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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1% wants more from Florida Tipped Workers!

The state Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee passed a bill Thursday that would allow employers to pay tipped workers, waiters and waitresses, a lower minimum wage than what is currently authorized in Florida, effective July 1, 2012. The bill, SB 2106, would slash the current Florida tipped minimum wage of of $4.65 an hour to the federal standard of of $2.13 an hour. “Causing or threatening to cause financial harm to any person—i.e., using financial control over a person,” is one of the terms used in the definition of Unfree labor; a direct violation of the The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This Bill, SB 2106, which was “hurried” into through committee, slippery and silent, is not of the Will of, "The People!" Florida ranks No. 3 in restaurant and sales growth, according to National Restaurant Association as of this year. The bill was put through by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, in that they are saying the pay hike to tipped employees of $4.65 per hour will hurt the industry and its owners. The 1% want more as, if they could, we, the people, would work for free! Kill this Bill before it kills your way of life and puts just one more burden on your plate.
I am but just an Exploratory Candidate to the US Senate and I can see this is wrong. Why would not all who represent 'The People' in the Service Industry', see it too as a way for those who have to have more and those who have not; lose more? State Sen. Nancy Detert, Lynn, Montford and Dockery all voted for the bill with one Senator reporting a bold NAY, thank You State Senator Ring! Sign the petition! Tweet it up! Saving your pennies in saving your livelihood; KILL the SB 2106: Tipped Employees Bill before it kills you!

To our esteemed Representatives & Governor Scott to whom may not have been involved in this "Free Lunch" to the industry. We the signed patrons of this petition, do hereby request that this bill be stricken from the records, called down and not imposed on the people who live pay check to paycheck with enough on their plates without the government making it harder to get through the day. Just because a server makes $10.00 per hour on the roll call in the halls of justice of our fair state, does not mean they make 10 dollars each and every hour. It is averaged out over the year, so it looks good on paper but not in real time. Many service workers work feast to famine. One day say 200 dollars for a double shift and the same time, next month, 20 dollars. Add the two together and one could say this worker made, $7.30 a day, when in reality they had money for two days and went without for 28? It is not fair to reduce their fare efforts to give you good service. Will you all do the same and Kill this Bill of economic failure to the 99% who are in need and working hard to obtain it?  TWEET IT UP!

Sign the Petition!

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