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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Article 21/14 UN LOST Plan; to include Sector Separation and Catch Shares

 RED Core Reserves and Corridors - Little to no human use.

YELLOW Buffer Zones - Highly Regulated Use.

TURQUOISE Normal Use Zones of Cooperation.

ORANGE Border 21/La Paz Sidebar Agreement of NAFTA. 124 mile wide International Zone of Cooperation.

PINK Indian Reservations.

GRAY Military Reservations.
BLACK DOTS Cities over 10,000 people.
Some major highways and Interstate rivers are also shown.
You think of an ENDANGERED SPECIES as a fish or animal that is being wiped out because of selfishness for want; then you see that map and realize it is us that are endangered and the others live on our expense! Story Forth Coming and Thank You Sid
Gary Poyssick said:
"Search UN docs for Agenda 21. And search the web for "simulated biodiversity corridors"

"Have the US Constitution Nearby. Understand that this map of a UN Controlled America is part of the global Fishery Management plan. Save America!! Do your homework."
Read the article at http:/ 
Catch-share idea a disaster for fishing families, the oceans.(Local Opinion): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)