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Monday, November 9, 2015


One Dollar for Me, Extortion to Corruption

At approx., $400,000 was taken for pay toward the Medical bills from the lawyers of ALLSTATE, with an additional $50,000 payed to my wife for expenses with our lawyer being the one receiving and the sum of $0.00 paid to me, Gary A. Anderson. Obstruction of Justice was switched of all the rules in paying all those except myself, who was left out of the equation of real Justice! Justice is paid for by the eyes of ALLSTATE, by Allstate, for Allstate, with extortion to corruption left to pay.

Greed and international fraud, ALLSTATE is getting more brave in projecting me as nothing. In my attempt to survive, an accident occurring mid-November, 2005. I was found innocent of all and was waiting submission by Venice Medical. The gentleman who caused the accident, submitted a form stating his fault in causing the mobile accident and a 1,000,000 fee was payable. I await 10 years to receive a sum of 0.00 dollars for my part in the accident. The Doctors were awarded, my Lawyers were awarded but I left to nothing! No dollars for its taking, just a six day trial with a summoning for a jury not to award a hung trail. It seems UNCONSTITUTIONAL in verdict. 


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