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Friday, January 27, 2012


At the request of a number of people, including County Commissioner Ray Judah, Sanibel Vice Mayor Mick Denham, The San Cap Chamber of Commerce an many others to personally stay involved I have agreed to keep the PURRE name and mission alive.  In order to cut spending we have now affectingly shut down the PURRE office and all associated expenses related to the operation.  I will, as in the early days of PURRE, operate out of my construction office for the purpose of getting important information out when needed.
I would like to personally thank all of you for your support in the past while we moved forward in raising public awareness on the water pollution problems.
With that said please take the time to help on this extremely important fertilizer issue:

Senate Bill 604 - Limited Certification for Urban
Landscape Commercial Fertilizer Application,
 Monday, January 30, 2012. 
SB604 scheduled to be heard Monday, January 30, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. in the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee. SB604 allows a 'ban on ban' and eliminates the prohibition of certain fertilizer applications during the rainy months for lawn care workers. 
Five of the seven committee members represent coastal communities. Help us to STOP SB604 and protect Florida's waterways! Please contact these five committee members and make your voice heard. When sending your email, please include "Vote NO on Senate Bill 604."
Senator Charles S. Dean, Sr. District 3:
Senator Nancy C. Detert, District 23:
Senator Dennis L. Jones, District 13:
Senator Jack Latvala, District 16:     
Senator Eleanor Sobel, District 31:  

Let committee members know we need their help to
protect Florida's waterways!
Water is life and too life grows from fertilizers as in more than crops; can you say 'Red Tide'? We do not need a greener lawn at the expense of no more water to drink because the nutriments needed for plant growth, stunt or kill human growth. I would rather have a Pure clean glass of Lemonade made from clean water rather than a green lawn and can only swim in the water? Call your Representative today and you too can make a difference. I, Gary A. Anderson, salute the efforts of PURRE in its years of mentoring others on water related issues and wish each and everyone of you who read this CALL TO ARMS, contact the above Representatives, regardless where you live because water flows everywhere, has no boundaries and is life to all!

695 Tarpon Bay Road
Suite 7
Sanibel, Florida 33957 US

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