly did the Obama administration decide it was desirable and lawful to target and kill them?"...Paul Truesdell, Chairmen The Florida Whig Party

"And someone should be held accountable for this atrosocity of the rules of conduct to the law!"Gary A. Anderson, Exploratory Candidate FL US Senate 2012

Friday, October 14, 2011

I AM NOT MOVING - Do as I say, not as I do!

Do as I say, not as I do. Funny how what we are fighting for overseas is exactly what we are fighting against here, in the streets of the USA. Support them or not; there is the right to assembly and to what part do we not understand?

More Troops on the Ground; More Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

As I was in the process of putting this up, I heard on CNN of how we are now engaged in more conflicts abroad. Boots on the Ground in Africa too which, more of our sons to daughters will be subject to more abuse of PTSS! A story, from a returning combatant of our war on terrorism in Afghanistan, was of a young man in a precarious situation where choices were few and his commander, should have noticed a problem was brewing. During a skirmish with unknown assailants, across a road, their were what appeared to be children and civilians in the line of fire. The young soldier refused to fire into the civilians. His commander ordered he fire his weapon and kill something. Again, he refused on the fact, he might hit an innocent. His squadron Leader ordered him to either make a kill or kill himself. We can only hope, under the stress they were in, this leader was but making a point but it was of the wrong point to make, as the solider, shot himself in the head, dead, rather than kill an innocent civilian. True? It was but told to me second hand and too what made this poor young man shoot himself, we may never really know but he was killed in combat and my question is by whom? Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is a nasty critter and strikes when it wants. In battle to years later, in effecting ones judgment to way of thinking. It is a lonely place to be and only yourself can bring you out of the hole but it is noticeable, if trained and treatment administered immediately, without prejudiced and with an open heart.

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Friday he was sending about 100 U.S. military advisers to Uganda to support central African allies pursuing Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, and other rebel commanders.

It was later revealed other combatants too are being deployed to the Congo, South Sudan and the South African Republic. Coincidence or on a mission by to, Michael Obama with their children, all listed as US Aids on the trips, costing us, the tax payers close to half a million dollars; all to the same countries to which our advisers invaded on our dime, time and US blood. Why not NATO Advisers? What of the United Nations, if they are so concerned about Joseph Kony's LRA in Uganda?

It is sad that bandits raid under a name such as the “Lord” but to it is sad that we will shed American blood over another countries headaches. Do we not have enough problems, to which we are committed that we must look for new wars? At a time, when our country is in peril, from wasteful expenditures, who is paying for us to play God? To how many more will be stricken with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and live to talk about it? What of our war on hunger, the homeless, jobs, the economy and our well being, right here, with in the borders of the Red, White and Blue! Immigration to Homeland Security, we have plenty on our plates to pass around for our military to handle without too now invading Africa!

It is time to “Bring Them Home!” Not send them off to the jungles & bush of Africa, in search of more war. If the 99 % ever needed a solidified cause to bring them together, this just might be the ticket. It is 1 war too many, bring them home, make us whole; 99 + 1, a Union of Freedom for All!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Global Chess Game: Iran’s King to Obama's Knights 3

A virtual impossibility for a King to move to the position of Black Knight 3 in one move from its original position of Black King 1E, though with enough propaganda, anything is possible and especially to one who does not play chess. In the Global Chess Game of Terrorism to countries to which we are not allies or express any interest in other than that of aggression! It would seem that the idea of Iran plotting a surmise of anybody at any Embassy, on American soil, would be a move such as Black King to Black Knight 3; a rogue rouge in taking attention away from another touchy subject, like “Fast & Furious!”

The heat is on a to those under scrutiny in this “new” Contra type of affair and somebodies head is going to roll; in our case it looks like Eric Holder. Blow a big enough bomb up down the street and everybody runs to see what all the commotion is all about; at the same time, the President of the United States is in Milwaukee, giving speeches at union events to add more monies to his already 70 million dollar coffer in a bid for re-election.

