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Friday, March 8, 2013

Get me the driver...

Today I am an independent. I have been a republican, went independent, and in order to vote in the recent presidential primaries switched back again. It was something that made me sick to my stomach. Watching McCain say that Rand Paul was somehow going to scare the people concerning the rules of the senate told me that it is time to start praying that the RINO Rand Paul that stood on the floor of the senate the other day is going to grow in reach

He argued for you and he argued for me. If the question he asked as so silly, and could be answered with a simple "no" from the Attorney General himself, a certain Holder, then why did it take so long for him to mutter the word.

We are being ruled by a collection of mandarins, but for their well chipped nails, could just as well be moving the ivory beads on their gold wired abacus. It is our lives, and more importantly our freedoms that they click.

I hear that the Gucci shoe wearing man who changed his country - transformed it really - will be kept as a wax figurine. That is good. The people of a nation where 72% of the industry was oil, and today is 98%; the nation where the poor are now drinking bad water, and have electricity only when the government can afford to turn it on. Viva communists.

It is being taught in our schools, and SEIU is holding a prayer vigil today to bemoan Chavez' death. Republicans fed well at the restaurants. The ones with special meals for $1,200. It took twenty cars to carry Barry to dinner, and although I hear he paid for dinner, it was me that paid for his drivers.

Wake up.


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