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Friday, April 8, 2011


From 2007, the last full year before the financial crisis, to 2011, the second year of recovery, spending has jumped $1.1 trillion -- 40%. The President's budget plan would trim the deficit to $774 billion by 2022. In 2011, spending is projected at $3.8 trillion and revenues at $2.2 trillion, leaving the deficit at $560 billion. Even a Social Security Disabled College graduate with a degree in English knows this math makes NO SENSE! Since 2007, a projected, at that time, $200 billion would have been all that would have been needed to keep spending in line but the President, through Congress, in the name of temporary stimulus, permanently increased spending another $900 billion on entitlements; what part of we have no money do they not understand? Part of these, I gotta have toys were and are planning and implementation of Marine Spacial Planning, Geo-Fencing, Satellites for the “invisible fences,” creation of councils to law enforcement in putting Catch Shares, into place and thus creating job loss with in the Commercial Fishing Industry, creating a fleet reduction for offshore windmills off the Atlantic seaboard and increased Medicaid benefits, opening the gateway for high speed electric trains to more costly regulations in bank reform. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Government is bickering about an social issue that has no reason being in bed with Congress, as Planned Parenthood, which if she doesn't get her way is fixing to cause our government, to roll over and go to sleep! I am sick of this whole situation! Since when do social issues dictate what the Feds do? Are not the best place for social issues, to be handled by the people, of the people, for the people in the state of their choosing? The Feds run the Economic issues, while the States run those of social issues, creating jobs with in each state as the Federal Government relinquishes those departments in them. Cutting Federal jobs and turning them over to the States will generate income. The Social Security retirement age must be raised. The Government must regulate drug prices and health insurance administrative costs.

Why is it in a country like The Netherlands, a small and proud country, pays in correlation, of around 12% GDP for health care, as compared to our 18% and in America it is not as good? I pay too much for my medications and way too much towards health insurance administration, as do my neighbors and Florida family friends. I am sure, many of you reading this do too but because of high paid Lobbyists and special interest groups with a vested pocket in Congress or possibly our Commander in Chief, reform is another word that makes no sense.

With less than one percent to Federal Spending and it effecting again less than three percent devoted to the deficit, our country is going to fail, the poor to our own Military is going to not be paid and a slap across our faces. If the preservation of this nation is going to be preserved, it cannot be over a pittance of dollars and cents but must come from real Fair Share Politics that makes real sense!

Not Paid for by any Party, just an expression of emotion and maybe a will to run in the 2012 US Senate Elections in Florida. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee, just myself, Gary Anderson, in my own Public Expression under the 1st, 2rd & 10 Amendment of the U.S. Constitution of the United States of America . Member in Good Standing of The Florida Whig Party © 2011 Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words..............................