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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mutiny on the bounty of Catch Shares; Aye Capt raise the bones!

WHERE I ASK? DO YOU SEE THE WORDS RECREATIONAL ANGLER? OR HOW IS THIS OUR SITE IN WORKING WITH NOAA? So how does catch shares and marine spatial planning help grandpa take little Johnny fishing?

Dr. Jane and her implemented falsies of the sky is falling in order to make a deadline set by Congress in 2006 is now the decapitator to a once thriving sport, we use to call fishing the administration's ocean policy could shut down sport-fishing all together with her comprehensive national policy advice from marine recreational stakeholders and recreational catch shares to marine spatial planning. A nationwide recreational fishing bans is under discussion and has been since before 2007, to be implemented this FY 2011! Of such planning, I believe the crew (recreational anglers), will up-rise in a mutiny on the bounty of NOAA's Catch Share ideas as a new election year approaches in 2012!

To those whom have fallen into the trap, like crabs in a pod, the idea of doing less with safety in mind, while making more is nothing but a governmental Ponzi Scheme, to which many an angler has and are about to be duped! Recreational fishing is a powerful word. Indeed, the word "recreational" may be a deceptive title for an industry that supports more than half a million jobs nationwide and is the major economic driver for many coastal communities and NOAA would like a slice of this pie, too, as Government agencies are having funds slashed right and left, NOAA wants to be King of the Hill. The fishing industry has, in the past, been overlooked as an economic powerhouse. NOAA sees green. An excise tax, in Florida, on items like fishing tackle, fuel taxes for motorboats and import duties on equipment, constitute around $600 million a year for various conservation efforts, according to the American Sportfishing Association. That ain't hay and that is why NOAA is so interested in angling for your dollars, not fish nor your want; just the good ole American Greed!

NOAA knows; NOAA has to pursue new limits on recreational fishing, especially for particularly fragile fish stocks, according to them. In some cases, that might mean shutting down a healthy fishery to preserve a struggling species that lives in the same area, like Grouper here in Florida. Save the poor fish and kill the sportfishing industry but wait, according to independent studies, there is nothing wrong with the grouper so why close it down? Simple economics, take away a commodity and its worth increases. Then when it gets high enough sell. NOAA is not protecting our fisheries, they are playing a game. The stock market but not on Wall Street, in their sector separation game. You can get the game for free from the EDF site, for those of you who do not fish but want to become fish Moguls and rule the high seas.

Eric Schwaab, the head of the National Marine Fisheries Service and Russell Dunn, NOAA's new national policy adviser for recreational fisheries agree that a major challenge NOAA faces with recreational fisheries is a lack of good data -- something they are hoping to improve in the coming years, but until then, perhaps we will just make it up as we go along or succumb to old and flawed data; to which they have done in closing down sports-fishing in Florida! You picked a couple of real winners here Jane!

In Dunn's own words:”"Even when the resources are fully rebuilt, for example with striped bass, when that resource was rebuilt we were not able to restore all the historical uses to all the traditional user groups at the same levels," Dunn said. "So there will have to be some acknowledgment that in some fisheries we may not be able to go back to what happened 10 to 15 years ago, even when it is fully rebuilt”, you won't have to worry bout that, the recreational sector will either all be dead and gone or NOAA's law enforcement will be so busy chasing bandits, it won't be worth it anyway.

Lubchenco issued a statement in September 2010, declaring that NOAA would "improve engagement" with the saltwater fishing community. In October, she went to the American Sportfishing Association conference in California and she wowed members with a promise to support recreational fishing and work to raise its profile for her agency. Now in 2011, she has but desiccated industries both commercial to recreational in her promises. Her henchmen on carouse councils still are tightening the strain on us angler but remember Dr. Jane next year is a big year 2012 and there are 15 or 16 million recreational fishermen in the United States to which cast votes. I'm betting, if it continues this way much longer, it will be either a mutiny on your hands or blood on the decks of NOAA's bounty of catch shares but either way, you will about face very quickly or be replaced, along with a whole net cabinet. Aye Aye Captain, host away. 

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