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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catch Shares; Pure Social-economic Communism

Catch-share idea a disaster for fishing families, the oceans.(Local Opinion): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

The Cold war may have ended, the wall in Berlin, came down but to my dismay, communism is but slowly creeping into our countries schools, businesses and marine industries. In communism, the State is the big cheese, no God. In fact, God disappears. It is the first step and think about it, we have taken God out of our lives because of why? It offended someone, a communist or other factor of a non-believer. Well gee-whiz guys, that is your problem. When you come to my house, I expect respect and follow my rules and the same if I visit yours. If you do not like it, leave. We as Americans were brought up this way by the Whig Party; Herbert Hoover changed it to “The Founding Fathers” during his reign of power. It sounded better and if Hoover said it, it was gospel, as he too believed in God! Then after we started removing “God” out of all public places, we started implementing Catch Shares, Sector Separation and spatial planning.

As you may know, I am against CATCH SHARES, COMMUNISM and ALL THAT WOULD BRING OUR COUNTRY DOWN. I FISH I VOTE! I am an Exploratory Candidate for the US Senate FL 2012 and I need you to help me in our fight for our fisheries, God and The Red, White and Blue; America! Please give what you can; every little bit helps. In-Kind Pol. Adv. for and Approved by Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate testing the waters for the United States Senate FL.

“Catch Shares do nothing to a fishery except put the "Big Operators" in charge, resulted in the exclusion of those with small operations to smaller boats vs a fleet, and that aggregation of quota to large interests deprives their local coastal communities. Small fishing operations, who once could fish by a common right, were now out in the cold, stuck at the docks in battling corporate interests who turned the fisheries into a commodious international market, not of free enterprise or capitalism but a form of pure social communism! The purpose of catch shares is to put independent businessmen out of business and does nothing to save a fish. So how come our government lies to us? Can you say money.

The Feds are in trouble but Agenda 21, communism, is not the answer. Let the States regulate their own fisheries and let the Federal Government shrink back to a nominal size, to which it can then control its self! Catch Shares are nothing but a surf minding his stock of wheat to fish, until the Lord comes for his piece of the action or as share croppers, you get to fish but I own the fish. This is wrong as the only one who owns the fish is God, who gave us the right to catch them, not sacrifice many a good hard working family to that of a corporation in the name of greed.

The first battle with Communism winning was the removal of “GOD” from public places
The Whig Parties name from Constitutional items was removed to our 'Founding Fathers by a God fearing man, Herbert Hoover, as it sounded better for him and the Country
Catch Shares are nothing but part of an agenda of Agenda 21
Agenda 21 of the LOST Convention is nothing but pure socialism, equating into communism
This Country fought to preserve the Union, why would we accept Communism?
Catch shares make it fair for all if you can afford themselves
The Catch Share System is nothing but Surfs serving Lords; a Feudal Society
If the Federal Government wishes to continue to have a satisfied Union, it must get out of the States, not be a Stakeholder and should consider, either cutting NOAA from its purse strings and let it do what it tries to do best; weather.
If NOAA wants to play science why not continue to what it stopped researching twenty years ago; what happens when you alter the weather, its effects, and how to stop it.
Playing with Mother Nature may be a bad idea
The fish are but Gods creatures and we, in respect unto them have the right to catch them.

Though the Cold war is away in the past, it is not yet dead as it is creeping back into American lives through the implementation of Catch Shares, elimination of God with in the general public and incorporate Big Business to partner with the Federal Government into carrying out the plan of Agenda 21, a LOST convention, by Executive Order of our President of these United States; President Obama!

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