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Friday, May 4, 2012

Federal Registry for Anglers?

This is going to be a short conversation. We would like you to do a little research on a move by the Federal Government to register all recreational anglers. Might we ask why the hell the feds want to know who's fishing, where they're fishing, what they're fishing for, and where they live? Next they're going to ask us -- or demand from us -- obedience in all things.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Reefs filled with American Red Snapper, hordes of Gag grouper being released back to the ocean, what kind of light bulbs we're allowed to have, what kind of paint we're allowed to use in our homes, and where and what we can read.

Do your research and when you get the letter from the government telling you about their wonderful program to track your every move? Send it back to them. And watch for some serious upgrades and new stuff from my friend Gary Anderson as he recovers from some serious health problems. But Gary's Gary, and his strength and God's help will bring him through these difficult times. Until you see him (soon), keep him in your prayers...

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