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Saturday, April 28, 2012

What republicans want to do...

I was listening to NancyPelosi today. Boy, what a way to start a Saturday, watching the look on that woman's face as she stands there in her $4,500 pants suit. "They", says the daughter of the Wine grower who made her the millionaire she started out as on the floor. They want to stop your daughter from having the Pill!!!!

The word "They" is one of her important launching points. I am going to identify a launching point as the word you use most often to start an attempt to make a point. Her launching point, her favorite word, is "they". "They want to take away your student loans" (lie). They want to burn your house. They want to make it so your grandmother starves to death. They want to make the air dirty. They want to kill all the fish. They want to destroy your chance or retiring from a union job. They do not pay enough taxes. They do not want to let you have sex without getting pregnant. They do not want you to be able to kill living human child as yet unborn.

They do not want you to enjoy man-to-man sex in public. They do not want you living for free from the government dole. They do not want to share their wealth. They do not want to pay more then THEIR fair share of taxes. They do not want you telling them where to fish. They do not want to give up their guns. They do not want to redistribute American wealth with. Mythical global culture. They do not want to shut off their cars, their air conditioners, or their heart valves. Listen to a jimmy after speech. Listen to any democrat say what they want to do. I will tell you what democrats want to do. They want to take my money and give it to lazy people. I know them, I grew up in the hood. You want the truth? It was populated by people who felt "the man" owed it to them. Most of the men fathered six or more children in 20 years. My friends call the mothers of those children baby mamas" and they spend tax payer working men's money on their dope.

My tax money. On dope, iPhones, and bright bling. I am no racist. But the hood is the hood, and feeding it is like feeding bacteria. They do not go away. they do not grow into sentient beings." Dear nancy. If I was one thirtieth as nasty, personal, and disgusting as you are on a daily basis? I just might wish you would get, let's say, cancer of the eyes. Or maybe you would fall down a flight of stairs and be unable to get up. But I am not like you Nancy. Those of us that call ourselves The Tea Party do not hate anybody, Nanc. We certainly do not hate people that disagree with us. We do not call them names. We don't accuse them of ridiculous ideology. We do not call them racists. You're the racist, nancy. You and your commie friends or the haters, Nancy. You. Not Them, You.

I do not hate. I love you, dear Nancy. But for the sake of comparative studies, you should listen to yourself. And listen to what you say they are. And who are they, anyway, Nancy? Now they are listing anybody that donates to Obama as an enemy of the state, and as "betting against America", I guess we know who they are. Americans. If opposing losers like you, Nancy, or your Marxist boss? If that makes me an enemy of your state, then count me in. And put me on the list. We are they, we are them, and we are coming to getcha.

The American called TheOnlineFisherman.

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