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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The GREEN DOLLAR; Ain't so Green Anymore!

A Fictional Dramatization of just what could happen in the future, if we do not watch what our leaders are doing with our Green Dollar. By changing our thoughts on the future, we could be changing our future where the green dollar, ain't so green anymore. I repeat this is a Fictional Speech but could it happen?

If it could, one ought to be prepared. The answers you get from Stansberry & Associates are from a financial point of view but too, what is not brought up, is one of the reasons it could happen because with all this 'Green' being applied to everything from houses to businesses, we are putting the cart before the horse. What of our other 'natural' energy source we call oil, propane gas and an unused burn off; methane. Until we can muster the full use of 'Green Energy' we must utilize our oils. Oil is used for everything from plastics to home heating. Propane, much the same and methane, a by-product of all or at least in most finds, is burnt off at the site. Why?

Methane could slowly replace coal in methane-electric production, cleaner than coal and our coal could be sold off to those in need overseas. There are billions of dollars laying to waste under our ground, in our country. There are billions of dollars in the sales of this American oil and there are millions of dollars in jobs not being utilized just because we, the American populace, have been brain washed into believing oil is bad. Where oil could keep this fiction drama from ever happening. So why are we predicting famine to a degrading dollar because we do everything except do what is right under our feet; drill!

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