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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Climbing Walls at the Gym...

I don't know about you, but there is hardly a day that goes by that I do not watch television and shake my head. There are about three thousand channels it seems, although I have yet to spend the time to find Al Jazeera. I am a very compassionate guy. I would even save Al Gore if he was burning, and I would not do it with dog urine, although if given a five gallon bucket of spring water and one yellow and smelly while his very groomed body smoldered from lying bare naked on red not coals it would be very hard to pick the Avian.


Once again, I woke up today in a world that makes no sense. Did you know that if you get an EBT card that it entitles you to a gym membership? Did you ever pay for one? How many times have fat Americans (and or wonderful Americans that thought they looked fat) joined expensive gyms between the hours of noon on the second of January and 3pm on the third? Only to justify why their busy schedules and visits to the Hershey factory kept them from ever going more than once? What did that cost you, huh?


Don't worry, somebody is using that membership. Somebody needy. I would be so bold as to wager they are trash. Personally I figure that anybody that would actually use a welfare handout to go to the gym, or watch a woman take her clothes off for money with that same card, or draw cash for dope using my money is trash. I do not care what color they are, and my feeling that way does not - I repeat does not - make me a dirtbag, a racist, or anything must a man tired of paying for other people's fun. If they are hungry they can buy meat, bread, and vegetables with those cards. But the freaken line stops at the door of the strip joint and the climbing wall at the beautiful YMCA I pay to visit.


The president decided - and you can bet your ass he knew - to close visits to the White House because of sequestration. Do yourself a favor. Wake up. I am already. So, too are a lot of my friends. But there are plenty of what appears to be smart people that see no problem with that climbing wall. I do.


Define who is between you and that climbing wall. Because the day approaches when the freeman is going to walk up to that wall and start pulling people off of it if they did not pay to be there. In one way or another the day approaches when what is defined as "Fair" is going to done by the people of this country, and not to men and women that have no interest in fairness. Fairness in this man's world comes in the form of a gym membership. If you want a climbing wall, move to the mountains. I will give you a rope.


You will be far better off with a rope I give you to climb a free wall than you are with the rope around your neck in the form of an EBT card. You want slavery? Get an EBT card and ready yourself for a yoke.



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