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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pebble Mine's Latest Lies to Bristol Bay

I guess they think, "Whats a few fish to birds and wildlife worth compared to making their stock holders rich." The Raping of the land without a conscience is not how your grandfather would have done it; he had but little choice or the technology. The mining Company has produced up to 10 billion tons of toxic mine waste, without any care as to where it goes as long as their pockets are full. The fines are paid and it keeps a flowing because either the fines are not enough or some government official has deep pockets and a closed mouth!

Working on rigs part of my lifetime, oil, I know this is mickey mouse! This Partnership is all about money, not spending it! Why are they not using a containment field and a back-flow pit for the Why not a jack-up so as not to leave a large footprint on the environment?! There is so much technology today that from what is seen in this video, is nothing but rape and murder of our lands! If Alaska wants to be part of the solution then the fines must out weigh the cost of the RIGHT STUFF! Fine the piss out of them and watch the hay bales disappear. If it were an oil company, this would not happen as confinement is as precious as the find, leaving NO FOOTPRINT behind after all is done, except maybe a well head if oil was found. Even seismic crews leave no footprint so how do mining operations exist that do not comply with the rules and regs plus the thought that it is not just about money. If it cannot be done right, shut it down and do not do it at all!

Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program works to preserve, protect and restore wild salmon and trout populations throughout Alaska. Through sound scientific data, strong grassroots outreach and advocacy, and hands-on involvement in conservation projects we protect some of the most pristine and prized rivers on the planet, restore those that need some help, and engage the next generation of coldwater stewards in Alaska’s natural heritage. CLICK HERE to take action and save Bristol Bay, Alaska.

By Clicking above or HERE, you will have a chance to contact the House, the Senate and the head of the EPA! Protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine, is the subject and you will have a drop down menu to which choose Environment, to which you may use the form letter or edit or add your own text, up to an additional 8612 characters. Save the fish! Save the countryside! Let us be the conscientiousness to our wildlife and to all who need one. God Bless America.

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