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Friday, July 27, 2012

Who am I, anyway?

I sit around a little bit every day. On schedule and in a formal way. Every morning at dawn I make it a point to silence my mind. It is said in the most ancient of all writings that if I am able to quiet my brain - to silence the mind - that the true me will see through the smoke that was covering the fire. The smoke being, of course, the endless thoughts that pop into your mind every day. It is thought that the average person has more than sixty thousand thoughts a day. And that is not counting, I assume, thoughts that come through our mind while we are dreaming, or might come into our consciousness when we are in a deep sleep. Of the three states of consciousness, which if studied from a purely literary standpoint could be said to be the basis of the idea of a trilogy, we know very little of our waking state, much less the dream state. Of the third - the one you achieve while in REM sleep - we know nothing. It is a conscious silence reaching that level of no-thought that the practice of yoga promises.

So what does all of this have to do with today's political state of mind? Everything. It is all about consciousness. It is all about being awake to what is happening. And what is happening is the true colors of a man known publicly as Barack Hussein Obama. Because it seems - and many of us certainly hope - that his days in his role as leader of the free world are numbered. That November shows that something is happening in this beautiful and still-free country of ours. And that is awareness

The issue on my mind today goes back to last week. He spoke without the TelePrompTer. And like he often does in such cases, he spoke his mind, and exposed his heart.

He said to the "downtrodden" - which in many cases are only downtrodden beyond the $1,200 a month routinely given to minority classes in our country because they are members of the committed devotional following at the voting booth - that this country was founded by the one percent, and that since the first day people like me that have started businesses had done it on the back of the black. That whitie, or men, or republicans, or successful owners of small businesses did it on their back. The back can be black, gay, Latino, gender- or -transgender specific backs, or any special-interest back they can find this week.

Who is the racist here? Me? Us? Really

Wake up, America, and take away his taxpayer-purchased TelePrompTer. And tell them to take their hope and change and stick the coins where the sun cannot possibly ever shine.


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