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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alex Snitker Crashes Media Event

Alex Snitker Crashes Media Event "I mean what are we as Independents; Chopped Liver? I Think Not!

Why is it that America's third parties and independent candidates are ignored or escorted out? I thought the country was about 'The People', not just the elites and or those to who capitalize against you, John Doe public and me Gary A. Anderson, a Original Tea Party Member; The Florida Whigs, where we practice the common principals to which Paul Truesdell set forth, Chairman of the Party: “Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.” I FISH, I VOTE, I CAN!
Though I do not approve of any disruption of an event to which one is not invited, Alexander Snitker made an appearance too which did send a message; we to are of the people and though we may not have the pleasures of the invited guests, we have the same rights and the sooner the press picks up on this, the more fair our elections will be. The press, along with over 20,000 page views on my Political Blog site, The Political Sandbox, shows promise,and 23,676 others, from Facebook like this, it still does not allow me the same freedoms of my neighbor Marco Rubio, at being invited to anything other than my mother-in-laws for dinner; maybe?
While all the Press is awed by the presence of the royalty at-large, little things like Agenda 21 are not only changing our lives but taking away our Countryside, while we chit chat about dropping Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Why is it our very own Government is supporting through multilateral and bilateral assistance to promote and protect human health under the Foreign Assistance Act; supporting the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), WHO, UNICEF and the USAID as the principal U.S. Agency responsible for carrying out spending programs, along with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH) also support international health programs. USAID provides bilateral assistance for health programs in almost 50 countries.
“I'll bet if you trimmed back from those 50 countries, you could quit looking at hurting our own people, at the expense of others! That is where I would start trimming. Biblical proverb says one must first help themselves before helping others. Might be a good practice to follow.”

The Original Tea Party:
“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”
In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012