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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gun Control

You ever see those images of the Clan that show the poor black families huddling and cowering, hoping against hope that the sheet-covered men would not find them? It is a good image; it supports the clan brand. That age old brand that says "yo boy! Yo black boy!! C'mon here boy. I need to out that shackle on your black ass." Keep them darkies scared, and keep them unarmed, and the clan is ok.

Soon after slaves became free men, there was an amazing change taking place. True, many of the families that had grown up on those southern plantations saw staying there - now on a pittance of a salary but nothing more - as a safe alternative to the cold white world. When the union army marched east to burn Brooksville from where they had landed near Anclotte Key, they brought freed slaves and let them strip the houses (and many of the women) before burning them to the ground. The democrats that were the south were not happy with what the republicans had done. The republicans saw freedom as something built into the Constitution. Not the dems. Dems thought then, as they think now, that that troublesome constitution needed rewriting. It had no place in the modern world. For God's sake that maniac Lincoln had used it and the Republican Party he represented to free the niggers. Thank The Lord Jesus he got dead, but the damage was done.

The world has not changed all that much. Democrats feel now as they did then that they are smarter than republicans. They still have the slaves. Granted, the slaves do not know they're slaved, but they identify those democrats as being their protection. Protection of their watermelons, and protection from the whips of them republicans, who want to reinstitute the practice. And they will protect the brothers from hunger, from not having cell phones.

It is called social justice. Black leaders of the left, wearing much more technically advanced gold watches then their previous plantation bosses wore, still wash the toilets for the white man, but they have their brothers to wash theirs. They talk about my racism, and they talk about my unfairness, and they talk about my fair share,

Here is a fair share. I was born into terrible poverty. To a prostitute. I am not rich, but I am not poor. I worked all my life for what I have and never had a job I did not create for myself and with the help of God. I do not owe the government, or their dirtbags shit. I do not want to pay for climate change musicals, or fat bastards sitting in hot tubs drinking my wine.

And I do not owe social justice. Get a job, take off that slave-marker called an EBT, and run your own side of the street. If it is clean and a storm strikes, I will be the first one there with food and a mop to help you clean up. In the meantime and until then, shut your mouth.

The clan did not want black men to have guns. Black men with guns would shoot their coward sheet covered asses. So they made the first gun control laws. To keep the guns from those negroes. To keep their population down they hung the ones they could, and started a program called "The Negro Program" to talk you into killing your own babes.

They changed the name of slavery to welfare, and the name of the negro program to Planned Parenthood.

How stupid is our nation today?


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