An assassination attempt and a reason to put boots on the ground, is not enough to draw President Obama away from raising monies for, we hope, a failed election in 2012 and his reaction to this news does not come out until 24 hours after the fact only whispers to some that it is all made up and never happened. It is a plan to pull the heat from Holder and give the United States a reason to put more heat on the Iranian Regimen. Not a smart move, if they are of the innocent, as retaliation is in order, as we well know, when dealing with blood thirsty terrorists. The Iranians may be guilty of many a thing, they may not be liked by others in the world, they may have atomic capabilities and if they did not do what has been broadcast; the playback might just not be what we want.

Bullying our values to power is not the way to show ones strengths. Bullying is not acceptable. CNN is even doing a piece on Bullying; maybe they ought to ask President Obama & Eric Holder if they too are bullying themselves into an all out Arab war? If this were to escalate between Turkey/Israeli/Russian relations and our doing something against Iran with Saudi Arabia at our back; we have the beginning of the end, with WWIII in the wings a waiting?

Suddenly December of 2012 looks pretty grim as the Mayan calendar runs out, the Bible predicts the earth will be destroyed by a comet and the Qur’an predicts death and destruction in 2012! With all these predictions to precognitions why would we hurry this along? We are second to none and I as an American am proud of my country, Flag, the bible and God but too I believe in diplomacy and if we don't walk on egg shells lightly after all this Malarkey, we could find ourselves biting off more than we can chew. As far as playing chess, as in real life, making the right moves will win you the game. Concentration and watching to what your counter has done is the key before making a move and cheating like a move of King to the position of Black Knight 3 in one move is called cheating and in my book as all the Americans I know; cheating is unacceptable, game-end, you lose!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Organizations to include Jihad al-Ansar Media and Ribat Media Center, as well as others, like the IRA , Anwar al-Awlaki, found themselves Tweeting posts up from time to time. The-revolution-in-social-media Jihads have come to depend on free web hosting, where content can be uploaded anonymously, without fear of “payback.” Yet the secret on goings behind closed doors and not disapproved by the Commander in Chief, can take out those to whom are a threat by Drones, anywhere in the world. Why are they not targeting the ones on the net and killing them. This practice only takes away the rights to communicate across the web, factors to which could put people in harms way and may not be in conflict with the first amendment as the act of shutting down such kills nobody, just the ability to broadcast directions which may put others in harms way. I would rather be in defense of the first amendment in fighting for words rather than the Bill of Rights: the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee that a “person” cannot be seized by the government unreasonably, and the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee that the government may not deprive a person of life “without due process of law.”

I am not in support of this man or the other that was blown up as “collateral” damage; anyone who would hide behind a cause and kill innocents in a statement is a coward but too, unless it is a declared war, in a country under siege, that coward, if an American, has rights and if we are to believe in those rights, we cannot pick to choose to which ones are right this week. Another Gaddafi? That would fall into the rights under assassinations to war motives and too which many may not care but it was not a leader to whom gives refuge to terrorist and to which, we have been trying to take out since the falling apart of ARMCO. It was an American with a twisted point of view to what he believed in. He was not acting out in my backyard where he could have been arrested, he was in Yemen, somewhere on a dirt road, traveling somewhere before he was sent his invitation to hell.

One has to wonder to why the IRA was not targeted in that it would seem, they take responsibility for the BP incident, “The Gulf oil spill? Our crafty plan to take down the price of British Petroleum so we can buy it and make Irish. To be sure to be sure.” (Tweet 1 June 10 ) or “This bomb was brought to you by BP, We Care.” 14 June 10, that was in American waters, unless you argue of the treaty ratified by Obama in January of 2011, making those waters that of United Nations International Waters, too which I as an American do not respect nor believe in. Does that make me a threat too because I believe in the Red, White and Blue and not of a convention set for me to follow by the U.N.?

Under SB1151, civil libertarians, Facebook users and free press advocates alike would be considered a terrorist. Are you a cyber terrorist? If US military contractors, President Obama and the Democrat and Republican leadership have their way, the answer is yes. Under the veil of a virtual media black-out, the Senate Judiciary Committee met Thursday to finalize SB1151 ? the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2011. Simultaneously, civil libertarians, Facebook users and free press advocates alike began sharing scenarios of who would be considered a terrorist under this legislation. The frightening answer is, everyone. Keeping an eye to the sky for nobody is safe now!

