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Monday, February 27, 2012

United Tipped Workers of Florida

Help out those that are paid by their tips and pass it on; showing we will not be bullied by the Florida Legislature and Special interest Groups who wish to fill their coffers with more as the Tipped Employees of Florida get less. It is not fair! I AM, I VOTE! Join us too on Linkin at : United Tipped Workers of Florida It is said that "a rock rolling down a hill, gathers moss" but we are not rocks and for those to whom are looking after our welfare are, generally, looking after their own pocket books. This "Servers to Valet Parking; Tipped Employees" group is a platform to which one may speak out, without fear of losing their jobs. Constitutional Rights protect those to gathering & speaking their mind, without retaliation. Welcome to our new formed Tipped Employees Group. To share in value to solving problems to which all Tipped Workers have as a commonality. A voice of ONE in Uniting together, as free individuals of society, where we can be heard. OR On FACEBOOK; Let the power of the people through our voices be heard...

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