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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

17 executive orders; What Good is Congress?

When the President signed into law the $38 billion in budget cuts, that the House and Senate approved earlier in the week week, Obama said that there were “certain provisions of the bill that he would not abide by” and this is evident by his abuse of the Executive Order. We are definitely living under an elected monarch. “The Founders intended for the legislative branch of Congress, composed of both the House and Senate, to be the dominant branch of the federal government. Today the executive branch, has become, by far, the dominant branch of government, even to the point that it is the main threat to the liberty and freedom of American citizens." ..Honorable John V. Denson, a Circuit Court judge from Alabama. We the People, “the Defenders of liberty” have much to worry about, as the President wields his sword of Executive Orders and gives bureaucrats, much as like NOAA in its abuse of Magnuson-Stevens to exercise powers that are solely reserved to Congress, the states, or the people themselves. We no longer live under the Constitution and its three branches of government but are adhering to the administrative law of an administrative state, a de facto fourth branch of government. I did not sign up for such, did you? It is the essence of tyranny, all under the control of the president giving President Obama the power to change policy through an Administrative Order of his choice in impacting state laws across the country. Much again, akin to the NMFS and its Councils changing fishing laws across the lands just because they can under their Czar, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, who too has an open purse, TOTAL DISCRETIONARY SPENDING FOR NOAA:$109,015,000.00 when the Country is trying to trim down? President Obama has stated that his administration planing is enacting a massive regulatory "reform,” which creates a lending fund to provide loans for multiple purposes and if Congress fails to recognize or pass anything requested; via Executive Orders and Administrative Directives, allowed by the President will prevail! Nero to used his “administration planing” and Executive Orders in a Scorched Earth Policy, too but it did little for Rome except help in its fall!

Kings to Monarchs, used to appoint governors to see out their agendas. Hail Barackos Obamanos, Keeper of the Realm and a God to himself. Seems that way, does it not. What Constitution, what Bill of Rights, and God? Czars are regarded by the mainstream press as seemingly all-knowing experts who are above our traditional constitutional restraints and to this I say Bullocks! I believe in one God, the Lord Almighty. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in the Red, White and Blue, our Glorious Flag. Love of Country, Family, Duty, honor and in helping out my fellow Americans now matter to what your beliefs, as Americans believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the powers of Congress and the Fourth of July! Executive Orders be damned and do it the way our Founding Fathers set it up. Play by the rules or get out of the game! In the words of Democrat Senator Robert Byrd “"The rapid and easy accumulation of power by White House staff can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances.... At the worst, White House staff have taken direction and control of programmatic areas that are the statutory responsibility of Senate-confirmed officials." As once famously said, "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely!" The president can accomplish with a swipe of the pen what used to take an act of Congress and this is a scarey thought; “...with the stroke of a pen today, Congress was abolished by Executive Order.” Hm, wonder if our Lord Protector Obamanos has thought of that yet? Right now, Washington is buzzing with the rumors that Obama is planning to circumvent Congress enacting AMNESTY for ALL illegal aliens in the United States via Executive Orders and Administrative Directives, allowed by the President! This is the White Houses goal is to make Congress irrelevant by circumventing the Constitution. The practical effect of this trend is that America will increasingly have an elective dictatorship if citizens don't insist upon a return to a strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution. If we the American people, our local leaders, main-stream media and Congress do not wake up from Obama's entrancing powers, his presidential powers will be indistinguishable from what started it all in the first place, in which 13 Colonies rebelled in provoking the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Think about it? I'll be detained as a revolutionary because I am bulking his system and an an Exploratory Candidate for the US Senate 2012. Your phones and wireless devices can be tapped and listen to, at random and detain people indefinitely as "enemy combatants," denying them the right of Habitues Corpus (to challenge your detention in court). Are these really powers we want one President to have?
“What Happened to our “Checks & Balances?” President Obama has now signed into order some 17 Executive Orders; What good is Congress and what to do about it. First if it is unconstitutional, to why are we following like lambs to the slaughter? That is why I am looking into running, becoming part of a solution, not more of a problem! I wish to restore our constitutional liberty back to the "land of the free" and we as The People need to strip the President of powers he was never intended to have; Executive Orders. Obama’s Care Of Self is out as I believe in a country not being held hostage as Our States are being held up by the Executive in Order, so as to receive its Federal funding. Who is that man behind the mask? Obama's control now accompanies federal funding, through his Czars, and now if state governments are in need or are dependent of federal funding, they have to march to the beat of the president's drum! Do You want 4 more? Congress needs to roll up their sleeves and cut these ORDERS off, to those they can legally do so with. As to our President in Chief, thank God he is up for reelection and could be defeated as our country moves on licking its wounds from his abuse of the Executive Order. Principles before Party, Personality, and Profit, with Deeds not Words. A sound and good bases to run a country as without the Principles, we all are but cavemen roaming the countryside in pursuit of the unknown. I believe in you America. I believe we will awaken and set it right but it needs to be now and I cannot do it alone; So will you not donate and help us grow to a stronger Florida. Which, in turn will turn our nation into a stronger country, with Florida leading the way. Florida Matters to me as you do too. I FISH! I VOTE! I CAN!

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate U.S. Senate Fl