Are You a Cyber Terrorist?

The Senate Judiciary Committee met to finalize SB1151, the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2011; in a time when jobs are at stake to those looking at foreclosure, to those already homeless and we are wasting monies on such bills when we should be concentrating on the country and its peoples needs! Not Cyber Security! I need your support if I am to be on the ballot and put an end to such type of legislation. We need to concentrate on the bigger issues, Jobs, Education, medical coverage, our rights to gun ownership, following the Constitution and allowing God back into the country all the while kicking all NGO out of government and telling all foundations to do as they do and not to tell me what I have to do. Dissolve the LOST plan, curtail if not kick out the United Nations from our shores and let them make another continent “Sustainable” as we are as Free and wish not the chains of “Sustainability!” Please Donate to your cause in Saving America and together we can bring Florida to the top of where everybody will want to be! Leading the way for jobs, housing, better education, religious freedoms and the right to bear arms, all the while allowing the FWC to do the job it was formed to do; manage Florida Wildlife.Please Donate and I thank You much; Principles before Party, Personality or Profit with Deeds not Words!

Will You Not Help Me, Help You, Help America, Just ONE BUCK and Make a Change! In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson


Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 99 % Solution

A group of activists, marched into the gallery of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), in protest of capitalism! They throw fistfuls of dollars (mostly fake) down toward the trading floor, tricking the traders into a pathetic scramble for cash. Chaos to pandemonium seemed to sweep the crowd who turned from an exodus of protestors into a raging mob! One of the groups involved with this assorted set of groups of the mob were, the National Organization for Women. One of the actions of this group was to take the actions needed to bring women into the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly an equal partnership with men. With a handful of other top-drawer radicals, the Youth International Party formed, a flamboyant political group with no official membership or apparent leadership. It would seem to be a group with a specialty in revolution-via-the ridiculous. Sounds, as seen on Wall Street, are percolating across the country as other towns are under siege! This, combined with the National Mobilization Committee, are joining up with other political grassroots groups, like-minded; the Students for a Democratic Society, have s banding together, along with the Unions in a mobilization of a better formed mob but never the less, a mob! Activists are meeting to coordinate protest efforts by over 100 anti-war groups. The-revolution-in-social-media-continues with demonstrators meeting with brutal police actions; 589 are arrested, 219 injured.

Sounds much akin to the 99% ers, does it not but with one difference; this “Mob” was led by Abbott Abbie Hoffman, some 40 years ago; remember “Hell No, We won't Go!” As the burning of draft cards were all the rage, those leaving to Canada and of course, Woodstock. History has a way of repeating its self, especially when government is not listening; so it is time to send a message a wake up call, if you will. It may have started with the far left or had been sponsored by move on dot org, but the tides have turned on that too as it is no longer just the far left radicals to which are screaming or the communist by a melting pot of many who are upset with the “establishment!” So when you hear one of those Senators from the Hill or a news media reporter in his fifties or older say; they are just an unruly mob with no real message; they forgot about their days in growing up in Vietnam America. Whither you fought for or against, in country or out, you knew about the yippies to hippies and bell bottoms were the style. Peace Baby!

