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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feudal Thinking in Catch Shares

Quoting Ronald Reagan inaugural address
"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem , government is the problem."
I will attacked big government, big labor and big business, when it pertains to squelching the American worker, the American angler, the last of our frontiersman in preserving our natural resources to passing on a tradition, passed for centuries; fishing! Government spending today is far more out of control, so why do we spend all those extra dollars to NOAA in creating boards to councils to “Save our Fish” when private entities are already on the bandwagon of the charade or Ponzi scheme in saving the fish. My grandfather always said, “use someones else money in business, save your own and turn a dime on their money.” EDF and PEW have the money to “Save our Fish” but they must have known my grandfather too. We are spending money, in way too many places that the federal government has no business in. NOAA cannot even get the weather right, so why if you have too, pour money into a sinking ship of “Catch Shares” as our Government is now in bed with private foundations and businesses to turn a profit on the hard working men and women of the marine industry. Business makes a profit, not my Government in making to creating job loss to trickle down economics within the private sector. Feudal thinking, takes our country back before our country was even born. Surfs working plots of land, owned by Lords in an attempt to feed their families and work the land like it was theirs but under certain terms, to which, if the terms were not of merit to the Lords, the surf was kicked off his land only to have to find work under another surf as a laborer. Now we have Sectors, to which a special few are in charge, with Catch Shares and allotments, again, to a few selected feudal fisherman and in this process, if you read the rules, a stakeholder can lose his catch share if he does not produce whatever it is that is demanded. An angler could be sick, in hospital or whatever and because they did not fulfill the catch share agreement, it may be confiscated and assigned to another. Sound familiar and this is America in the 21st Century, to which you can thank President Obama to opening Pandora’s Box in ratifying the

This tier system or socialist order, is still present in some parts of the world and parts of Europe today. Born a shoemaker or a laborer, die a shoemaker or laborer with no expectations of reaching a higher standard of living. That is why, so many flocked to Ellis Island, in an escape to fulfill a dream to reach a higher goal. To be an American. To be Free and not have the burdens of a government telling you what you can and cannot be.

PEW, EDF and TIDE and the Ocean Conservancy and that is only naming a few of the alphabets in this fish soup. The time for talk has changed to a time for action! We must ALL band together and put a stop to this now. We, as anglers, stand for a lot of votes and votes are whats is needed in changing this country the way it is suppose to be done. We are not Egypt, we, as the Republic to which we stand, must send a message to all those that are in power now and of those who may wish to be this year and in 2012! Just in saltwater recreational anglers alone, we stand at 25 million and growing. Add to this our Charter Captains and Commercial Captains, we are an army to which can sway our leaders in a different direction of the now prevailing current but we must stand fast as there are those among us that are Judas to the cause, so by sticking to the rules given to us by our forefathers, we too, will succeed in turning this bedeviled cause to an act of the people, by the people for the people; take your stands now for a judgment is on the horizon.