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Monday, March 18, 2013

Closing the banks

The major of the world's biggest city - a guy named Bloomberg - recently spoke at the United Nations. You know the place, I am sure. He said during his speech that there are things that only government can do. Only a well-meaning government could extend certain powers, according to the billionaire.

Today the banks in Cypress closed down. Until the end of the week, the frightened population is trying to get their money. But whether it is three hundred dollars or three million dollars, whether they frightened population is rich or poor or something in between, the elitist progressive government has closed the banks. Not their bank accounts, I am sure, but everybody else's. If banks close in Spain, they could be closing in London in a week and here in ten days. Just saying :)

A man named Perez, who might as well be Chavez, is in charge - or soon to be - of labor relationships. Imagine W. not indicting the clan for wearing robes and brandishing clubs at a voting booth. And following that failure to prosecute, appointed the grand dragon to lead labor relations? White? Be afraid. Heterosexual? Get ready to pay for dick-removals and studies of why ugly fat lesbians are fat and ugly. Maybe I could save you a ton of money and explain why they are lesbians instead. They are lesbians because they are fat and ugly, and do not care about how they look. Gay guys get their freaken fingernails done, and wear nice clothes. They are called gay for a reason. They are gay. Lesbians are called Dikes. Hmmmm. But worry not, dikes of the world. Worry not, lesbian transsexuals of the world. Worry not Islamists who should be burned, not water boarded.

You are safe, Bloomberg is here. The same people with the same mind set as is running Cyprus is now running the United States of America. America - the ideal - will survive for a while. The nation itself is already dead. Perez and Bloomberg are just the people running the nazi ovens. And every one of us who is seen as somehow not good for the collective is heading towards the train tracks. And the guy named Barry thinks he is doing good for the world.

What an asshole. What an elitist, no-wits asshole. The true horror of the nazi regime grew from its colleges and universities. It was the smart ones that designed those ovens. It was the smart democrat Roosevelt who built those camps in Utah for the Japanese.

Who is next? Ask Bloomberg. He knows. And do some research on him. And on his connection with the new world order. With the tides foundation. With a guy named George soros.

It seems that those free Obama phones are gonna be being delivered by the truckload. So, to, is the ammunition the federal government is buying. Why the free phones, and why the expensive buckets. The White House cannot be seen but Barry golfs with tiger woods and a few oil executives. We do not know who survived the attack in Benghazi, but we know what seal team killed Osama.

There is dirt on the carpet of the White House. Our White House. Clean it up. You have to start at your city council - not nationally. You have to listen to what your children are being taught.

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