Anti-war protest occupies Washington DC

I too am pissed off! Though I am a poor capitalist, a capitalist, all the same. On Social Security Disability at age 58, feeling too, I have been left to the way side. The 99 Per-centers may have a voice and may have a message and it may just be a message saying they do not like what is happening around them. I too do not like what I see but instead of a march and a banner against a dislike; I decided to try and run for office and do it from with in. I am extremely disappointed in both my readers as to all in the march; we all are looking for less restrictions by big brother to more help in reaching out to help us in job growth to medical stability. The homeless are never addressed and the wars we are waging are to numerous to mention, in this short article. The war, alone in Afghanistan is now ten years old and yet not one protest against it; remember Vietnam? At what cost is this to us as a people? The Housing marketplace; much could be said about about this but instead we hear the same old same old political hog wash and in the Senate races, the ones who have been in since the rock of ages, are planning to be in until the rock of ages and did I mention most of them are millionaires or at least fall with in the upper 1 %. Why and how could they know how it is like to be hungry or how do we pay for next months rent? I am upset when I hear on the TV about these 99 Per-centers need to get real but the ones saying that are not worried if they are losing their homes; are they? I work hard at trying to keep my sanity in running my blogs and writing about fishing and how to do things; in passing along a hobby which could last you a lifetime. My wife works hard in being a server at a restaurant to put food on our table, along with my wee disability paycheck and I am sick of hearing my Senator at 180,000 dollars a year plus perks telling me he has a plan; trust me, with little to no conversation to back it up. I have written my Representatives a number of times, on different issues ranging from Agenda 21, ICLEI, the Homeless, our Housing problem and looking for political guidance, only to receive the same old auto-responder message that at this time we are working on the jobless situation and will get back to you once this problem is resolved? That is unacceptable! That is why I decided to run to for Political office but I need your support; all 99 %! Send in ONE BUCK each, just a sawbuck, a Dollar and we can change Washington to where someone will have to listen because I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat but a Whig. I am of the Florida Whig Party, and we need a moderator in government as it is now, it is in gridlock. I know what it is like to be poor! I know what it is to be of the hard working Americans to which, we got the shaft and they got the office. We must make it a privilege to be in office, not a career. Just as the hippies and Love Revolution of drugs, love and rock-n-roll changed a nation; so to may the 99% Solution!

Will You Not Help Me, Help You, Help America, Just ONE BUCK and Make a Change

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Star Chamber Part II

Thomas Jefferson: “Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers….a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” Nullification is the “blueprint for liberty!”

The Star Chamber Part I

American militants like Anwar al-Awlaki are placed on a kill bill or list, if you will by a secretive panel of senior U.S. government officials, which then informs the president of its decisions, according to news reports.

There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House's National Security Council, as far as my research shows. Neither is there any law establishing the rules by which it is supposed to operate but they were all based upon secret legal justifications and undisclosed intelligence assessments; The Star Chamber!

Judge, Jury and executioner all in one big bundle when you mess with Obama! Hanging Judge Parker would have been proud but at least, his trials to verdicts were open to the public, 160 sentenced to death by hanging (156 men and 4 women)! Two principal legal reasons allowed for this explosive death: first, that the actions were permitted by Congress as authorizing the use of U.S. military forces against militants in the wake of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and second, a sentence of execution may be used, under international law, if a country is defending itself? Pretty far reach and could that mean, I too am a threat, since I do not approve of Obama's methods of justice? Harvard Law Instructor or not!

Awlaki became the first American put on this target list; America's List of Horrors, just in time for Halloween. It seems that it was not a priority of President Obama to single out the “Target of Opportunity,” but had he wished it not to go through as planned, he had the power to stop it. According to reports, this was a preventive measure in "protecting" the president. A second American, Samir Khan, was killed in the drone attack that killed Awlaki, though not targeted, he too was a target of opportunity as he printed subversive propaganda that could have been used as a recruitment vehicle in joining in on whatever it was that was subversive; killing two birds with one stone. Had the Obama administration made public an accounting of evidence that Awlaki was operationally involved in planning terrorist attacks, one might believe in this targeting but in singling out an unknown American to the general public and blowing him and those around him, collateral damage, to pieces without him knowing his crime, confronting his accusers and having a trail, It scares the bee-gives out of me! If him why not you or I? Do we not have a Bill of Rights & Constitution or do we follow another type of rule?


You’ve heard from me a lot recently about the “resolution of disapproval” (S.J. Res. 6) against Net Neutrality, which extremists plan to push through the Senate.
There’s a reason for all the emails: This dangerous resolution would hand over control of the Internet to companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon while stripping the FCC of any authority to protect users’ online rights.
The vote on this resolution could happen as early as next week. So we need you to be a part of Free Press’ national call-in campaign to make one thing absolutely clear to Congress: “Corporations can’t take the Internet away from us.”

