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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gary Anderson; a right of center Modern Florida Whig Party, grassroots political action activist


I am a national, grassroots political action activist, who opposes those to whom would sell my country ts a thee for profit. I am in opposition to foundations representing profit over my countries environment in sharecropping schemes, like those being perpetrated by EDF, through feudal ideas in renting out our public oceans to surfs in making a buck; that is just bad fishing politics, that is crooked politics! The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Catch Share Program is but a policy that endangers the fishing industry and in these tough economic times, many an angler are struggling to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities, without the extra burdens placed on them through catch shares and sector separation. In a time when jobs are tough to get and even tougher to find why in Gods name would a nation put so many on the streets of poverty in the name of saving the fish, when, in fact there are no fish to save and it is but a ploy to make monies on another' s misery. Problems invented by NOAA as a straw-mans argument, is designed to frighten the people and then through sanctions, allow heroic, rescuer-politicians to ascend to office and save the poor helpless masses from Eco-doom. Much akin to Jane Lubchenco's Catch Share program in that our fish needs to be saved, we rally and EDF to PEW save them but as an intelligent man knows, this is not real.

The public does not want catch shares, recreational charter boats do not want catch shares, the majority of commercial fishermen do not want catch shares, so why does EDF, PEW and NOAA support what KNOW BODY WANTS? Catch shares have been proven to skew fisheries toward industrial production, decrease job opportunities and wages for workers, and devastate coastal and fishing communities as they are now doing along our New England coastline. Just ask one of the two thirds of the boats sitting in the harbor why they cannot compete in feeding their families? They are not part of the program and have been cast aside like yesterdays newspaper. NOAA today, is asking for a bailout of one million dollars to fight against court challenges from fishermen and recreational organizations as the RFA or FRA but what about the displaced fisherman who is about to lose his house, car, family and be on the street. No bail out for him I guess, just get out because we are taking over your fish, your welfare and your lives and if they can do it here America, they can do it near a home where you live too! Stand up against such tyranny, help out our government in throwing out what is no longer needed. As President Obama said, We have to trim the budget and cut spending. Well, at earmaks to tax shelters, NOAA has close to 850 million plus the 54 million allotted to them. Gut the to following storms, they still can't get that right and put the trimmings back into social security. It is time to wake up people before our country is stolen from us and sold the the highest bidder! Gary Anderson

Whigs of Florida 1845-1854