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Friday, February 3, 2012

“Kids Fishing for A Cure” (KFFAC)

 Where would we all be without our children; all children, future anglers of America. Mentoring to those who need the most as these young warriors are in a real battle. At least, check it out!
 Space Coast Chapter of “Kids Fishing for A Cure” (KFFAC) is a non-profit organization which provides financial support to research hospitals/foundations dedicated to developing cures for cancer and childhood diseases. Monies are raised by children and adults through community- sponsored outdoor events designed for youth. Additionally, KFFAC promotes youth personal growth and appreciation of nature through adult-mentored outdoor activities. I see people donating to a battle of the Nitwits on both sides of the isle; politically speaking, so why not give a buck to a real cause, that is appreciated in miles of smiles!
So Why not cast your line in over here? “Kids Fishing for A Cure”

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