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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Governor of Grace or a road-map to Hell?

In creating a 10-member commission to examine the hospitals over the next year, Scott raised the fundamental question in his executive order of "whether it is in the public best interest to have government entities operating hospitals."
The study's outcome could have far-reaching implications for the more than 30 government-run hospitals in the state, including Sarasota Memorial, a community hospital founded in 1925
H-T Capital Bureau
Fl. Public hospitals on Gov. Scott's radar

My question is: IS this a FREE of Charge PANEL or are they paid? If so, HOW MUCH, because if we are so broke, how can we take the spoon away from the baby, how can we pay a panel on its outcome? How can a panel of anyone look in the mirror each day knowing someone might be turned away because they got an extra bonus for being on a panel; a of people who have not a clue as to what it is like to be broke, down and out, on the streets, disabled or homeless but they will be preaching and paving the way to salvation.

If, on the other hand, these individuals are but volunteers, each giving their time in helping out and being their brothers keepers, we praise them all and salute the Governor; otherwise, the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Drop the extra salaries we cannot afford and put it into that hospital, thus giving baby back his spoon!

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