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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Haitian Earthquake Gold Rush

God in dem dar Hills; Its a Bonanza, Haiti After the Shake!

"It turns out that almost none of the money that the general public thought was going to Haiti actually went directly to Haiti. The international community chose to bypass the Haitian people, Haitian non-governmental organizations and the government of Haiti. Funds were instead diverted to other governments, international NGOs, and private companies."...HaitiAfter the Quake by by BILL QUIGLEY and AMBER RAMANAUSKAS

Where is the Beef??? A Major Diversion of $$$ to NGO's, imagine that; our donations NEVER GOT THERE! Where is the money? There is NO MONEY at least if your Haitian! Chapman Rules apply, your out of luck in as if your not part of the group, you do not get in. 33 pennies goes to institutions back in our US of A. 42 cents went to the UN Food Fund, UN Health Organization and selected NGO's; that is 75 cents out of every dollar never reaching those in need but deposited instead into banks of those who need. Apparently the UN and its NGO leeches are in need of blood; Haitian blood in the form of dollars with no donuts going to those who are hungry in Haiti!
I am bewildered that:
the president, Obama, granted de facto amnesty to 215,000 people from El Salvador. That was a low blow to constitutional freedom. President Obama must go to Congress for this; who does he think he is, a dictator. What of the Haitian people? We drain their incoming resources and leave them hanging out to dry but in desperation to guilt, because of "Earth Quakes" we cannot send these from El Salvador home? There is a fly in the ointment and somebody needs to clean up this madness! Our government is involved and needs to be accountable. As an American, can we settle for less? No is the answer, we must make those responsible to pay it forward, now. The World Bank hols 9.9 Billion for relief in Haiti. Why are not the Haitian's holding it; it is their monies, is it not? If Obama wants a clear conscience send out those who have not applied for citizenship and step up to the plate for our brothers, mankind, to the south, just off our shores and make the Haitian Gold rush a reality to the Haitian peoples. That would be a real reason to be proud and who knows; you might just get a real award for it.

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