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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Fisherman's Rally: I FISH, I VOTE!

Congress needs to readdress as well rewrite more flexibility into the Magnuson-Stevens Act. No longer can we the people be held hostage to the “best available science” clauses with in as it creates unreliable data and false echos of species to which may or may not be in peril; causing needless regulations, mismanagement and dollars wasted in ventures doomed to fail before they started. The "United We Fish" rally at Upper Senate Park of 2010 was a success but seemed to fall on deaf ears, as those in charge continued to waste time and monies to their models of “best available science.”

This year, may be one that is heard, as platforms change daily according to the heat put on Washington and the Parties, as the via in position to be heard by “the people” and be heard they shall as a new Rally is about to descend upon the steps of Washington this March 21, 2012! With as many as 5000 plus anglers and concerned business owners related to the fish trade take seat to our Liberties and right to assemble, many more will be reading online at in remembering and shouting “United We Fish” as United Fisherman across America, chanting our slogan I FISH, I VOTE!

Two buses are available to depart Panama City to DC and back, leaving early am on the 20th and returning early am on the 22nd. The bus ride is offered for free the only expense will be for food and a possible hotel the evening of the 20th. All interested should call Bob Zales, II at 850-814-8001, email or Tom Adams at 850-381-1313 or email Please respond before 3-7-12. Things to Know, should you go.

The Magnuson-Stevens Act was written 36 years ago and did not encompass all then, it does now. It like a boat that is 36 years old, at times needs a tune up to cleaning rather than just a new paint job over the old peeling paint. For the job to be done right, the paint first must be stripped away before that first primer is put on. Those at NMFS to NOAA just keep painting over the old craft in hopes it will float. We, on the other hand, want the job done right so our kids and their kids will to have this luxury to pass down, over and over. If you cannot join the rally, at least join the RFA and help in keeping our boat afloat.

RFA Florida should be contacted if not in my area as, I am trying to put the Sun Coast Chapter together for the Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, El Jobean, North Port/Venice, Englewood area. If you are of interest in our new RFA Sun Coast Chapter, please contact me at

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