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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Impeachment Proceedings; President Obama steps to far over the line!

    Keep Our Waters Open!

For two years I have been as patient as an oyster observing what is swirling around in our environmental waters from coast to coast. At some point with in these two years a bit of debris or sand became lodged under one of my folds of greatness and is now developing into a pearl, too which may or may not have imperfections but to either extent, I am opening up and shall speak my words of wisdom. My word is my bond and if I am found wrong, I respectfully will acknowledge such and graciously back away but if I am right; Fire and Brimstone passes before my lips as I am a Political Fishing Activist with The Online Fisherman dot com and the Environmental Right, as many of you know. Many times I write from my heart, The Political Sandbox, as now and the only reason behind it is to keep our waters open, free from foreign rule, free from restrictions that are not only unconstitutional but are illegal in nature and by law. Laws are passed through a process which usually includes a passage through Congressional means, not by the stroke of a pen as the Obama administration has done in letting NOAA rule our waterways through United Nations implementations. Impeachment Proceedings; of President Obama need to be looked into as he has stepped to far out of line through statements to the UN and issued formidably by The National Security Agency!

“Ever heard of the Marine Spacial Plan, page 32, where 'Alternative Revenue Sources' are defined? if not you ought too because the U.N. is about to use these revenue sources to gain the necessary pathway in taking control over the entire world's waterways.” but it gets worse...

The UN, I said, not the USA! A foreign entity, to which we belong has told the USA to pay them and join them in global shared interests, if we want to be part of their plan for a New World Order and Obama, through the CLEAR passage and its earmarks, totaling over 2,000 pages , signed it into law without congressional approval. Then under a a couple of statements from the National Security Council by President Obama to form a bonding relationship to this new idea; “We want to be clear about the factors that have impeded effectiveness in the past. In order for collective action to be mobilized, the polarization that persists across region, race and religion will need too be replaced by a galvanizing sense of shared interests.” To me this sounds more like extreme left-winged socialism or Marxism in a pure and formidable foe. President Obama then further down through much to do about nothing American, made the statement to which President Barack Obama ought to be brought up on Impeachment Proceedings, for I did not approve this, nor did you but he did for us:”As one key effort in the sea domain, for example, we will pursue ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.” to which, President Reagan, George Bush and George W. Bush all rejected on the muse it was too close to Communism belief and theory.
Now we are fighting Catch Share Programs, Sector Separation and illegal closers of fish based on flawed to old or make it up as you go along data. Commercial anglers have been fighting this for a while, as they saw it coming and were trying to stay ahead of the game but now it is swallowing them up and organizations like the RFA are coming to the rescue. Together we may Keep Our Waters Open! Join the battle before you have too sell your rods & equipment on E bay because you either won't be allowed to fish or the cost will be to high. “Positive Mentoring through Fishing.”


  1. It appears you missed President George W. Bush's written endorsement of the Law of the Sea Convention in 2007 and his extensive effort to get the Convention ratified as well as Ronald Reagan's endorsement of all of the Convention except for the provisions dealing with seabed minerals beyond national jurisdiction (which were fixed in 1994). In fact, in 1983 Reagan directed the US government to abide by the non-Seabeds part of the Convention. Actually, Obama has done much less to implement the provision's of the Convention than did President Reagan, under whose 1983 Ocean Policy Proclamation the United States has following the Convention's policy and provisions in the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and the high seas for the past 27 years.

  2. An endorsement of a treaty and the ratification of a treaty are two different animals. As you said, "Ronald Reagan's endorsement" and "President George W. Bush's written endorsement" are just that, an endorsement, to which an acknowledgment is suggested, such as a Political endorsement or an informal declaration . A ratification on the other hand does not suggest or endorse but declares a formal declaration of agreement to a treaty, thus making it a law to which, as I stated both presidents before Obama rejected the treaty by making a political posture in an agreement to endorse rather than ratify.


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