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Friday, November 26, 2010

Sarah Palin; No match to Gary Anderson, a Tea Party Letter

My Letter to The Tea Party...
Supporting the values to new ways of our new born "Tea" Party, I am appalled to the thought that Sarah Palin would ever be considered for the office of The Presidency! Great, she hunts and fishes, so do I but I do not see her speaking out against "LOST" or NOAA and Sector Shares just ramifications of the North Koreans are our allies? Good Choice , not! I was a reformed Republican, last election people laughed as I said I was a Green Republican and to that I am now a Tea,Florida Whig Party member but I promise, as the constitutions allows, if Sarah Palin runs for President, SO WILL I! I have lived in over 20 states in my life and 32 countries with two degrees. My understanding of diplomacy is but of the highest order. At 57 years, disabled on SS, I qualify in a number of departments, to which many will follow. A Vote for Anderson is better than a vote for someone who needs just a bit more grooming.

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