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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Collective Bills; The Century Commission

Provided by The Sandbox, Written by The Publisher The Online Fisherman:

You think it is a coincidence that the word "Collective" is found in both the Florida House and Florida Senate bills? Sound familiar? Is it any coincidence that Earth Day is celebrated on Marx's birthday? Please wake up.

Just when we thought there couldn't be another blatant act by the environmentalists to wiggle their way into our political systems, along comes Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida Act. You can download the files from the state's site -- and we strongly suggest you do so.
In the House of Representatives, it's known as HB 261. In the Senate, SB 232. Download them, read them, and contact your representatives. Ask them if they've ever read UN Agenda 21. Ask them if they're familiar with Chapter 17, which -- if instituted -- would end commercial and recreational fishing worldwide without UN permissions for access and catch shares.

The bills create a government entity that's remarkably like the United Nations. Definitely insofar as they want to plan for the "Collective". Who the hell is this 'collective'? You? Your family? We don't think so.

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