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Monday, January 2, 2012

Zero Default; Zero Tolerance

ZERO TOLERANCE? "Sir? Can I wipe my butt?" and by not being a Boy Scout you now can be discharged from service for almost anything. When will the Politicians do their job and leave service related items to the service, as they know better than anyone!
As the Economy plummeted, the Military tightened its recruitment standards and Congress lowered the enlistment incentives. Re-enlistment bonuses shrank, and Congress decided against more than the legally required pay raises. Senator Webb, a Veteran himself, and normally on the Pro-Troop side of his party put it this way: with the Economy in bad shape, we don't need to pay the Troops more to recruit the numbers we need. He was right of course. The recruiters have been turning away qualified applicants for some time. Only the National Guard is missing its decreased recruiting goals. People are signing up for a job, instead of for the Mission.


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