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Sunday, June 5, 2011

UN Agenda 21: The Broad Road Into the Global Soviet Union

ICLEI, SMART GROWTH, THE 2050 PLAN, GROWTH MANAGEMENT, COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING in local Governments, Councils, Townships; run like hell and disagree! SAY NO! All different ways of saying Sustainability. How many times have you heard that word? Comprehensive planning through sustainability is CATCH SHARES. Sector Separation are another form of Catch Shares. Marine Spatial Planning is Smart Growth of our Sustainable and vibrant oceans; words from Dr. Jane, Head of NOAA.Think About it before you say I have a Tin Foil Hat on. This is why I am testing our Florida waters as an Exploratory Candidate US Senate for 2012! I am fighting this tooth and nail. I need you to listen to me. Listen to the Video. Use your heads and contribute to my fund so as I may fight for you in Congress against this abomination to our God, Country and flag!

“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

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