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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Letter to Buchanan, Vern, Florida, 13th District: Brazil?

The out rage of happens in Brazil, yet our government, you, have said nothing in ways to curtail its alignment with such brutal governments. Being a American, I am applauded at the way Brazil is given special treatment in Drilling of our oil on our soil under the Gulf of Mexico, that is unless you are following the Convention of the Sea treaty and we as Americans, now have lost our way because others are afraid to speak up against the UN in its takeover of our nation. Police brutalization in Brazil is OK and we turn the other way as we too let them steal our resources. Why are not ANY American Oil Companies allowed to drill for oil off our shores and why have we as a nation not spoken out against Brazil in its treatment of its own peoples. We drop bombs on Libya in a cause of, who knows the real motive but when such happenings Brazil is showing us, I am wondering to who you represent? To what will you do and please not another form letter as you constituents are rather tired of those macabre answers. Thank You GAA

This stems from our President Obama not allowing our own American oil companies from doing exploration in our own backyard, the Gulf of Mexico but does allow countries like Brazil who do not respect human life to drill, explore and then sell our own oil back to us. Why is this so Mr. President?