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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Their Rose Colored Glasses & Florida Unemployment

Gary Anderson, has formed an exploratory committee for the purpose of seeking the Florida Whig Party nomination to the United States Senate

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Jobs, Housing, Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Mood indicators in accessing our economy in Florida, to which all are in a poor state as compared to say, ten years ago. After a 2010 rebound in vacation spending, tourism landed near the early stages of its last boom: June 2005. Trade enjoys the strongest reading from the ETM: July 2008. That’s well past the start of the recession, and on the way to actual expansion — that is, clearing highs set during the boom years.
But busy ports and cargo handlers only take South Florida so far toward recovery. By the ETM’s calculation, it still has years to go.

“Of course again, these numbers did not take into account of the BP oil disaster and to how many tourist dollars were lost because we “might not” have clean beaches. Slanted slightly through rose colored glasses because it makes for a better read!”...Gary A. Anderson's opinion.

Unemployment barely budged, but job growth nearing pre-recession levels

Gov. Rick Scott broke precedent and announced Florida’s March job numbers himself Friday. As in South Florida, the state’s unemployment rate barely moved: from 11.5 percent to 11.1 percent. But it was still the first year-over-year drop since November 2006.
“Again, those glasses are on because unemployment numbers do not reflect actual numbers of those unemployed. If your benefits ran out, you are not qualified for or you did not work enough hours during the set quarters, wages are based upon or you were fired for reasons of disorderly conduct to theft, you can not collect. If you have been unemployed for a long time, are homeless or you have visa problems, you cannot collect; so there are thousands of out of work personnel on the streets that are not counted, so how can one say unemployment is up or down based upon lies to the public? Not too long ago, thousands of workers were laid off the unemployment system. As such, the indicators showed unemployment was down, all because all those people were kicked out of the system. So back to reality, in taking off those rose colored glasses, more were out of work, just not in their club anymore.”
Gary A. Anderson's Opinion.

Non-agricultural Employment in Florida 7,205,300 jobs in Mar 2011 “based on hires to paperwork turned in, so this number can reflect those not working “Under the Table. Where as the 'unemployment' rate, FL Unemployment Rate 11.1% in Mar 2011 as of 04/16/2011 “is based on that number of special people who belong to the club, not all the rest, to include our agriculture pickers and legal migrant workers. So Who do you believe when that eleven point one percent only represents but a few of the real mass of out of work to displaced workers. Fairy tales for those to whom wear the rose colored glasses. Do you think we need to change the system or just quit lying about the numbers? I am so sick of Government making it up as we go along or telling us just not the whole truth, in order to get a vote or approval. If I have cancer, tell me Doc, don't beat around the bush and candy coat it, we as Americans deserve the truth, so as we may use our minds to bodies in finding a solution, rather than just roll over and die!”

Leading Florida to Prosperity

“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

Gary A. Anderson, The Florida Whig Party

Exploratory Candidate

U.S. Senate, Florida

It's Just That Simple, Send the Modern Tories Packing.
Paul Grant Truesdell, Chairman

In-Kind by Gary A Anderson for Gary A. Anderson's Senate Exploratory Committee