Please pick up the phone now and call Sens. Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio. Tell them: “Don’t sell out our basic right to communicate online. Vote ‘no’ on the resolution of disapproval.”

We’ve created an easy-to-use “whiplist” that helps you make the call. Just enter your zip code, find your senators and click their names. We’ve also provided a sample call script should you need to use some talking points.
Here’s the thing our senators need to know: An overwhelming majority of Americans want an open Internet. Period. We don’t want corporations blocking what we say or do online. We want every website, from the biggies like Amazon and Google to sites operated by millions of small businesses and bloggers, to be treated the same, with no fast lanes for companies with deep pockets.
These are simple, common-sense demands, and it’s time our senators heard them.
So pick up the phone, call your senators and demand they vote “no” on this resolution of disapproval. We'll follow up on our progress as we get closer to the vote. 
Thanks for everything you do,
Josh Levy
Associate Campaign Director
Free Press Action Fund

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Net-neutrality rules to take effect Nov. 20

The rules, titled "Preserving Open Internet," are listed on the Federal Register's website for public review before they are printed.

Take this idea and shove it pal; it ain't broke so why are you fixing it? Leave it alone and when this goes into affect I will fight it to the nail! If ever elected, provided I can get the campaign funds needed, I will crush any control of the internet! It would be a champion of one of my first priorities! Why in a free country, with a free internet, does Uncle Sam have any right in sticking his privates in my face. I challenge this and I do not support any control over anyone nor any thing which was free to begin with. You greedy Mother ***kers!

US net neutrality rules finalized, in effect November 20

Net Neutrality Grassfire Campaign to Stop the FCC & Obama from controlling the internet.

Say No to this & send in the petition:

FCC Statement on the web: Video

The Federal Register is set to publish the Federal Communication Commission's net-neutrality rules on Friday, meaning they will take effect on Nov. 20. WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who Said "No More Earmarks?"... Obama’s Job Bill Kills State Sovereignty

Obama’s Jobs Bill Will End State Sovereignty –It is Time to Wake Up The Governors!!!

This "Bill" will turn the United States of America into a "Dictatorship"!!! Check it out here;

Excerpt: (A) WAIVER- A State’s receipt or use of Federal financial assistance for any program or activity of a State shall constitute a waiver of sovereign immunity, under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution or otherwise, to a suit brought by an employee or applicant for employment of that program or activity under this Act for a remedy authorized under Section 375(c) of this Act.

And here is what “program or activity” means; {Must Read}
Send this to your Governors and Representatives and tell them to "Read the Bill" this time;

DONATE A BUCK AND SAVE THE COUNTRY; 100 cents to bring back more sense to our Red, White & Blue! We need individual Initiatives, as people are hurting.
We need to strength our Educational Systems, health care and bring back our founding Fathers belief in God!
Our Country needs a strong presence towards creating an American Made Product, which, in turn gives us a growing domestic product, which yields more jobs to a stronger economy. We have the technology, the know how and those looking for work.
We need now to have an idea and through this idea we again will grow stronger.

Make Your Vote Count!

Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Wasting Your Money; Climate Change/Catch Shares!

Remember just how effective NOAA was during the Gulf Oil Spill? What about its fame to incompetent management through the corrupt and disposition of funds generated by fines and property seizures from fishermen? Climate Change Scares to Catch Share Ponzi schemes sponsored with your money by and for privileged industry like the EDF; why is that?

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, the environmentalist rock star and former vice chairperson of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), was appointed as the administrator of NOAA by President Obama. She has installed a team of Eco-zealots, and they have a Climate Service Office ready and waiting to proceed ,with only congressional approval standing in their way, too which has not happened even though she has already spent monies in creating the positions needed to run her Czar creation of feudalism on the fisheries. The six regional directors were appointed on 10 September 2010. All the elements promised by Dr. Lubchenco are in place, even though Congress said “NO,” she is ready anyway. Wonder what that is costing us in tax dollars? The FY2011 Continuing Resolution, set by Congress, also prohibits expending funds on specific fisheries management techniques. NOAA’s response: issuing a legalistic Ziggy-zagging on parsing and hairsplitting, to find ways to fund their games.

