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Sunday, June 12, 2011

GREENPRINT/AGENDA 21: Lubchenco, Question Answered!


Answering a Question from Perry, Florida: is dr. lubchenco a member of iclei. Read and ye shall see...

Key words here to AGENDA 21: Founding member of ICLEI, Office of Sustainability, GreenPrint, sustainability plan, Green Government, (NOAA) case study and pilot program, Dr. Jane Lubchenco. Now do you think Dr. Jane is an ICLEI Czar?

Miami-Dade County
U.S. Department of Commerce Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, and Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez, at the Federal Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force Public Meeting

Founding member of ICLEI, an international organization supporting climate protection and sustainability planning and initiatives: 1991

• First hybrid Metrobuses placed into passenger service
• First fuel-efficient hybrid waste collection vehicle placed into service
• Became a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) case study and pilot program and hosted the “Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risks” workshop led by the Coastal Services Center in South Carolina
• Hosted the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the Interagency Climate Change Task Force Listening Session (one of six sessions nationwide)
• Received the “Most Outstanding Green Government” award by the U.S. Green Building Coalition South Florida Chapter
• Received the “Leadership Award for Process Innovation” by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability for the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact
• Expanded Office of Sustainability with the award of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
• Established goal of reducing County government’s energy consumption by 20 percent by 2014
• Began the process of developing our community’s sustainability plan:
• Established the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact
• Replaced 75,000 traffic signal bulbs with LED modules, saving $2 million
• Purchased first biodiesel fuel blends for use in County fleet and equipment
• Created of the Office of Sustainability
• Joined Cool Counties, committed to reducing CO2 emissions 80 percent by 2050
• Implemented a Single-Stream Recycling Program
Start sustainability planning process and create a formal leadership structure for GreenPrint implementation
• Encourage all municipalities to adopt GreenPrint
• Pursue more public-private partnerships to implement policies identified in County plans that improve County services
2. Integrate sustainability into all leadership systems
• Continue to participate in and influence sustainability policy formulation and decision-making at the national and international level through partnerships, conferences, and legislation
• Integrate sustainability knowledge into existing leadership programs and new elected official orientations countywide
3. Be green government role models
• Integrate and prioritize climate change and sustainability in local government strategic planning, business planning and in fiscal decision making
• Develop an interagency working group to ensure implementation of the CDMP by tackling conflicts between different County plans and within the development process
• Work with local Board of Rules and Appeals and other stakeholders to maintain the Florida Energy Code and to better define and set forth responsibilities of each trade in order to improve compliance with and enforcement of the Code (Within the Florida Energy Code and 2010 Florida Statutes, Chapter 468, Part XII)
• Adopt existing draft County Ordinance (per Resolution R468-06) requiring water efficiency retrofits at point of home resale (prior to changing ownership) and later update the ordinance to require additional retrofits focusing on energy efficiency
4. Create ongoing outreach, education, and dialogue with the community about the implications of climate change and the benefits of sustainability
• Develop and implement ongoing community outreach about sustainability and climate change
• Estimate the Costs of Action vs. Inaction and communicate implications to key decision-makers
Sustainability and the implications of climate change bring a different managerial twist to any organization. Learning and communicating with each other as government entities, businesses and major institutions will help to facilitate this change. Eventually, it will be integrated into how we do business. Public Management magazine, a publication from ICMA, drove this home: “Educating residents about sustainability is important. When speaking to them, it may be good to refer to sustainability as being about local people, local places and local prosperity. To bankers, speak about living off the interest not the principle. To farmers, speak about not eating your seed corn. To the elderly, speak about their grandchildren. To veterans speak about our nation’s security. To scout groups, speak about leaving your campsite better than you found it… speak out” We need to keep speaking.
• Strengthen regional and local community partnerships
• Integrate sustainability into all leadership systems
• Be green government role models
• Create ongoing outreach, education, and dialogue with the community about the implications of climate change and the benefits of sustainability
“Our survey found widespread agreement among CEOs about what the next era of sustainability will look like: It is one where sustainability is not only a separate strategic initiative, but something fully integrated into the strategy and operations of a company. As one emerging economy CEO told us, ‘Currently, the burning issue is how to better incorporate sustainability into daily practice.’”
-UN Global Compact- Accenture CEO Study 2010

They are going to tell you who, what, when and where to do it and how but only with their consent. Since when did the Government tell me what to do? Is this the rebirth of Mother Russia back in the days of the cold war. We tore down the Berlin Wall and again, we too can tear down this government of the government by the government for the government come election day! Vote out the scoundrels and send those modern day Tories to the Communitarian Packing! So, to whom asked on the blog is Dr. Jane a member of ICLEI? What do you think, it ain't the Girl Scouts!

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