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Friday, September 16, 2016

"Americans Rights"

I am THE UNKNOWN FIGHTER wishing to try and get Washington to get the support needed of the American voter, interested only in self interests! We have homeless but we dare not talk about it, we have unemployment, we have fisherman being regulated out of business and our oceans sold to the UN but to who cares? In my bid of testing the waters to the US Senate, I am demanding policies that will enable all, to hold government accountable in an advocacy for 21st century, requiring that government make data available in real time, rather than in bits to pieces, if at all! Enforcing stupid laws is the essence of tyranny and many of the laws passed in Congress have policy riders attached, making the law either stupid to pass or not passable at all; much akin to the payroll extension tax in hot debate today.

EVERY member of Congress and EVERY neglected bureaucrat SWEARS an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Will Congress hold the domestic enemies of our Constitution accountable for their actions? Will our Senators and Representatives HONOR their oath?
Many of the laws written by neglected bureaucrats are enforced through the barrel of a gun and threats of heavy fines, seizure of property, or even imprisonment, are upon the American Fisheries of today, threatening the small operators, people who just want to scratch by, as enforcement officers VIOLATE our Fourth Amendment Constitutional Rights as they ILLEGALLY search and seize our private property, just because the anglers may live aboard their boats.

 I am fighting for these Americans Rights, as well the rights of Floridians! Congress set up the fishery bureaucracies to manage our fisheries for the benefit of all Americans and to insure that those public resources are healthy and sustainable for future generations. They have failed miserably. They have destroyed countless jobs. They have caused the deaths of many innocent fishermen. They have forced fishermen to discard millions of dead and dying fish to go to waste in the name of conservation. They have violated our Constitutional Rights as they force us to commit these atrocities.

Had transparency been involved in these bills to regulations, many set up out of governmental authority, it might not have been. Regulations are choking this country; killing it dead. The Panama Canal was re-dredged to accommodate the new cargo ships of the 21st century at a cost of seven years. It will be open for business in two. Our Countries ports cannot accommodate these cargo ships without a refit to the ports. The first the American people have heard of this was a Fox news alert as of recent. In the year 2024, the Corp. of Engineers & the EPA will have finished a study on dredging the ports and that is just in south Carolina! Because of lack of transparency and over burdening rules to regulations, our country may be bypassed in billions of dollars in cargo. That is transparent and why?

 It is time that “We the People” took back our government from those to whom have grown wealthy from their pickings. If I had my way, Congress would advocate term limits, the line item veto, session limits, spending limits, removing Congressional exceptions to laws passed, subject Congress to Freedom of Information Act, "end the Constituent Service Racket," establish fair and open procedures, and cut committees and this would save more than we know, too include the nationally spending frenzy. Subjecting Congress to its own laws would resolve the entire issue of Congressional insider trading, too! All funding for Catch Shares to Rural watering policies would go under review and be thrown out as they pertain to part of the Land of the Sea Treaty, which is unconstitutional as it was signed into law without Senatorial approval; thus it cannot be. So why is it still obeyed?

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