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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anclotte Key Fishery

Captain David M. Rieumont with a hefty snook (Robalo in Spanish) from the waters of Anclotte Key. The recreational fisheries in Florida generate more than $50 billion (with a B) in direct and ancillary revenue in the State of Florida. That said, the NMFS (National Marine Fishery Services) has shut down our grouper, our American red snapper, and further over-regulated many aspects of our beloved sport out of business. With Catch Shares, Sector Separation, and many other anti-angling regulations coming into play, it’s only a matter of time before we match what Germany and Sweden have done in the name of these poor fishies. And that’s to completely shut down, and deem it illegal to catch and release a fish.
What, do you think this isn’t coming our way? Well think again, ladies and gentleman, think again. First the animal rights activists show you pictures of dead seals, dead fish, and eventually dead freedoms. Wake up and smell the fish, folks. Wake up and smell the fish.
I would rather die free with these fish in my hands than live under the rule of the tofu-eating, bi-curious saviours of the environment. Why don’t they save themselves first, and leave our freedoms to people that care about them. I can tell you that the first time somebody with a blue helmet on their UN-compliant heads come up to me while I am fishing, on the water, or anywhere on American soil, rounds are gonna fly. And the last time I checked, the people that want to take my guns ain’t got any of their own. They can send their lawyers, perhaps. Or even the current attorney general. He’s gonna be looking for a job soon enough. Send him my way.
Please. Send him to Florida with a blue helmet on.
Captain David M. Rieumont holding a typical springtime snook (Robalo) from the Anclotte Key fishery.

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