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Monday, May 7, 2012

“Fairness” plays better than the “S” word…

I spend a lot of time talking to other people, obviously. I’m so good at talking that the people that are close to me know to just put the phone down, put it on speaker, and let me talk to myself. As a professional writer for the past 30 years-or-so, talking to oneself is, I know, a job requirement. Now I write (mostly) fishing articles. For most of my life I wrote how-to books about (primarily) Adobe software. Now I write about catching tarpon. How-to is how-to, after all. Whether you’re writing about prison security systems (which I’ve done) or how to use Adobe Illustrator’s new blended path tool (ditto) writing is writing. You tell people what you’re going to tell them, you tell it to them, and then you tell them what you just told them. If you’re writing courseware, the finishing touch is asking them questions, to test to see if they read all that nonsense in the first place, and can either (respectively) open the doors to the C-Block or paint the perfect motorcycle.

Something I do not write about very much – except for here on ThePoliticalSandbox – is politics. Oh, I talk about politics all right. I’ll talk to anybody about politics. But the people I love talking to the most about politics are my progressive friends. And yeah, I do have a few. One in particular is a guy named Jay. Jay’s a progressive tried and true. A New York rabbi, his congregation voted for President Obama by a factor of 100% to 0%. They’re compassionate, after all. They care about people. And like every progressive I’ve ever known, listened to, or read the work of, it’s the caring that counts. The results of their compassion notwithstanding, they’re compassionate, and prove it by voting for whoever is saying that they “care for the peeeeeeple” or “Care for the chillllldren” or “care for the poooooooor” or “demand fairrrrrrness”. The extra letters, like the passion in their voices when on MSNBC, Fox, or the Cooking Channel, helps. It adds flavor to the conversation. Failure doesn’t matter. Progressives are able to easily ignore the utter failure of every word, every idea, and every intention that slips through their practiced tongues.

In the fall, we’re going to have a chance to do something that progressives don’t find important. And that’s put our actions where our mouths are. For the first time since the 1860’s, when the choice was open market on human beings called Negros and a country where the color of a man’s skin wasn’t as important as the actions one took on the streets, in church on Sundays, or in the bar on Friday night. Truth is truth. Being nice is being nice. Real men do not brag. They thank God for the good He blesses them and whoever they might have helped as a result of their actions, and they move on. They don’t fly to the site of the event, camera crews trailing closely, to make a photo-op of every good thing they think they did, or they can make other people think they did.


The Elections of 1860 offered the American public the difference between this America and one where men were judged by their actions and kindness, and not the color of their skin. The elections of 2012 will make another offer to Americans: slave to an all-caring and clearly smarter-than-you Federal Government or on your own in a free America. I will take counting on myself and the ones I love that surround me. I personally do not trust Barack Hussein Obama any further one of those $1,200 desks they threw in the dumpster when Solyndra hit the dead end of the “Green Movement”.

Every day I hear the President tell us how much he cares for the working man. Have you ever compared his almost mind-numbing rhetoric to the same crap being sold to America by a peanut farmer named Jimmy? I hear Vice President Biden tell me how republicans (“They”) would burn forests, pollute the air, ignore a climate shift that must be caused by mankind because flawed “scientific” data proves it is (the same science that recently finally proved that God was a figment of my imagination!!!!). I hear any and every progressive say the same thing. A collective Debbie Wasserman Schultz (did you see see straightened her hair for a week?) saying that I’m a large penis with no brain that just turned out lucky enough to have feet to move me around with my bloated republican head stuck on top.

It’s time. It’s time to act. Like those long ago elections, this one counts. Counts more than Gore winning. Counts more than the two terms of Clinton, the two terms of Busch, and the terms of every president that ever came before Obama. Since becoming president, our Socialist in Chief as spent more money then all previous presidents combined. And he is on his way to breaking his own record.

Ever wonder why his first executive order was to seal any and all college records? He was schooled under funding as a foreign exchange student and not under the name Obama, but that’s easy enough to assign to yourself as a homework project. Obama came into the position feeling that it was his job – divinely or globally (and secularly) inspired – to fix the wrongs imposed on the world by this country. I don’t think we’ve harmed much of anything, but we sure as shit fixed our share of broken stuff.

Just ask Germany. Or Great Britain. Or anywhere free. And let’s not let go of it. France just went socialist. How do you think that’s gonna work out for them? You think it’s about to get business friendly in Paris?


Coming soon to the French Restaurant of your choice: socialism in all its well-meaning and freedom-destroying glory (?). What do you really think it means when the word “Fairness” slips from the tongue of our Fibber-in-Chief? His co-conspirators? The Union chiefs of the world? The UN’s inner circles? Capitalism and the western way of life, in their opinion and according to well documented statements – has run its course. It’s time for change, right? It’s time for change, all right. It’s time to change back to the people that brought you Ronald Regan.You want transparency, lose this guy.

Guess Again. We can now watch socialism play its role on the cream sauce capital of the world. Let’s just hope it’s cream they’re going to be able to swallow as a people. Let’s not taste it anymore than it’s been shoved down our throats by the POTUS and his ilk. There’s a reason he was at the Reverend Wright’s church all those years. He is the Reverend Wright with a teleprompter making sure his true ideology doesn’t slip from his slick but oh-so-forked tongue.

We have a president in the oval office who has said “The Constitution is a negative document. It tells us what the government can’t do. It fails to define what the government should do for the people [italics ours].”

What does that really mean? Who the hell is this guy? And if you think that’s a little too vague, or inspired by the tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist trapped in this old and dusty body, ask yourself this one.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?



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