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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Governor Scott has acknowledged Agenda 21, publicly!

Look MA! I can take that tin foil hat off my head now, The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, recognizes what I've been fighting for along with my allies on AGENDA 21 and LOST, where the UN is trying to take over America! The War Begins now at a new and more aggressive, yet constructive level, with no more Tin Foil hats to wear!

Rick Scott, Agenda 21 and the United Nations - Crowley Political Report

You may not be concerned about Agenda 21 but Florida Gov. Rick Scott is not going to let it happen in the Sunshine State. It is an odd but revealing tidbit about Scott, a Republican who still remains little known to most Floridians. Crowley Political Report listened to an interview...

It has only taken five months of sending letters to the Governors office and countless articles on the subject; finally Governor Scott has acknowledged Agenda 21, publicly! I wish to express my thanks!

Myself and others, have been fighting the 2050 Plan (ICLEI) the strong arm of Agenda 21 for about a year now but the heat turned on after Obama signed and ratified LOST of the United Nations, a convention of Agenda 21! So much so, I am now an Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012 fighting Catch Shares and LOST, which encompass Agenda 21. Have you heard of the fisherman rallying in your cities and Washington? It is against Catch Shares, a part of sustainable living of Agenda 21. We shout I Fish, I Vote! to all against Agenda 21. Help me, Help you in fighting back to getting our Constitution and abolishing Agenda 21, which was never ratified by the Senate; just another Executive Order signed by Obama. The Senate can stop this if you all scream loud enough or if you do nothing and live life as usual, your freedom of everything is soon to be flushed down the toilet, with the United Nations using the Constitution as toilet paper!

My announcement in late April seems too have made little difference with the American peoples, as we have become sheep to the slaughter and I am not prepared to FOLLOW Only LEAD. Even to the Tea Party, it seemed to be of little interest but after countless articles on Agenda 21, WE finally got the Governors attention. You notice it was not I because there is no room for I, in a team and Team USA has a real battle against this cancer that grows to consume our liberties.
GARY ANDERSON'S ANNOUNCEMENT: The Florida Whig Party has been informed that Gary Anderson has formed an exploratory committee for the purpose of seeking the Florida Whig Party nomination to the United States Senate. Florida is an open primary state. Anyone who is registered to vote with the Florida Whig Party as their Party of Affiliation and eligible for office as outlined in the United States Constitution, may seek to represent the Florida Whig Party. The United States Constitution states: “No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen”. [ Article I, Section 3, Clause3 ] Note: The Florida Whig Party does not run a slate of “party” candidates like the “good-old-boy” political parties. Instead, the Florida Whig Party welcomes everyone who is willing to work for “We the People” and place Principles before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words. Mr. Anderson, like Mr. Craig Porter (who was first Whig [Florida Whig Party] to seek federal office since the 1800s when he ran for Florida District 25 of the United States House of Representatives in 2010), and all prior Florida Whig Party announced candidates, approached the executive board. Mr. Anderson discussed in detail his family, employment, and general history, goals, objectives, agreement in the Ten Words to Live By and overall platform. The executive board is very pleased with Mr. Anderson’s decision. With his announcement, Mr. Anderson becomes the first known Whig [Florida Whig Party] since the mid 1800s to announce his intention to seek a seat in the United States Senate. Welcome aboard, Godspeed, "Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!"
Government is not the solution to our problem , government is the problem! I will attacked big government, big labor and big business, when it pertains to squelching the American worker and the American angler. You want to trim? Saving, Medicare, Social Security & Defense & cutting Discretionary Spending with most of NOAA's Fisheries Program and we save 1/3 of the budget of the country!
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012 approved by Gary A. Anderson
In-Kind Pol. Adv., for & approved by Gary A. Anderson
The Fl. Whig Party

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