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Friday, June 17, 2011

Game End-Lubchenco-Go to Jail

I Gary A. Anderson, a Florida resident and a recreational fisherman, and second a Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012, representing my fellow brothers of recreational interests in a voice for all four million plus recreational fishermen of Florida and its’ billion dollar recreational fishing economy, do here by charge Dr. Jane Lubchenco, head of NOAA and EDF
President Fred Krupp, in conspiracy to defraud and extort the American Peoples and its anglers throughout by declining to participate in a Senate Subcommittee hearing and pushing “Catch Share” programs based on fictitious data and “The best available science.”. Apparently, the two cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that "scientific evidence is compelling that catch shares can also restore the health of ecosystems and put fisheries on the path to profitability and sustainability." As Dr. Jane helped write this fable back in 2003, with the Walton's footing the bill, in an attempt to extort the American Peoples out of the fisheries, monies involved and in the privatization of the oceans in a “For Rent” to the highest bidder. This cannot be tolerated any longer and a Congressional Hearing should be mandated immediately, if anyone has any justice left in them. Those involved should be placed upon suspension and fired if found guilty as charged! Fines should be levied against all foundations to corporations involved, if found guilty as charged and this cancer of Sector Separation, Catch Shares and Marine Spatial Planning must cease, until a consensus is formed!


In Kind Pol. Adv. For Gary A. Anderson, Approved By Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Senate Committee 2012

There is no sharing in Catch Shares & they do not save fish; they just make more money for the rich while little Johnny has to stay home because he and his dad can buy the worms but cannot afford the Fish Tags the Walton’s will sell!

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