Remember the article about sea level rise along the Maryland shore? It was another “Best available information” they could get as there was not any scientific data to back up such. A great Shock & Awe or article to catch the human eye of fear in gloom to doom; kudos to a great fiction story but to how many believed this garbage? The article appeared in the Climate Watch Magazine, which is a feature of the NOAA Climate Service web portal.

The apple falls not far from the tree and as Dr. Jane Lubchenco, was, is or whatever still has involvement with EDF, one of her founders and EDF are the extreme of environmentalist positions. EDF tool of choice for fisheries are “Catch Shares” or also referred to as Catch Shares Management and sometimes derisively termed as a cap and trade but to whatever you call them, “Fisheries are depleted and fishermen lose their jobs as “Catch Shares” march forward making monies for those whom are called stock, I mean, stakeholders. Now to those who do not know what a Catch Share is, here is a quote from Wenonah Hauter, of, “A means to essentially privatize fishing, catch shares divide up the fish in any given region, often granting fishing privileges to a handful of larger corporate interests while pushing out smaller-scale, more traditional fishermen. Since they award those operations that fish the fastest and hardest, they incentivize the use of larger-scale boats, more damaging gear, and wasteful fishing practices that hurt fish stocks and the habitats on which they depend.”

If EDF loves NOAA and its position on its flawed data to best information and science, EDF ought to take it over with in the private sector and Congress could release NOAA from its purse strings, to which they would gladly do except our fearless leader, President Obama to is in bed with this Cap and trade bunch. We must tell Congress not to allow NOAA to regroup and we must make sure President Obama will be what I want to be; a one termed official! He had his time in and his colors are not that of my red, white and blue, as I stand for the American Fisherman, the Constitution and the use of God everywhere freedom rings through-out our Republic! Hell No to Catch Shares and Hell No to those organizations which stand by them. Not in my country, not in my town and not on my oceans are the speech of Americans everywhere. Catch Shares to Climate Change, sell it to China as they may be in need of a Eco-zealot environmentalist rock star, to motivate them into a Catch Shares Management Program, as we here back in America are not into another Cap in Shade deal to steal our rights to jobs to fish for the advancement of board members of the EDF on my dime!

Help Me, Help You achieve this goal because as a team we are unbeatable. God Bless America! “Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

I am serious! Times are hard, I know, being on Disability, but just a buck, one measly dollar, 100 cents makes sense to reclaiming Florida to America! If everybody who liked my articles to the Sandbox paid one dollar, today, I'd have enough to give a start for a run to save our country. Enough to recruit more volunteers and enough to pay the filing fees; with left overs to go towards our homeless. I have plans for us all. I have a plan for you in stopping the insanity and bringing order back into our lives; just for a buck. Will You Please Donate to our future?

I Fish – I Vote;

Make Your Vote Count!

Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

Monday, October 3, 2011

Erickson My Wireless no SAW

Say NO to New, Discriminatory State and Local Wireless Taxes & Fees – for 5 Years!Congress is again working to forge consumer-friendly tax policies that will impact hundreds of millions of wireless consumers just like you. Members of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have re-introduced bipartisan and pro-consumer legislation, H.R. 1002 and S. 543, that will provide much-needed wireless tax relief to American wireless users, their families, and their businesses – for five years. You can help today! Please urge your Representative and your Senators to join their colleagues in co-sponsoring the ‘Wireless Tax Fairness Act.' They can contact Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) to co-sponsor the legislation in the House, H.R. 1002, and contact Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) to co-sponsor the legislation in the Senate, S. 543.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Florida's OTTED: Could Be Our Savior

BILL KACZOR's article, in Bloomberg Business Week; New Fla. agency to attack economic development is a good article but fails to ask why after the applauded job of shutting down the Department of Community Affairs and merging it into OTTED, Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development, would even consider throwing good money after bad in planning amendments that will permit more than a million new housing units to be constructed here, where Florida has a glutton in the housing market with failed loans, foreclosure and abandoned residential building sites? As well, the article brings up the statement to quote, 'As part of that effort, he said the department will ask the Legislature to change the name of the assistance given to jobless workers.

