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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NOAA & GEOFENCING; Fleecing America!

I am, in an attempt to expose a wrong being done to the American Public by NOAA under the guise of the support of the President of this USA in an attempt to curtail our freedoms under the LOST Act, to which President Obama ratified, under almost no media coverage. I am the Managing Editor in Chief of America's fastest growing online fishing publication to which we will be in print later this year and live streaming video later for educational purposes. We have been called The Wall Street Journal of Fishing by our competitor Florida Sportsman magazine. I too am the Research Director with the RFA (Recreational Fishing Alliance) to which the President and Congressional Lobbyist Jim Donofrio said I need to contact the press, mainly main stream media, on to what I have unearthed.  To this I give you ten cents worth, along with a couple of links to which bear reading twice as it is unbelievable!

You know how you can fence in your dog with invisible fencing? Well its scientific name is called GEOFENCING. How about this one, NOAA is going to use GEOFENCING with your dime to fence off all our (American Coastlines) oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. It is their attempt to stop poachers or others who do not follow Sector Separation, Allocations, Catch Shares, TAQ's, TAF, and anything else crossing their invisible barriers mapping out our now not so free oceans. It might not be so bad except I am almost sure it invades on our privacy laws, rights in search to seizure and the 10th Amendment, if not Lord knows how many other laws. Just like the dog fence, remember; your dog is fitted with a transmitter and when it crosses the GEOFENCE, it gets shocked but in NOAA's case, it sounds bells & whistles so you can be stopped for being in a restricted area. Sound OK? Not, the reason, you as a boat owner did not volunteer to have this transmitter put in your boat. NOAA, along with a number of manufacturers, placed transmitters in boats sold to consumers and have not told anyone about it. There are apparently close to 50,000 boats out there with hidden transmitters in their hulls, waiting for you to break the law or maybe Big Brother just wants to keep tabs on you. How about them apples? Makes one wonder if NOAA turned on a GEOFENCE area in the Pacific as of yesterday, the water somehow became shocked and that is where all those dead sardines came from, speculation, but makes sense.

Now if NOAA is snooping into where I park my boat is not enough, how about where did they get the money to cover GEOFENCING for all of our oceans and yet nobody knows? Well, the bucks have been skimmed through earmarks since around 1995, when they first started experimenting with this shenanigan but as of late, right after I could have sworn President Obama said “No More Earmarks,” he signed into law in February the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009. Added to this insult to us Americans was also the passage and signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; measures worth One Trillion and 197 billion dollars and to add insult to injury, there are over 7700 Earmarks in these two Bills! One being giving gang members across America a free way to remove Tats from their bodies on your money! Want to cut some fat from our spending, well this Florida Whig would start right here and I could at least say, I saved my Country a Trillion dollars for waste and expenditures when those same monies could be helping people in finding work to giving aid to Moms and people in need!

But let us go back to the GEOFENCING.

My Documentation thus Far:
High-tech gear to combat poachers

Fish poaching is an ongoing problem for the commercial marine fishing industry, which needs high-tech gear to combat with.

The Optimal Design of High Energy Efficiency with Human Comfort of UFAD Systems with Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics project funded by DOE, and the atmospheric modeling project funded by the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Terrestrial Applications (CIASTA). He is also co-PI on an EPA project dealing with environmental monitoring for public access funded by EPA and a groundwater modeling project funded by DOE.

NOAA systems get a line on fishing laws and legal caseload

Lawrence Tyminski, CIO of the fisheries service, also known as NOAA Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries started looking at technologies for VMS as far back as 1995, Spurrier said. The bureau did a number of pilots in small, localized regions. (AT WHAT COST?)In 2000 Spurrier and his staff took a fresh look at the project, and 2001 was the first year in which funding was appropriated for VMS. Different manufacturers make transponders compatible with VMS, Spurrier said. The transponders, hard-wired into the boats, send signals every 30 to 60 minutes, and the signals are relayed via a commercial satellite to federal authorities. Before the General Counsel Litigation Database was created, the agency's attorneys had used a Microsoft Access database, but it wasn't scalable enough, Tyminski said. NOAA lawyers could not share documents with their colleagues in regional offices without fear of reprisals.

'Over time, it was becoming inefficient, and it was becoming more and more difficult to pull the right type of information with any degree of accuracy from it,' Tyminski said. So his staff moved the data to an Oracle8i database accessible through a Web interface to provide a secure way for the attorneys to access the data.

NOAA KNOWS HOW TO SPEND MONIES: How far can virtual worlds go in improving the real one?

Funded by the European Commission, the simulator would draw on data and resources from around the world, including NASA and several U.S. supercomputers, to essentially model everything happening on the planet. It’s expected to go online in 2022, when we’ll find out how omniscient, or at least prescient, computer systems can be. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration opened last year one climate research supercomputer and announced plans to build another. Researchers will link with those centers through a new,high-capacity network that will carry about 80T a day in weather simulations. (GEOFENCING TOO!) Not to be left out, Google is contributing to global climate modeling with Google Earth Engine, which compiles 25 years of satellite images available for mapping trends in the Earth’s environment. The list goes on.

NOAA to build new satellite ops center

New facility will be home to National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service


      By Dan Campbell, Special to GCN

      Jun 08, 2009

NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS) will operate from the new facility when it opens in September 2010. NESDIS tracks severe weather, solar storms and climate change, and also relays emergency distress signals to search-and-rescue teams. (AND NOW GEOFENCING)


The project is expected to cost $11.7 million, with $9 million coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, The measures are nominally worth $787 billion. . The remainder of the funding will be provided by the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009. The Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009 (H.R.1105, Pub. L. 111-8) is an Act for the United States government that combines bills funding the operations of each of the Cabinet departments, except Defense, Homeland Security, and Veteran Affairs into a single appropriation bill. It was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 11, 2009. The House of Representatives version of the bill includes $410 billion in spending. DUMP THESE TWO USELESS BILLS AND SAVE THE COUNTRY 1,197, One Trillion and 197 billion dollars.

The bill was signed into law on February 17 by President Barack Obama at an economic forum he was hosting in Denver, Colorado. Only three Republicans signed off on it!

IT developers on flow charts, samples and mockups.

As an investigative reporter and future Congressional Prospect with the Florida Whig Party, I feel it is my duty to contact as many outlets as possible to expose this blatant corruption and misgivings to our American way of life.