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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Possible Unethical Infringements of Lubchenco

I believe it’s time for an investigative authority to step in and look into this matter to see if EDF Jane’s tremendous push to force catch shares on the American fishermen, in light of her past position at EDF and her current position at NOAA, is either illegal or highly unethical.

As far as ethics are concerned, I plan to file a Federal Ethics Charge against Dr. Jane Lubchenco, as I have done so already on Dr. Bartone, of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, a EDF member also. Between the Nature Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society, EDF, National Science Foundation, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Glenmede Trust, Sea Change Management Investment Company, Innovative Funding For Sustainable Fisheries” (IFSF) and Jane's own Nature Conservancy, a NOAA co-sponsored program all competing in Diving for Dollars in Catch Shares which have nothing to do with "Saving Fish" but actually on how to get more bang for your buck in the by-catch market; I smell a red herring!

Even the latest member, with the highest credentials, Dr. Mark Butler, a marine biologist at Old Dominion University, was appointed to a scientific panel charged by the United Nations to produce a policy brief on how to improve coastal marine management worldwide. He has also been an adviser to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA National Marine Fishery Service, Nature Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Dr. Butlers specialty is marine diseases and the roles that species behavior, habitats and long-distance oceanographic transport of larvae play in disease dynamics. What in the hell has that to do with Catch Shares? Nothing but it sounds good and good enough to spend someone money, as he is currently co-principal investigator on a $2.25 million grant from the NSF to study the effects of over-fishing and climate change on disease dynamics in blue crabs in Virginia.

It takes money, to make money and they are spending money like they were printing it themselves.
Since her appointment EDF Jane has been seeding NOAA with environmental people. She is forcing EDF’s manifesto on domestic fishermen, fishermen that have loudly voiced their disapproval of the catch shares system only to have it fall on deaf ears at NOAA. She sold the American blue fin tuna fishermen out at ICCAT in Paris and she just may be setting the ground work to create a total catch and release fishery for the recreational fleet. EDF Jane must be removed from her position at NOAA before our entire fishery management process is controlled by the Environmental Defense Fund, and their PEW funded crony organizations.

We all should be looking at the big picture and asking for the repeal of the ratification of the LOST, Land & Sea Treaty, with the United Nations, by President Obama! With the signing of this document, the USA is now under rule to the UN, we are paying more back to the UN and under UN rule, our Constitution is but a piece of history. You have heard those speak of abolishing this document because of its age but the real reason is it blocks sanctions to which the UN would impose and are, as we speak through "The Marine Spacial Plan." There too are sections about abolishing all individual gun ownership but to start, your fishing rights are being taken away first.

"So often time it happens, we all live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key."