"The governor firmly believes that we need to indecisive people not to go to work, so we're going to propose during the next session to re-brand unemployment compensation to `re-employment assistance.'"

This is more money, spent on a Legislation, that needs not to be for by renaming the wheel, it will not make it move any faster; it is still a wheel and needs incentive behind it, not a name change. Put our people back to work, not the Legislature, they have enough on their plates already in our war on Job Growth and to see light at the end of the tunnel, like as seen in Florida's Gambling ventures! An idea in aggressively working to bring in revenues to the State, while also addressing jobs to construction is for this new Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development to review a new comprehensive strategy on Gaming to Gambling laws. Florida needs a process that respects each and every counties wishes thoughts on gambling; those counties too wish not to partake in this venture may, at their own local level ban it and those to whom wish it, get it! With a suggested decrease in taxation rates and being more lax on gaming policies, high stake billion-dollar resort proponents could flourish in Florida, with Florida catching the dust from the sidelines in making for a reasonably high performance for future State revenues, allowing for more government to stay open for business and bringing more tourists to us.

Environmentalists and growth management advocates of Florida, as well, those in the remodeled Department of Community Affairs, have been a thorn in the foot to growth. A downsizing voice; where the State of Florida could make leaps to bounds in creating job growth if we quit fumbling around in more useless spending by formally changing names; that cost monies better used elsewhere and did nothing in creating more needed jobs. By abolishing the Department of Community Affairs, Florida may once again get back into the construction game of the commercial kind from Port expansions, to new business complexes, to infrastructure with less restrictions on how we walk on the grounds we live! This new OTTED maybe ought to be rethinking about 'how to redevelop and change our existing foreclosure laws and until alternative fuels come out of their infancy of development, relaxing our views on oil. This would bring in more jobs and help in a boost in alternative fuel development, as we would reap the benefits of both, as we wean ourselves off the possibility of petroleum based production. Covering all our bases and helping to ensure a practical growth for Florida. We could be the “poster-child of the nation!”

I, Gary A. Anderson, too am a tree-huger but not to the extent that I would live in a tent while their was a forest around me; I would build a house of lumber, allow others to chop and build more houses but in return, restrict the number of houses made of lumber in the community and plant a new tree for each chopped. That is environmentalism, not banning the building of anything over a blade of grass in its way to not allowing progress to jobs happening because it might upset the balance of the time. Construction to relaxing certain restrictions on new businesses will bring growth to Florida and the nation, as well! Something our Environmentalist have forgotten to do; advise, not direct.

Think With Your Hearts and Vote for Your Principles and Florida, as our Great Nation, will thank You for it! I, Gary A. Anderson, in Testing the Waters for Senate am Running on the the virtues of “Principles before Party, Personality or Profit, with deeds not words”, in a bid of Exploratory Candidate, US Senate FL 2012...The Florida Whig Party.

Give Me A Dollar & Give a Me a Chance!
In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

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Yes we are being followed, with the mention of our Florida Whig Party and I, Gary A. Anderson, in Testing the Waters for Senate but the media, three different papers/websites, seem to questioning if I would be changing my mind and make a bid for the Presidential Race. I am Running on the Principles before Party, Personality or Profit, with deeds not words, in a bid of Exploratory Candidate, US Senate FL 2012...The Florida Whig Party. Give A Dollar, Save Florida Gary A Anderson dot com.

"I am one of the 7%"

...just before the end...I answered in a different way but it was the same as all of us speak in different tongues; we are of speaking the same language. A tear developed on the end and I thank you Bob for sending this out...Compelling, Passionate and delivers a message of Hope, as this is what prayer can do! "I am one of the 7%"...ARE YOU?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Independent Candidates for President 2012

Independent Candidates for President 2012

Some of the candidates being urged to run for President; Gary A. Anderson, a Whig Party candidate for the US Senate out of Florida is not, his thoughts are with Florida but if the money were there, Obama would get a run for his money!

