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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

L.O.S.T and United States sovereignty

Across the Globe (Not Your Nation) were we swept up in a change to which we were not expecting? Is Obama born in Kenya or was it a scheme to creating a agenda for a New World Order? He was the first to actually ratify the UN asking of the Land of the Sea Treaty but only after others had created a National Council and officially executive orders to recognition of the treaty. President Obama ratified the CLEAR ACT, which brought in the LOST treaty establishing a National Ocean Council, to which our constitutional rights have been abandoned. Now that LOST is in effect we are doomed. It is in effect now. We are at war with our own government in its abandonment of our Bill of Rights & Constitutional rights. Catch shares are but a tip in a global iceberg to which is consuming us faster than an out of control wildfire. LOST WAS RATIFIED BY OUR PRESIDENT NOT BY THE SENATE! We did not approve it, the President bypassed the Senate and now it is law and you are losing your sovereignty as a Republic, we are no more except in mind to which the UN is prepared to take away. They are exercising those rights now through marine spatial planning, sector separation and catch shares. It is about control, a New World Order and money.