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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Political Sandbox: The Florida Whig Party; Priniciples Before ALL Else

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining..”JFK
Gary Anderson
A Florida Whig Registered Voter

The Foundation to our Nation must be based upon a proactive initiative. John F. Kennedy once said,” The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” The sun always has shinned upon our Nation, with the exception of a few rainy clouds, which now makes our roof leak. The time is now to set up a plan in repairing our roof, on the onslaught of our next sunny day. We must have a proactive initiative of principles before party, personality and profits; as is the primary goal of the Florida Whig Party, in this changing world of big government politics. It would seem, the fox is in the hen-house giving directions on how to protect the chickens. This type of governmental rhetoric needs to be controlled with our shared values of freedom and our free market capitalism needs a jolt of reality, as it is our key to an American success to opening the lock with the rest of the world.

The Democrats and Republicans, to which I was a faithfully yours, for forty years , are but two of the three tools, now in our tool-box of freedom. The Florida Whig Party seems to have less frustration in its dealings by sticking to its principle philosophy of “principals before party, personality and profits,” and more answers as I again am again, the people. Understanding all that is happening around me as it is part of my freedom, as an American, to voice, be heard and answered without straw man arguments.

The Question is “What are we as Americans, willing to do in aiding our country without losing more?” We are in a time where each and everyone of us must make sacrifices. Those that have wealth will have to give more. While those who have less, will in return, give less and those that have nothing at all will receive more. We are Americans, standing tall across our battlefields, wherever they well may be and as Americans, take care of our own.; leaving nobody behind. We all wish that our services such as Medicare and Social Security be protected at all costs, as they are battlegrounds to which some would leave behind our wounded. Winning this battle in taking back our country means higher taxes, a dirty three letter word but a necessity in loading it up, to get the job done. Everybody always wants more but to pay less while our Big Box Government believes in cutting services and the roots of our nation in a quick fix situation that is only bound to fail in the long run for all of us; We The People! Albert Einstein once stated, “ insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Slightly higher taxes for all and cuts where “the people” have agreed on, approved and are aware of, is where we the people need to be. Back to the basic government in principles where the people are in control, not the government. Our Congressional leaders, in general, listen to us when they need your vote and then, disappear like a whirlwind across the sands of time, only to blow back in a couple of years later, as again, they need your votes. Most of what happens under the roof of the hall, is little known by most of the general American public. The House and the Senate; Congress is spending your money without your approval, as you voted in John Doe from your state and he or she may or may not have vested time in you, to see what his vote record is. Do we even know what they are buying when all you hear now is cut, cut, cut. No we do not and as the people, we are the largest Ponzi scheme ever has been enacted in stealing our money.

Programs such as Marine Spatial Planning, Sector Separation, Catch Shares and invasions of your privacy in Geo-Fencing; all NOAA programs that were designed to turn a dollar, not for the country but for private foundations, of Green, the well off and Big Box Corporations; it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that this is all driven by groups outside the general consensus, not by the people but by those to have an agenda in prosperity over principles. At around a billion dollars, I'll bet unemployment to social security could use a boost and We the people, would get a bang for our dollar as if we are paying higher taxes, then the big box government that it is now, can too do a little trimming and start being a government of the people. This could be a great place to start, as it would not cause our American made fisheries to go out of business to all who do not work for the big box stores. It would be a synching up of our belt as the people would be reinvesting back into the country through words, actions and our pockets, along side governmental oversights going out of sight; thus answering our question of “What will we do?”, through self sacrifice and prudent measures.

The fox will no longer be in charge of the hen house, as the chickens will have banded together in a Resurrection of ways that once were, having set the rules of play and patching any holes in our roof, out in the sunshine, with nothing to hide and plenty to gain. Once again, Americans will stand tall, with a solid foundation, building strong with American pride, looking to be the leader. Follow me for I shall show you the way, as Americans are not followers; we lead! Leading by the principles of party to profits and our economy will be strong, with the people, by the people and for the people.

The first Whigs were really, the first “Tea Party.” A young man with solid principles chopped down a cherry tree and established honesty in becoming our first American President George Washington of The Whig Party!

The Florida Whig Party; Principles Before ALL Else