Al Gore's five loaves and two fishes – Telegraph Blogs

Al Gore's five loaves and two fishes – Telegraph Blogs
Real scientists are starting to pull out if the climate change thing;

17,000 watched climate slide-show... Story from Drudge Report

Written by a favorite of mine:
James Delingpole is a writer, journalist and broadcaster who is right about most everything. He is the author of numerous fantastically entertaining books including 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy, Welcome To Obamaland: I've Seen Your Future And It Doesn't Work, How To Be Right, and the Coward series of WWII adventure novels. His website is

Agenda 21 has gone to the Sharks

The council found that dogfish meets the "global standard for
> sustainable fisheries, which includes healthy fish stocks, minimal ecosystem
> impacts, and an effective fisheries-management system," and is "managed
> within the precautionary framework" of the federal fisheries department.

Sounds good but...

100% managed as per Agenda 21.

 I don't necessarily think it's a good thing to be giddy about getting the blessings from your executioner allowing you to exist for the time being after they have done away with most of the others and have frog marched you up on the gallows.
Agenda 21 is the Plan for the 21st century to manage ALL human activity along the lines of Marxist/Socialist principals. The MSA already conforms to it as per the 1996 Sustainable Fishing Act and changes made in the re-authorizations.
The Precautionary Principal is item 15 of The Rio Declaration in Agenda 21. Dr. William Kenny points to its use as a "primary reason" for the red snapper closure in the SA region.
The American fishing industry has been demolished by being managed as per Agenda 21, Chapter 17 "Global Standards".
Results: industry down by approx. 70%, seafood imports up to 86%, Seafood trade deficit over $10 billion and climbing.
Of course, that was precisely the intent of Agenda 21 in the first place as articulated by the statement made by Maurice Strong, Chair of the UN enviro- conference where Agenda 21 was introduced in 1992  "...isn’t it our responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industrialized countries?"
In view of current economic conditions in Europe and the U.S. I would suppose it is Mr. Strong who is giddy at the success of the Agenda 21 policies that have been steadily implemented since 1993.
Would conditions be better if most of that $10 billion trade deficit were still in OUR economy?

If the American fishing industry is going to survive it will only be after returning it back to being managed by AMERICAN STANDARDS based on the liberty and free market principals that made this the greatest nation on the planet.

Captain Sid Preskitt
USCG Licensed Master

The problem with Councils, to commissions is that they reduce the power of elected officials and therefore make our government somewhat less accountable to voters. There is something undemocratic about entrusting the formation of big policy decisions to expert laymen councils which have not been elected by the people...Gary A. Anderson's Opinion as a Patriot American fighting Agenda 21 in any form or fashion. "Principles Before Party, Personality and Profits, with Words not Deeds"
It's Just that Simple, Send the Modern Tories Packing!

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012


The GREEN DOLLAR; Ain't so Green Anymore!

A Fictional Dramatization of just what could happen in the future, if we do not watch what our leaders are doing with our Green Dollar. By changing our thoughts on the future, we could be changing our future where the green dollar, ain't so green anymore. I repeat this is a Fictional Speech but could it happen?

If it could, one ought to be prepared. The answers you get from Stansberry & Associates are from a financial point of view but too, what is not brought up, is one of the reasons it could happen because with all this 'Green' being applied to everything from houses to businesses, we are putting the cart before the horse. What of our other 'natural' energy source we call oil, propane gas and an unused burn off; methane. Until we can muster the full use of 'Green Energy' we must utilize our oils. Oil is used for everything from plastics to home heating. Propane, much the same and methane, a by-product of all or at least in most finds, is burnt off at the site. Why?

Methane could slowly replace coal in methane-electric production, cleaner than coal and our coal could be sold off to those in need overseas. There are billions of dollars laying to waste under our ground, in our country. There are billions of dollars in the sales of this American oil and there are millions of dollars in jobs not being utilized just because we, the American populace, have been brain washed into believing oil is bad. Where oil could keep this fiction drama from ever happening. So why are we predicting famine to a degrading dollar because we do everything except do what is right under our feet; drill!

Stansberry's Investment Advisory