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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Couch Potato Politics; Vote for Me, Gary Anderson, President of the USA!

Couch Potato Politics; Vote for Me, Gary Anderson
"Spending is out of control and the deficit is the biggest problem the United States has,"
I admire the U.K. government's recently announced austerity program, which is making the biggest cuts to public spending in 60 years, and grouses that America, of all places, we too should have the courage to do the same. She was our mother country, to which maybe we too can still learn from Mom without having any ties in social attitude! We need to support spending on programs that stimulate job creation than efforts to cut the deficit. We need more involvement in protecting the environment and more government involvement in ensuring access to health care. We also need to look into reducing poverty, setting educational standards and regulating Wall Street through an open reform. The most important reforms we need through limited government control is programs to include medicare , social security and federal aid to public schools. If i were to get off the couch and quite playing couch potato politics, I would run for President of the United States, yeah, why not, lived in 32 plus countries, over25 states, served my country from a different prospective and am now a disabled writer on S.S. and well under 65 years of age. If that face from Anchorage  can do it, why not I. At least I know where I am a poverty level proud American with two degrees and a lot to say, I'll leak out a bit more of what I would do if I got off the Couch!

Our U.S. government has responded creatively to the near collapse of our financial system, using a litany of measures, from the bank bailout to stimulus spending and lower interest rates. With interest rates near zero already, the Federal Reserve has few tricks left up its sleeve to boost growth or fend off another slump towards another Great Depression. If we were to reduce payroll taxes for both employers and employees, this reduction for employers would lower labor costs and allow the hiring of more workers; for employees, increased take-home pay will improve spending. How simple is that? All funded by allowing the Bush's tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 to expire, while keeping in place the rules set for for middle- and low-income earners -- the vast majority of Americans to stay as they were, like you and I.

It is also time to hold U.S. financial institutions feet to the fire. The very companies that benefited from the billions of dollars of taxpayer stimulus, are building up huge cash reserves and turning around and reinvesting to over invest in capital at the expense of jobs. By taxing this capital, it would reduce the cost of labor and get companies hiring again.

And then you have to love George Soros statement about Praise to God: “ It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”
~ George Soros, June 3, 1993
So God, with your Quantum Group of Fund, now reorganized, and called the Quantum Endowment Fund with assets of approximately $27 billion, why not lend a hand in helping to preserve world order instead of building a new box to which there is and will be opposition to which even you and your numbers cannot comprehend?

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