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Saturday, March 19, 2011

We the People Shall Save the Nation

We, as Americans, need a true commitment to economic growth, not government growth which is what we are seeing today through agencies such as NOAA which is an dictation of such where as, we need to cut such frivolous spending (over 1.001 Billion) and look forward to appropriately reforming entitlements coupled with a full understanding of budget cuts, matched by policies in promoting growth to prosperity. NMFS conserves, protects, and manages living marine resources to sustain marine ecosystems, 7 In FY 2012, NOAA requests $1.001 billion to support fisheries and protected resource management to ensure an optimal balance between conservation objectives and economic opportunities. NOAA's fisheries programs as Magnuson- Stevens Act requirements have not been met as mandated and therefore we the people can start by saving this first billion dollars on data which is fictitious in nature, to begin with!

The fiscal responsibility of this must go hand in hand with policies that will drive economic growth and create jobs too. Excessive and unnecessary spending, gargantuan debt and out of control deficits call for those nasty words of 'tax increases', increased regulations, government-run health care and anti-growth energy policies. We we need, in this great time of need, is the passage of a sweeping tort reform law and to institutionalize Medicaid costs with management controls and oversight. We need to aid in a delivery of Social Security reform, while reducing spending by curtailing such Acts as the Patriot Act and the up coming REAL ID Bill, needs to be put into its place; out of view, as it violates both the 4th and 10th Amendments of our United States Constitution!

“I wish to ally with people who wish to reform the Social Security system and fix it, as we all should be doing, rather than cutting from it. There are too many other programs, to which need to slide down the hill and go away.”

The Social Security Reform bill is not a large slash to our Americanism but it is a start in a redistribution of growth by gradually raising the retirement age for people age 55 and younger and scale back benefits for the wealthy, as this could keep it out of foreclosure. I would put my foot down in blocking the implementation of the REAL ID Bill. It would require states to sign a new compact known as the Driver License Agreement (DLA) as written by the Joint Driver's License Compact/ Non-Resident Violators Compact Executive Board with the support of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators which would have required states to give reciprocity to those provinces and territories in Canada and those states in Mexico that joined the DLA and complied with its provisions. These databases would include sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, home addresses, med-alerts and such not covered by the privacy act and thus, such foreign entities are not required to abide by US Law and are free to access or use the sensitive information as they see fit. I oppose the Real ID for reasons involving privacy, identity security, Constitutional sovereignty, the ineffective and wasteful nature of the bill, national security, and it is a waste of funds when we are at a time in slashing funds, not adding to them!

The whole purpose of the Real ID Law and the Convention of the Sea Treaty, along with NOAA in its Marine Spatial Planning is a new direction of New World Order and with such an ID, borders are of no consequence as it is no longer the USA but the North American Federation! Little laws, Acts and slow governmental growth over economic growth will creep into the backdoor and spread through the nation, like a wildfire if not put out now! Winning or losing any election is not what this is about. This is but a message that we must stand firm and not be belittled by anyone into governmental submission, if we wish to stand Free and be Free!

The New World Order is Here!

Gary A. Anderson
Florida Resident & Florida Whig